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Spirit Mt: The last 48 hours

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  • Spirit Mt: The last 48 hours

    When we left our heroes, One of them had just moneyed in the first of the two two big tourneys they had travelled so far, and under such hardship to play. Whatever would become of them?

    One thing I left out of Part 1 was that beer and alcohol are not served in any of the gaming areas of Spirit Mt casino. No wonder I couldnt play worth a tinkers dam.

    But anyway, Friday morning comes and down to the cardroom for a couple of sats. I played in 2, came in second in one, for a massive 10 dollar profit. This became a 5 dollar profit after my dealer tip, us professionals have to stick together you know :lol:

    Today at noon is the ladies only event. I go to the casino gift shop, but cannot find a Muu-Muu in my size. I attempt to enter anyway, but the tourney director tells me that I hadnt spent enough time before the tourney bleaching my mustache, and that the 4 pounds of make-up I had applied with a Number 2 trowel made me look cheap. When I replied that I was not only cheap, but easy too, 2 strange men began bringing me soft drinks and coffee (did I mention no booze?) Not that I minded, but they were Raiderman and Top2pair. I will just mention that they came in from San Francisco and let that speak for itself. 8)

    Almost a full page before begining to libel the pokerschoolers. A new record.

    Anyhow, during the ladies tourney I spent my time losing and blackjack and taking a nap. Around 5, I headed down to the cardroom and signed up for the 6-12 holdem game that they were fixing to start. I sat down into a 4-8 game that featured jsamps and Raiderman as the main competition, and won a few pots.

    Funny and absolutely true story. Sailor Moe came into the room and began to introduce his sister (the lovely MoeSis) to the various pokerschoolers. He goes around the crowd, this is Raiderman, Top2Pair, jsamps, Jmuzzey, etc. When he gets to me, he says "and this is wildbill" She says "He's Wildbill?" and quickly moves around so that Leon is between us. I usually only get that reaction from women I have dated. Now that strangers have that reaction I dont know what to do.

    Anyhow, the 6-12 starts up and I am sitting to the right of, in order, lion, jmuzzey, Top2 pair, and Sailor Moe. 5 Pokerschoolers at the table and I have position on none of them. This should be a good game. :?

    We are laughing it up, having far too good a time to be poker players, and putting the whole room on tilt, when a tall thin man comes up behind me and says "you have the most pinchable nipples I have ever seen" As a heterosexual man, I could think of no other response to that but to say "Hello Big Sissy, nice to meet you" He doesnt look anything like a Big Sissy, I just have to assume that was his prison nickname.

    We all exchanged life stories, told a ton of Shauna Hiatt jokes, and made the entire room wonder who the freaking loonies from Pokerschool thought they were. I cashed out 9 bucks down. In that crowd I count that as a win.

    After 2 full days with no alcohol, I wake up Saturday morning with a terrific sore throat and running snot like a fountain. If this is what not being hungover is like I want no part of it. I play a satellite and finish 2nd despite going into the head to head with a 2-1 chip lead. This cannot be a good start to the day. I load up on Dimetapp and the PSO Invitational tourney begins.

    14 pokerschoolers in a 129 player field. Oh. My. God. I set the over under for PSO'ers at the final table at 3 and no one wants the under.

    The only one at my starting table is Top2, and I will be the cutoff to his BB, so I feel confident that I will be able to steal at will :twisted: This plan goes as well as all of my other plans this weekend. : I play really few hands, and right before the break lose my stack when I take AQ against AK. My bad, I got all the money in preflop on a semi-steal, but the BB woke up with AK. And, as a matter of principle, I refuse to put a bad beat on anyone. I rebuy, and add-on to go into the break with 4500 chips. This actually has me in the middle of the PSO field. Three were already out, including Muzzey. Long story short, I bust in the 3rd hour when I put in all my chips on the flop with a 17 outer, which fails to come through. I dont think that would have counted as a bad beat since I was a 60% favorite to win, but principle is principle. I was behind when the money went in, I couldnt win.

    With 40 people left, we were down to 3 PSO'ers Lion (the biggest stack) the aforementioned Sissy, and Vizer. Lion has already detailed his beat, I am not sure how vizer went out, but with 20 or so left, the only PSO'er in the field was Big "PSO Invitational Winner" Sissy. And he not only failed to make the final table, but didnt make the money either. Hard to believe that we put over 10% of the field in and no one cashed. Congrats to all who attended though.

    Sunday I awake and am sicker than the day before. Great. Nothing like a couple of plane flights and a cold.

    Jay and I arrive at PDX about 5 hours before our scheduled red-eye, in an attempt to standby onto an earlier flight. Why we think that any part of the travelling in this trip would suddenly go well is beyond me. We actually get an earlier flight to SFO, but cannot connect from there. so we have 5 hours to kill, no car, and one sick wildbill. Gee it is fun hanging around an airport, feeling like a warmed over turd. We finally get home, I discover that I am running a 101.5 degree fever in addition to feeling just all around cruddy. So I slept for a couple of hours, and then sat down to type this up.

    All errors and ramblings attributed to the aforementioned cold and fever, and Congrats to Big Sissy, who is the owner of quite the pinchable set of nipples his own self.


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    Great trip report WildBill, hope you are feeling better soon. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

    Congratulation Big Sissy, nice one.

    PS...stay away from my nipples :wink:

    Kent Mc


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      WOOHOOOOO and

      The woohoo for the BigSissy, and the for the WildSickBill. Hope you are better soon. Next time, TAKE some "medicine" in your carry on, and I don't mean DIMETAPP!

      Thanks for a great report, and I am gonna start the oftimes difficult task of finding a picture for the PSO LIVE TOUR interviews.

      Sissy if you are reading this, expect your interview questions in the next day or so. And BIG HUG to you!

      I am very proud of all my PSO friends, even those who didn't do as well as they had hoped. I would love a picture of LION, the San Francisco guys, and anyone else that I have no pic of!!

      Thanks in advance


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        I think I got pics of everyone 'cept NakedBird and SayHey (new member).

        Big "unofficial" Sissy



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