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Battle of the Bay 2004

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  • Battle of the Bay 2004

    I just returned from the Battle of the Bay tourney where PkrKitten and myself managed a 5th place finish in the $330 Limit Hold Em Partner's Bounty Tournament. Starting stacks of $2000, blinds start at $25-$25, playing alternating 20 min rounds. Link to the results page below:

    As much as I hate limit hold em tourneys, I must say that playing the volume of limit hold em events here at PSO greatly improved my tourney strategy and contributed to this result. We cashed a $2500 payday for the tourney, and the kitten popped one of the bounty teams for another $300, and we won a 1/5 share of the Survivor Prize Pool for another $400. It was a roller coaster to say the least, but we managed to gradually build our stack over the first 7 rounds with the exception of round 2 when my Q-Q ran into A-K & A-Q who went to war when an Ace flopped, and I managed to only lose 3 bets preflop with this hand. Then we come to Round 8.....

    We are sitting on $5500 in chips, and the blinds are now $200-$400, playing $400-$800 limit. The action was limited to someone doubling the BB and everyone else folding, which was odd, but the tightness of the table was an advantage I felt. I am in the cutoff and an UTG player doubles the BB to $800, and its folded around to me, I peek down at A-A, and I 3 bet the raiser and get him heads up. The flop was Q-7-3, and I bet after he checked. The turn was a scary looking Queen, making the board Q-7-3-Q, and he checked, I felt he was trapping with maybe an A-Q or K-Q, so I checked behind him. The river was a 9, and suprisingly he checked again, so I fired off $800 and he thought for about 1 minute, and I feared he was winding me up for a raise, but he called, and he was horrified to see my A-A against his K-K. Our stack is now at $8500, and I think we are on our way. Amazingly 3 hands later I stare down at K-K and double the blind to $800, and all fold to the cutoff, who is Bryan Watkins, an aggressive player whom I know from many Bay Area games, and someone who finished 20th in the Main Event at the WSOP in 2003. He calls, and we take off to the flop of Q-9-4, and I lead out and he calls. The turn is a 6, and I fired off $800 and get raised to $1600, I ponder the idea that I just ran into A-A or Q-Q, but I dont think I can get away so I call. I check the 10 on the river and call his $800, and am crushed when he peels over 6-6 for a turned set. Instead of sitting on close to $12k in chips, I am back to $5800, and a little punchy from this beat, but manage to maintain my composure. I turn over the helms to Careen and head back to the $6-$12 ring game that we are straddling while we play the tourney. After we change over she has managed to build us up to about $7400 in chips when she made K's full of 3's against 2 pair. We grind it through the next 3 rounds to slowly blind off our stack, and I was able to get away from T-T preflop when it got to me at 3 bets, thankfully I would have run into A-K & Q-Q, and the A-K got eliminated when an Ace and Queen flopped. I passed off to Careen and the event was now 16 handed, 2 tables left, only the top 12 get paid, and we were sitting on $4000 in chips with the blinds going to $1000-$2000 playing $2000-$4000, I couldnt bare to watch so I went back to the ring game and watched "The Clock" as I saw the players remaining shrink from 16, to 15, to 14, to 13, where it seemed to stay for eternity, until I finally heard the clapping from the table and saw a player get up from the table, "The Clock" went down to 12, then quickly down to 11. Amazingly PkrKitten had managed a doulble up to get us to $8,000, and we were in the money. The payouts were very top heavy, and you had to get to 6th to make $2100 and basically get back $1000/each. I took over with 11 players left, and the blinds were at $2000-$3000, playing $3000-$6000. I looked down to find A-Jos, and doubled the blinds to $6000, and was quickly re-raised by a player with 1 more chip than I had left, so I was covered, and would be eliminated if I didnt win this pot. He flipped over Ah-5h, and I was ecstatic that I could double through, and possibly make the final 10. The flop came Jh-7h-3c. I was not happy that he flopped the nut flush draw, as I just knew that he would catch the heart to send up packing in 11th for a small payday of about $540. The turn was a 9s, and the river was a beautiful Qd. I doubled through and left this other player with $1000 left. He managed to triple up to $3000 when another short stack got all his money in preflop and was called 3 ways, but the short stack got popped and we were headed for the final table with a paltry $16000 in chips. We got seat #7, and after luckily getting a great draw the button was in seat #9. As I looked around the table, I saw seat #3 was sitting on $3000 in chips, seat #5 $5000 in chips, and seat #8 to my left had only $4000 in chips. I liked the thought that there were 3 very short stacks and another team had about $19000 in chips. Average stack was $24000, and the blinds were $2000-$3000, playing $3000-$6000. I never got to play a hand before the round expired, but we lost the team in seat #3, seat #5, and seat #8, so we were 7 handed, and I passed it off to PkrKitten again. She managed to get all the money in with 10-10 against A-J, and didnt need the 3rd ten that hit on the river but she doubled through and we were now 5th in chips. Another team was eliminated, and then another, and we were 5 handed, guaranteed $2500. PkrKitten was faced by a raise from Steve Dow, and after some deliberation, she re-raised, and Brad Anderson suprisingly 4 bet it, after some lengthy deliberation, Steve folded, and I caught glimpse of a King as he mucked his hand. This re-raise forced an all-in call if the kitten went for it, and again after some deliberating, she called and flipped over A-10, and Brad slammed his A-K on the table, not the best position to be in, but the flop brought hope when it hit A-Q-T. We had flopped a miracle two pair to take the lead, but would have to dodge a King, Queen, or Jack, and the 3c on the turn was perfect, but as you can imagine, heartache hit when a King appeared on the river. We had been eliminated on this hand and had to settle for a $2500 payday, but the kitten had taken out a bounty for an additional $300 cash, and we had won a 1/5 share of a Survivor prize pool for another $400 cash, which brought the total take to $3200, or equal to a little less than 3rd place.

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    Nice report, and a nice little payday. I assume beers will be on you at Spirit MT. now

    And bring Captain Kitty I would sure like to finally meet her :lol:

    See you in a week my friend....




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