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vegas mandalay bay

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  • vegas mandalay bay

    they have cute lil tournys every day for 30 bucks for thirty people
    for the first hour its limit holdem
    then NL all the way
    unfortunately for me my limit game is shaky
    never had chips in no limit part and busted out before mid point all three times
    when i had cards and bet them, someone else would call me down to the river
    when i had cards and didnt bet them, someone always had incrementally better cards
    o well

    they run a 4-8 game with a kill that is interesting
    the kill pots are great makning it a 6-12 game
    when the kill pots get going it gets real easy to buy pots
    one really intereseting move is the "straddle"
    if you are under the gun you can put out 4 bucks blind and be last to act
    i was up about 200 just betting any ace hard and catching them, raising all the timee and buying many pots or hitting the miracle ace
    they started calling me ace and folding alot
    the game was getting boring
    so then i strarted straddling everything and raising every hand preflop

    i found myself doing it alot and watching them mutter at me
    then i realized i was playing the game for the wrong reasons and went to the real game
    200 buy in no limit
    you can only buy in for exactly 2oo
    you can only rebuy for 200

    i wound up playing this one all night
    maybe i got lucky bet this was my table
    two dealers, on their night off who thought they knew some poker
    one pure shark
    one reckless bluffing sharkish fellow
    one "wanna be" chatting to the dealers all the time trying to be part of the scene
    a bizniss man tourins from taiwan who would start with absolutely anything and call to the river
    and a collection of players who seemed serious but never went past the flop, i call them scared players

    i was pretending to be playng at pso no limit tables with jschanba, trumpinjoe, cockroach, that reno lady, and the other sharks who took my 60 K bankroll and made me the bankroll refill king that i am today
    i would pay up to 15 bucks preflop on anything that looked good and then usually fold. the 15 buck preflop raise became the standard for most of the evening, the meaning of the bet was,
    "lets gamble"

    usually if anyone had anything at all it was then a twenty dollar bet which either was called all around or bumped to 40 or 50
    so it was relatively cheap to see flops and relatively expensive to see the turn
    one of the dealers really like check raising from early position.... he was called down after the all ins with aces so i tended to believe him
    and always folded to him
    the 20-50 dollar bet on the flop generally represented top pair, with the reraise usually meaning "higher kicker"
    well i bet my top pair whnr a king flopped and got two callers
    i bet thirty on the raggy looking turn and got one caller
    thirty more on the tiny river and i am called down by the dude who was trying to be the dealers pal....i didnt see the cards he had so when i asked him what the had he told me "the best hand"
    he became a marked man
    he had called me to the river with an open ended straight i think and hit it
    i made it too cheap for him to call me down and made a mental note of his "the best hand" comment" for future reference
    i was playing in my eighteenth straight hour at this point and playing solely with vengance on my mind
    i never made the mistake of cheaply raising him again
    i hit him with two fifty dollar reraisies on the river and he paid me off both times but i still wasnt satisfied
    UTG dealt j 10 suited and im in for 15
    flop comes J J 5 and is checked around to mr "best hand" who tries to buy it for twenty
    i lookk at him, at his stack at my hand and reluctantly call
    immediately checking the turn card
    he bets thirty and i do the acting job again and finally call
    on the river he bets fifty
    i almost beat him into the pot and reraise a hundred
    he thinks and thinks and thinks
    and vengance is mine
    maybe vengance is not the best strategy but it worked for me this time
    his once proud stacks of chips which were around 700 were reduced to under a hundred
    my stack was now about 500 and it was all due to focussing on beating one jerk
    playing tight and laying for him in the hi grass
    he left without saying goodbye by the way
    he just slunk off
    he got quieter and quieter and his stack got tinyer and tinyer
    i miss him

    the wild card at the table was a restaraunteur from taiwan
    he would play any two suited cards and call fifty dollar raises on chases
    he hit a few rivers and paid a few people off and was teh "live wire"
    at the table
    i kept calling him baldy and complimenting his strategy with comments like that was sure a stealth hand
    and i shoulda known, low clubs and he's then tell me how any two can win and how low clubs were his favorites to play
    more later

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