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Local journey to a B&M tourney

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  • Local journey to a B&M tourney

    This does not hold a candle to PokerMatts WSOP experience, but might prove helpful to those who are contemplating their first trip to a B&M tourney.

    I tried my 2nd B&M Tourney on Tuesday and would like to share some observations.

    Every morning at 11:30, the Drift-On-Inn in Seattle has a NLHE Tournament. The buy-in structure seems different to me. You can buy in for $15, five going to the house and you get T1000. There then two re-buys at $10 each and you receive T1000 each. Or you can pay $35.00 up front which covers the house and you get T4000. I cannot imagine why anyone would start with only the T1000 for $15.

    There were 29 players. Many assured me that Monday and Tuesday were the slow days, and nearly any other day I would find from 40 to 50. The house adds $200 to the prize pool. The Pool this day was 1st=$390, 2nd =$280, 3rd = $150, 4th=$100, 5th=$50

    The people were interesting and most were very friendly with a lot of good-natured banter going on. About a fourth of the players seemed to be regulars and know each other, the dealers, and the host. The rest of us just followed leads.

    They assigned seats by allowing us to draw from a prearranged deck. Three tables, hearts, spades and diamonds and the numerical value equaled your seat. I don’t know what they do when there are more than 4 tables.

    In my opinion, the competition was not as strong as it is here at PSO. But there were elements of both extremes. I had to chuckle at two orangutans, one went all in and the other called pre-flop. They each turned over 75o! In some ways it was like joining a 29 person tourney here.

    I made the final table, and busted out in 6th place, just one away from the money. As I look back, I can’t see anything I would do differently with one exception. I mucked a terrible hand that had one caller, and I was BB. That got a reaction from the remaining players and my face got red!

    I went out with pAQo, flop Q, rag, rag (rainbow) bet half my stack and was reluctantly called. Turn was another rag, no help to either. Qs still top pair with boss kicker. I went all in and was called. Turned over and she had ppK. No help to either on the river and I was on the rail! I asked the remaining 5 and the dealer if I could stay seated and watch. They all agreed.

    One last note I think interesting. When it got down to the last two, a man with about half the stack of the chip leader and the woman who busted me made a deal. The guy asked if she was interested. She asked what he had in mind and he looked at the prize pool sheet and said I’ll take $320. You take the rest. She agreed. What do you think? Did he not get the better odds in that situation? What would any of you done? Is that a common ending to B&M play?

    Friday I will be going back for another taste in the REAL world. lol

    Warm regards from a cold fish, Bill

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    The deal at the end sounds very fair to me.
    Chip leader has 2/3, other player has 1/3, and they are playing for first place minus second place money, or $110.

    In a percentage deal, leader gets 2/3x110+ 280= $353.33
    Second place gets 1/3x110+280 = $316.67, to split the prize pool of$670.

    By accepting $320 he got a fair deal ($3.33 more than an exact split), but usually in these cases the second place can ask for a little more.

    Sounded like fun, best luck in the next tourney.




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