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My Wsop Story !

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  • My Wsop Story !

    19th May – Swedish Airport Arlanda

    A bit nervous for the big trip i arrive at the airport in Stockholm, this would be mySecond trip to the US this year and also my second trip outside Sweden.
    Last time was different because it was my first time ever to fly and flying was one of my worst fear in life. Anyway after surviving my first flight I felt a bit more secure this time so I went on the plane and was heading for Vegas.

    I was heading for the big one, the world series of poker main event, the tournament that I had been dreaming on to play.

    After some troubles at the Amsterdam Airport (They did not want me on the plane first) I managed to reach Vegas.
    Meet a older woman on the plane as well who talked a lot about meditation and things like that. After that encounter I figured to take her wisdom with me for Wsop.

    Anyway later that day/night I got to Vegas, Sandy managed to find me and there was a limo waiting for me. We arrived at Sandy and Ross place (There I would stay during my visit in Vegas).
    They where really nice and made me feel like being home even if I will never understand the American food culture.

    20th May – Meet David Tate aka Cockney Kid, Azunshine and Karenb and her husband.

    David Tate was one of my buyers who bought some percent and he is really a nice guy!
    I really liked him and I am sure we will meet again !
    He also played in the main event but unfortunately not on the same first day as me so he could not be at the BBQ party we would have 2 days later. (The day i would play my first Day).

    Anyway the day went fast and I managed to get used to the time difference!

    21st May – Pre tournament at Orleans Omaha Hi/low

    I was lucky to get my first day on the second day of the tournament because I really felt that I needed some more preparation before playing. And to have one day of between the tournament I was going to play at Orleans and the wsop was also good because I also felt that it would be nice to have 1 day off from poker between
    these two tournaments.
    So I decided to use this day to play another pre-tournament to get a good feeling because I had only played 5 live tournaments before.
    Last one in Memphis there I did very well finishing something around 60-90 in a field of 950 players. Memphis was a very good experience for me and I am sure it is thanks to my beating in Memphis that I managed to do so well at wsop.

    Anyway I managed to do very well in this tournament but I got SO Unlucky and did not because of that reach the final table.
    22nd May – BBQ And Day 1-A wsop (Day before I would play my first day)

    David Tate would play this day but unfortunately he lost his chips during this first day and missed most of the BBQ.
    It was however a nice BBQ and it was great to meet Azunshine,Hitman,Garyaus and Desmond aka JCastle. Desmond looked exactly like I had pictured him and he also
    acted like the one JCastle I had in mind wich is very funny.
    Have to admit that I am missing him because he is very special!
    A great guy and very smart. He did very well in the tournament too finishing in the money.
    Garyaus had lots of jokes I did not understand but he was still very funny (lol)

    23rd May – One Of My Dreams Comes True – Playing my first day at the wsop main event.

    I still remember when I first sat down (Not nervous) instead I had lots of killer instinct in me that I just wanted to bring with me to the table.
    I was very relaxed and I managed to get a great feeling for the table!
    I got very lucky to get one of the easiest tables (I guess), I played my A-game and was well prepared for every new hand that I was dealt. I tried out some new things and left the table, looked around, got a feeling for the room and the crowd around. Walked around looking at the other tables, observing the other players at
    My table while walking around. Sat down on the stairs by the sports book where I was playing. I had lots of things going on to make me focused and prepared for every new hand.

    Something that I will bring with me to all the majors that I will play!
    It is very important to feel that you own the place and to get relaxed.

    After about 2 levels when this table split up I had about 15.000 in chips, got moved to a killer table with 2 GREAT players to my left. I really did not like to be at this new table.
    Laid down AQ to a reraise and had to be very carefull from now on!
    Anyway I managed to win about 1 or 2 hands uncontested after this and my stack was about the same when this table also split up. (Was very happy for that, did not like the singing black guy to my left either, very annoying).

    After that I got a new table and this table was also very tough and I realised that from now on it would be very tough. I noticed a strange guy who had a cd-player while playing and every time he raised he was shaking his hand to the music. I tried to spot some tells on him but did not manage to get any. He raised against me after the flop one time when I missed and I took some time on purpose and started to do just like him to see if I could make him stop owning
    The table. He was a very good player but I truly think he lost because of the music later on!
    He was a bit overconfident!

    Anyway I managed to get control of this table and won some hands uncontested!
    (All my hands in the tournament was won uncontested except for 3 pots, 2 of the 3 pots I lost)

    If I don’t remember it wrong the day ended here and I was very happy to have survived the first day and have 16.175 in chips.
    Not average but I never care about that!
    I play my game and I know that it doesn’t matter how much I have at this stage!
    16k was very good for me and now I could just prepare for day 2.
    24th May – Wsop day two (start 16.175 in chips, below average)

    I had a good sleep for day 2 and I knew that I would need to double up atleast once during this day and then manage to keep my 30k.
    The new table I got for day 2 was really tough but I managed to double up when I beat the guy on my left out from the tournament. Woohoo the first guy I beated out from the wsop lol. Well atleast I could now say that I beat a guy out from the tournament but I cant remember what I had on that hand lol.
    Blinds move up and I get no hands, I play very patience. I had to wait to later in the middle of the second level there I had 55 and guy in seat 1 call or bet/I call!
    Flop is Q 10 low card...I am first to act and I bet trying to bluff him out from the pot.
    He call...Turn card is another low card and I decide to bet again. No he calls my second bet and I am in trouble having about 10.000 chips left if I give up this pot and didnt try to bluff him again.
    Well the river is no help for me and it is another single low card!
    I decide to bet again but remembered from my mistake in Tunica when I bluffed all in. (stupid play)

    But I did not want to give up this hand so I bet 5.000 and unfortunately he call with his
    A 10 (pair of 10´s).

    Now I am in serious trouble with only 5.000 left in chips so I change my strategy!
    I wait for good hands but then i just push it pre flop and hope for the best.
    I get AK and I bet all in and no one calls, I go up to about 6.500 and then a few hands later I get dealt 77 on my big blind. Guy on the button who have stole some pots before when everyone folds onto him. He does it again and bet like 1500-2000 pre flop
    And guy next to him on the small blind folds and I re-raise all in.
    The guy folds and say “it did not work for me this time”.

    So now I have about 10.000 but I am still in bad shape with the blinds going up soon and everyone have a better stack than me.
    Anyway just before the break I have 10 Q (I think) and I try to steal the blind but the guy on the big blind calls me and the flop is K J low card...I am first to act and with my straight draw I decide to try to steal the pot with an all in bet or double up if he calls and I hit.
    I had to do something because of my low stack and the blinds going up. So I move all in and when the guy calls I feel like oh noooo lol I am dead meat. :lol:

    Anyway he turns over K 10 and I need to hit either A or 9 for the straight!
    The turn card is........................Clubs of......................9..........!!!!! whoooohooo I double up and now have about 17.000 in chips!

    Still not good but better than 5.000!

    On the break I think and choose to take with me a wild do or die strategy and try to reach 30.000 before I can play my A-game.
    The break ends and I sit down but not for a long time because I get moved to a new table.

    The new table is FEARLESS!!!

    To my left is an older guy who played selective!
    To his left sits Robert Varkoniy who played fearless and aggressive and hm stupid...
    Then to his left sat Mike Liang, the most fearless player I have ever seen and will ever see. He had 2 bottles of yea you know what lol and he was talking and talking crap all over the table. Bet huge and bet again all in, guys folded their winners to his 5 hi and par of threes and all kind of things. :lol:
    Well this table was really tough and I remember that many of the other players reached the money. Well I get dealt AK (I think I won a pot before I get the next hand situation and I think I had AK).

    I move all in and no callers if so!

    After that I get 2 or 3 hands later AJ off suit and I am in middle position.
    Guy in seat 1 is big blind. (I had seat 5 I think)
    I move all in and this is not a play i normally do but i had to do this because of the blinds and my stack. If I don’t take home some blinds I will go down to 10.000 again and maybe even worse and if i double up with that I would still be in the same shape and still in trouble. I wanted to be able to play my game!
    So I moved all in with AJ and guy in seat 1 calls with AQ......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OHHH NOOOO

    Ok here it goes....flop is 3 low cards with 2 clubs...No help for me or him the turn card is another club.....OHHH NOOOO now I only have 2 oouters because he have Ace or Queen of clubs...

    And the river is..............................Spade of...................................JACK!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    That was me when I won the pot!
    I´m a guy who likes to compete and have no problems to show emotions and joy When I win. That is how I am and it motivates me to keep going!
    It comes automatic and it is nothing I can do about it!

    Well Mike Liang leave his seat and goes towards me and shakes my hand and say “nice one or something” (lol).
    I really liked this guy, he was so funny!!

    Anyway our table gets moved up to the upper floors and I getting closer to the money!
    I think I win some more hands uncontested but now I did not move all in Pre flop.
    I play my A-game and I do very well and gets up to about 40.000 in chips. Just before the break I get dealt QQ and bet and 2 guys calls my bet! The flop is rainbow with 2 low cards and Queen....Guy to my right check and i should have check but I bet low and unfortunately guy who just arrived at the table folds and the guy to my right also folds. I should have checked because I knew that the guy who just showed up might bet all in on a bluff because he had done some moves on a few hands before this one.

    The break comes and I feel great with my new stack and my new chance to take home this tournament. JCastle-Desmond Portano is still in and have about 40.000 too.
    We talked a lot during the breaks and we become really good friends!
    I was really hoping to see Desmond and Me at the final table, what a story that would have been. Well the break ends and a few hands later in the break I get dealt K3 diamonds and everyone folds to me and I am on the button. I decide to steal the pot with a possible strong hand. Guy to my left folds but Robert Varkoniy
    who I talked to when i got to the table, acting like a newbie. So I knew what he was thinking about me and here is where I take advantage of it. He calls my bet and the flop is 3 3 ?maybe Q....So I have just floped trips with a good kicker. I am first to act and I think I decided to bet because I wanted to trick him into this pot knewing that he was a weak player.
    It would look suspicious if I check call!
    (But I am not 100 % sure I played that way)

    Well if so he called my bet and the flop was a five.
    (no flush out there)
    and I bet again (not much) but a little more than the flop bet.
    And he calls again!

    The river is 10 or a king, something like that and now is there I outplayed him knewing exactly what I should do to do exactly
    what I wanted him to do.
    I knew he was weak, he was such an easy read so I lean a bit disappointing just a little bit to the left and I grab a bunch of chips with my right hand (holding them half strong)
    (weak is acting) and then I do the image on my face and body that I remember I have had when I have been bluffing. So then I lean a bit to the right and then I think at the same time that if I bet 11.000 (one yellow and one 10k chip, then he might re-raise me)
    Because of the rule that you need to use 2 chips to make it that raise that the chips represent It would look like I was not able to talk because of bluffing using the second chip to make tt an automatic raise of 11.000. I wanted him to think that so I throw in them to the pot and he think for 6 seconds and I lay still on my seat and he re-raise all in and I say “Call” without thinking for a second. Then this is really funny!
    He goes like “You calling?!??” He looked so disappointed and it was so funny because he was probably so sure that I was bluffing and I call without hesitation showing him that I fooled him to do what he just did.

    He turn over King and a Five = Pair of Fives and I show him my trips (lol)

    Now Robert started to play fearless and a bit dumb and I get some reads on him when he won some pots against other guys. Knew he was bluffing against them and so on!
    Well now the floor people starts to talk about how many players that have won the tournament throughout the years that is still in and funny thing is that they forget to mention Robert Varkoniy so he scream out loud in the room “how about me”.
    Then Mike Liang goes like “Well no problem I take him out this hand”
    Robert had just bet and Mike then calls his bet!

    This is so funny!!!

    The flop is 8 9 10 and Robert moves all in and Mike Liang Calls without thinking sort off (lol) Robert turns over K 6 I think haha and Mike Liang turns over AJ?!?!?! Hahahaha

    Mike Liang is ahead with a straight draw as well (This was just a few hands after I doubled Up on Varkoniy). Robert was on Tilt!
    Well the turn is a Queen I think but I also think it gave Robert a flush draw but the river never gave Robert the flush so he is out just on the hand when the floor people where mention the former winners that where still in.

    Well I really wish that they would have had my hand against Robert on camera because that was one of my highlights in the whole tournament. I played that hand perfect and it was also
    because of me that Robert went on tilt and got busted by Mike Liang!

    My table split up and I get a new table and the new table isn’t just any table No no!
    I get JCastles Table and I had seat 2...he had seat 8!

    I remember that this table was tough but not as tough like my last table with Mike Liang dominating the table.
    Well I win a few hands uncontested and I also loose some hands the same way!
    I also remember that JCastle was not in such good shape so when I had pocket 3´s and i missed the flop and was first to act, I did not bluff him because I sort off wanted JCastle to win this pot...Crazy you would think but we had 5 percent of each other.
    I felt that he did not hit the flop but I checked anyway so he bets!
    I tell him this during the break and he told me that he was bluffing!

    It was really tough to be at the same table as JCastle because I did not want to beat him out from the tournament nor I wanted him at my table for other reasons as well.
    He is a darn good player, one of the best there is and the only player I have ever looked up to.

    Well JCastle manage to double up against another guy when he had AK and got lucky on the river. Flop was A Q ? and the river was ? and the river was the king that gave JCastle a better two pair against the other guy who had AQ...The betting was huge throughout
    the whole hand. So now JCastle is in a really good shape!

    Well I reach the last level of the day and also get moved to a new table with Doyle Bronson two seats to my right (did not know it was him when I sat there) but I NEVER let a known name bother me. It motivates me to beat the guy out!
    You should always give EVERYONE the same respect instead of just one of them. “Respect everyone and play your best game”

    That is the key!

    Well the day ends and I have a very good stack about average and I feel great!

    Unfortunately I catch a cold during the night for day 3 so now I had to play with a cold and fever.

    25th May – Playing at the feature table with Gus Hansen,Dewey Tomko and Julian Gardner

    After about six hours sleep it was time for me to play again and I must say that playing for seven days in a row with only about 5-7 sleep each night.
    Well when I noticed on a list what players that I would go up against today I got a feeling that I would play at the feature table for the first day and I was right.
    It was really nice to get the microphone and just to sit at that table, at least I could now say to myself that I had played at the table that was going to be the final table later in the tournament. (lol)

    Well I gave myself good chances to reach the money and eventually the final table now when I had a stack in the tournament for the first day. (Just a bit above average)
    Well I sat down at seat 2 and in seat 1 I had an asian older woman who where talking the whole time, wich was a bit annoying.
    I realised that she was not a good player at all and I was correct!
    She get busted early with a bad play, calling all in with a medium ranked hand even if the blinds was not that dangerous for her.
    She had a low stack but could have waited for a better opportunity.

    After playing for a few hands I get dealt AA I think and I move all in
    pre flop and the guy 2 seats to my left calls with KQ (lol)
    He hits the Queen but nothing more and I double up!!!!

    Well then a few hands later I remember that I bet all in pre flop again and I beat another guy out but I cant recall what I or He had.

    I am in a very good shape now and everything feels just great even if Gus Hansen and Julian Gardner dominates the table.

    Dewey Tomko who has a short stack move all in pre flop and one guy calls him. Dewey turns over Q3 of diamonds and wins the pot with the river giving him either a flush or pair of queens. (Cant remember what it was)

    A few hands later Dewey moves all in again pre flop and I get dealt 2´s. I observe Dewey and got in mind what he did raise with last time but when he had position last time and I figured he probably have a hand this time.
    So when it was my turn to act I observed Dewey and noticed that he where looking at his cards again. And for what I have learned from myself is that when I do that after that I have moved all in or bet big I usually have AK,AQ and just want to see what symbol they have. (Clubs, Diamond, Heart, Spades)
    So when he did that I gave myself a 50 / 50 chance to win the pot because he probably have either AK or AQ so I decide to take my chances with the 2´s.

    I was correct, he hold AQ off suit!
    But he manage to hit pair of aces or queens but the turn card also gives me a flush chance with the 2 of heart. He does not have a heart on his hand and when the river shows another heart Dewey Tomko is history.
    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    Again and I remember how good it felt after that I beated Dewey out from the tournament.

    The game goes on and later on I get dealt AQ spades and either Gus or a guy named Frank bet pre flop and I call. The flop is Ks 5 10s and I have flopped a inside straight draw and a nut flush draw and also the inside royal straight flush draw.
    I don’t remember if Frank started the betting or if it was Gus Hansen or if Gus Hansen re-raised Frank´s bet. Anyway the betting where big and I had to decide either to fold or be prepared to call all in.
    I knew that Frank where strong and atleast one of them might have had trips and if I am correct about the trips I am in serious trouble if I call.
    So I think for a very long time observing these two guys and felt that
    Gus Hansen did not want me to call his bet.
    But I had no clue what either Frank or Gus where holding!
    I looked at the flop again and realised that one of them must have trips but I knew that if I win this pot I will have a GREAT shoot at the final table.
    I remember that I where thinking that this could be it!
    I also remember that I got a spiritual good feeling...
    I can sometimes feel the aura around me and I got this good feeling that I had trusted the whole tournament. My intuition told me to just call and be prepared to call all in if Frank re-raise me.
    So I changed my mind that was to fold right after the big betting but with a bold move on the chips I just grab them and move them to the pot.
    (That was a scary odd new feeling I have never had before)

    After that Frank do exactly what I thought he would do, he re-raise me all In and I call without hesitation.

    Gus Hansen turns over 5 of spades and 7 or 9 of spades!
    Pair of fives with a flush draw, wich was a bold move by Gus Hansen!
    Would have worked for him if I would have fold!

    Frank turns over K 10 = 2 pair so I am in trouble!
    Not many spades left in deck now when Gus Turned over 2 spades
    himself and Frank just need to hit either a king or ten and I am history or another five gives Gus trips and then I need to hit a single spade and board not to pair up.
    Well the turn is a low heart, think it was 4 of heart and I realise that I might be out. The turn card is however....................3...........of......... ....SPADE!!!!!!!!!!!


    DAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!

    Gus Hansen is out and when I calm down and want to shake his hand he turns his back on me and walk away. I am not sure if he saw me or not but if he did that was
    very bad sport. Well whatever it was I don’t like Gus Hansen at all because he was really cocky and I noticed his huge ego at the table.
    So it felt really great to have beat him out from the tournament!

    Frank however was a really nice guy and a very good poker player who just had bad luck. He still have some chips but is in serious trouble and a few hands later he get busted out from the tournament.

    Well I had now won the biggest pot so far in the whole tournament and I have a great stack. (Top 5-10 or something)

    After this shows Dan Harrington up at the table and I did not know who he was but I noticed that he played selective but did lots of GREAT moves time to time.
    His feeling for the game is awesome!
    I learned lot from Dan Harrington playing next to him most of the tournament after day 3. Observing him and learning from him during this tournament was a great experience from me and thanks to him I think I have developed my game 1 step more.
    He have a great sense for the other players at the table and know when to fold and to call. His strength is that he is REALLY Good at reading people.

    After the break our table get moved from the feature table because there where other more famous named people on other tables now still in the tournament.

    Dan Harrington get really lucky after the break when he have Jacks (one spade)
    against the guy who also reached final table later on (The guy who sat on the left by Dan Harrington during the final table) That guy was really really good by the way!

    Well that guy had Aces against Dan´s Jacks and Dan gets a runner runner spade on turn and river for the flush with 4 spades on the board. I had AQ that hand and I think that my Ace was the spade so if I would not have read this guy correct I might have played my hand but probably not because I think he bet all in pre flop and there is no way that I will call with AQ all in pre flop (lol)

    Especially not with 2 players involved in the pot already and getting a read on this guy that he have aces.
    Well Dan Harrington gets lucky just like I did when I hit the K of clubs online heads up against Reking and when I hit the 9 of clubs for the straigt on day 2 and when I also hit the spade of jack 2 outer and when I later hit the spade of 3 on the river. Theese 3 times where the only hands I got lucky at and there was only one of them that I where totally lost at and it was when I had the AJ hand
    and hit the 2 outers. (At least I was the better with the straight draw when I hot the 9 of clubs)

    So what can I say?
    During a tournament like this one with over 2500 players you almost need to get lucky once or twice. Thats probably how everyone at the final table survived. I am a player who doesn’t like to say that you need to get lucky at least one time to reach a final table because I know it isn’t true.
    But when there is such a huge field like this tournament, I change my mind and say that you need to get lucky at least one or two hands. So many hands will be dealt during 7 days and you will probably be behind 1 or 2 times. But what everyone must remember is that you cant reach the final table with only luck. (except for Moneymaker what I have heard)

    Well after the break I don’t get any more hands and I blind away some chips!
    After the day ended I had top 10 in chips anyway so I felt great and realised that I might actually make another dream come true. Reach the final 9 at the world series of poker main event.

    After another hard tough day I e-mail my girlfriend and read all the e-mails I had got. It really made me so happy to read all the e-mails that I got during this day.
    I have not yet answered any of the private messages I got but I will do that now when I have got my feets on the ground again.
    Lot of thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the tournament!

    26th May – World Series Of Poker Day 4

    Unfortunately I got a very bad sleep for this day after feeling awake even when dreaming. I dreamt about poker the whole night and it was frustrating to have my brain working hard the whole night.
    When I woke up that morning I had a huge headache and the cold I had catch yesterday was even worse. I had fever and I did not feel so well!

    I tried my best not to think about it and somehow I managed to do that!
    Felt much better when I sat down again for another day of poker.
    There where now new players at my table and one of them where Chris Ferguson.

    Again I started at the feature table and of course I enjoyed being at the feature table even if I had to sneeze sitting at the table and walk away to the trash can to spit time to time. Haha

    Just like the other days I start out really good and beat one guy out when I get aces!
    I was on the button and bet just the smallest bet to try trapping them making it look like a steal. Guy on the big blind calls my bet and the flop is 3 single spades.
    He is first to act and bet big if I don’t remember it wrong!
    I have ace of spade so I don’t have any choice than to move all in on him and he calls my all in re-raise bet and turns over Q7 of spades....I first think here that I had him haha
    but then I realise that I need to hit my back up spade.
    And the river gives me the flush and I got a great start for the day again!!!!!!!!

    I have around 750.000 in chips now and Chris Ferguson bets pre flop something like 30-40.000....I call with AQ of hearts. I got a great read on Chris and knew he was weak!
    I played the hand wrong and should have re-raised pre flop when I got this read on him.
    So bad play there by me!

    Anyway the flop is 9 J and a low card I think!
    I am first to act and for the first time in the tournament I move all in on a bluff!
    Something you should try to avoid at all costs but because I got another read on Chris I did move all in anyway with my 2 overcards.
    Now I truly think Chris do a bad call with his 10 Q for the straight!
    He needs to catch either a king or 8 for the straight or 10 for pair of tens to beat my ace queen. Well I have disguised the hand with other players and realised that he called me because he though he had the queen as another out as well but still I don’t think this was a good call at all.

    Well he catch the straight on the river and I feel like a stone just went through my stomach!!
    It was another new feeling that I had never got before and it was so tough to play on and forget that I almost beated Chris Ferguson out from the tournament and would have had over 1 million in chips instead of 500.000 that I now had.
    Well I manage to settle down again and game goes on and unfortunately I don’t remember much what happened after this.
    The day goes on and day ends sort off!

    27th May – World Series Of Poker Day 5

    After another tough night but at least a bit better than the last one I woke up and took a bath at the swimming pool Ross and Sandy had.
    It was very relaxing and I got some time to meditate my brain for what to come!
    Well prepared I started another day at the feature table!

    And just like the other days I start out great!
    Guy to my right do some moves and I took advantage of that when I get dealt AK and he moves all in again. I decide to call his all in bet with my AK and he turns over A7 or A9. I flop a miraculous 10 J Q with 2 diamonds and my hand
    holds up as a straight and I get another great start.

    Now I had about 800.000!

    Unfortunately again I don’t remember much what happened after this but there is a slight chance that I beated another guy out as well but I don’t remember.
    I did a great day and managed to win some hands uncontested time to time and kept most of what I had after my great start.

    Played the last 15 minutes of the day against Doyle Bronson wich was nice!

    28th May – Last Day Before The Eventually Final 9

    After another bad night with bad sleep I managed to maintain my focus and prepare for the work I had ahead of me.
    I also got an offer from a guy from Multi Poker who wanted me to wear their clothes at the tables but of course I declined without asking how much I would have got.
    No Way that I would do that for any money against Mark/Tina and bugsys club who gave me the seat in the first place.

    Unfortunately I don’t remember much at all from this day than just some picture memories. I think it is because of my fever and cold I had the last 4 days when I played that I don’t remember much of it.
    So I will just mention the key hands that I remember!

    After half the day and after splitting up to a new table Chris Ferguson shows up again at my table (the feature table) and I remember that I was thinking...
    “Hope I get another chance to take him out”

    I told Mark that I would beat Chris the next time I end up in a pot against him :lol:
    And I was right!
    After I noticed what hands Chris moved all in with and bet with I realised that if I could get another read on him if he is Really strong or not I might have a huge edge against him so when he moves all in again after taking home some pots I got a read on him that told me that he was not strong. So with my 5´s I call his 250.000 all in
    bet and he turns over A 10.

    I was right again and the flop gave me trips and I had at last managed to beat Chris Ferguson out from the tournament and that was an awesome feeling.
    I remember before I went to Vegas that I told myself If I can beat one known player out from the tournament and I can pick anyone it would have been Chris Ferguson. I really like his karisma!
    He is also a very nice guy, one of the few pro´s I really like!

    After this I get moved from the feature table and I remember there was only 3 tables left in the tournament so I where so close to reach my dream. I had a good stack now and a great chance to make a dream come true!

    I played so tight and for 2 levels I hardly play any hands at all and thats why I moved from top 5 to one of the smallest stack when I reached final table (top 10)
    I remember I had pocket Queens and bet pre flop and Marcel Luske calls!
    Flop was king low card low card and I was first to act and bet again but unfortunately Marcel Luske bluffs and re-raise me. (I folded)
    Got a feeling that he where bluffing but I could not re-raise all in on him or call his bet so I folded.

    I asked him later when he got beated out at the final table what he had when he re-raised me and he tells me that he had AQ.
    So JCastle where right about what he noticed sitting behind Marcel!
    He where bluffing!

    Well I play the tightest game ever and manage to reach final table!!!!!
    I lost half my stack thanks to my poor play but I did it to make a dream come true and I knew that I would be happy to reach top 9 with a smaller chance than taking the risk of getting beat when I where so close.
    I am also very used to reach the final table with the smallest stack and win!
    (I won the seat this way)

    People fear the blinds too much...

    Well I decided to play MY TIGHTEST TIGHTEST GAME EVER when we
    Where down to 10 players....just one more place to make the dream come true!!!!

    First hand I fold A 10
    I fold AQ twice
    I fold 99 twice (one of the time I would have hit trips but Greg Reymor got flush and straight on the river so I would have got the 10th place If I would not had played this tight. I also get Queens and bet pre flop but Matt who sat next to Greg re-raise me and
    I try to get a read on this guy and read him for Kings.
    I was probably wrong because when I asked him he told me he had 8´s. (we will see on tv later) =)

    Well I might have lost if I would have re-raised so who knows?

    I am happy about my decisions I made throughout the whole tournament and I know I could not do anything about the runner runner straight Greg Raymor
    got when he beat me out.

    Anyway Dan Harrington beats Marcel Luske out and I manage to make another dream come true....I WAS SOOOO HAPPY!!!!! AND I STILL AM!!!

    29th May – The Dream Final 9 At The World Series Of Poker Main Event

    Wow My dream had become true and I was so happy!
    It did not really matter for me what would happen this day because I knew that I could look back at this tournament afterwards and see myself as a winner.
    But with that being said I was not pleased enough to just have made this dream come true. I decided to keep playing REALLY TIGHT and only play AA,KK,QQ or AK all in pre flop. (JJ and 1010 I decided to decide what to do when I get it depending on position and other things).

    Well I manage to win a hand early but then things got worse and I had to fold!
    So I realised that the best way to win the tournament was to wait for a key hand and bet all in pre flop.

    I get AK and you know the rest...Greg reymor have A 10 and call!
    Flop is Q 9 low card turn is J and now he have a straight draw and catch the 8 on the river and I finish in 8th place,
    He had just beat another guy out from the tournament before this with 10´s vs A´s He got lucky that hand too when he catch the 10 on the flop!

    Well I cant really tell in words how happy I am for what I did at the world series!
    I am very thank full to everyone who where supporting me during the tournament and It was great to meet up with everyone I meet over there.

    I wish you all the best and whatever you do...Never Give Up Your Dreams!!

    //Mattias Andersson

  • #2
    Good job, Matts, but did you forget your friends? I'm not going to PM or email anymore, because it seems to be a waste of time. Good luck in all of your future ventures!!



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