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NewJane invades Laughlin,NV

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  • NewJane invades Laughlin,NV

    First, let me say that if you go to Laughlin expecting a "mini- LasVegas", you are going to be sorely disappointed. If you are my age, 53, you can expect to lower the average age there by about 15 years

    We left Fargo on a non-stop Sun Country junket, with four nights at the Riverside. Never having been there, we had no idea what to expect. I had heard that Laughlin had mostly low limit poker, and that was ok with me as long as the games were good. But, we had also heard that the casinos were dingy, the food horrible, the employees rude. Well. that was so very far from the truth. We were very, very pleased with our whole experience. The employees were actually pleasant, seemed genuinely pleased to be working there. It was such a nice change from Vegas where they don't seem to care if you come back or not. Laughlin wasn't that way. From the desk clerk who checked us in early to the housekeeping lady, we were welcomed and made to feel very special. A NICE trade off for lights and confusion we usually find on the Vegas strip. Our room was just spectacular. Overlooking the river...quiet, very very nice. And a HUGE tub If I ever had to stop someone in the casino to ask directions or a question, they always smiled and helped me. That was such a nice change from what I generally find in Vegas.

    Now, about the poker. Since we were staying at the Riverside, and the casinos are not just out one door and into the next like Vegas, I did most of my playing at the Riverside. They have a SUPER room. It is enclosed in glass, and overlooks the river. They have 7 tables ( I think) and spread mostly stud, 2-6 hold'em and 2-6 Omaha 8. Every morning, they have a $12 buy- in NLHE tourney. Well, actually, it is three 20 minute segments. The first two are limit hold'em and the last 20 minutes is no limit. It gets to be more like a crap shoot, but it was a lot of fun. I played that two mornings. I didn't fare too well, but I sure did enjoy it.

    The rake on the hold'em table is 10% not to exceed $3, and they rake for the jackpot. Four of a kind has to be beaten, but you only have to use one card in your hand. Also, they have a Royal Flush progressive jackpot, and a high hand of the day giveaway. During the football season, they have a special promotion where they give away squares on the football board. They have about ten hands listed, and if you make one of those hands, i.e. K high club flush, any spade flush, three 7's, get to write your name on the football board. On Monday night, if your square wins one of the quarter or final numbers, you win money then, PLUS your name goes on to the board for the Superbowl.

    Part of what made the whole experience so enjoyable was the dealers and floor persons at the Riverside. I am going to name them all here cause they are all so special and I enjoyed meeting them!!
    Here goes: John Schwab, the night floorman;BillyBob in the cage;dealers at night: Kathy M, Carol, Kami, KathyD, Tom H, Mike G. and Don Bender, poker room manager. Lets not forget Norman and Suey. Big Bruce C. comes on late night, and keeps the rowdy poker players in line til the games break up. Daytime dealers include: Ken H, Ron R., Peter W.,Norm K.,Mary Beth, Devra, Jeff M, Jeff( BODEEN)
    James Breen,John H. and Karen R. WHEW!!! I hope I didn't miss anyone!

    The reason I listed all these guys is partially due to the fact that we as poker players are always quick to criticize a dealer, or blame them for making our lives miserable sometimes, but seldom do we take time to thank them for doing a good job ...and these guys and gals were the BEST. Professional, friendly. And let me say something else along these lines. In the four days/nights I played, not ONCE and I mean ONCE did I see an instance of abuse by a player towards a dealer or floorperson. That is such a rare thing that I felt I needed to mention it. I think that the dealers and floor people make the poker room such a nice place to play that the mean spirited people just don't bother to come around

    I had only one session where I cashed out a loser. The games were pretty civil. I don't recall any maniacs. The table was mostly full of locals, with a smattering of tourists. There was no need for what Mike Caro would call FPS. ( Fancy Play Syndrome) Just straight old poker played at a table full of people who were enjoying themselves.

    Well, that's it for now. If you ever get a chance to go, PLEASE DO!!!


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    Nice report Jane! Sounds like the games have become a little softer in the 8 years since I hit Laughlin. I remember describing the average game to friends as 'me and 8 old rocks'. Of course, look what I grew up into.

    6 weeks to Tunica!!!!!!!



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      nice report jane, thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!

      jmuzzey lsogc


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        Originally posted by wildbill41
        Nice report Jane! Of course, look what I grew up into.

        (Supply your own joke here)

        GREAT report Jane! I used to go through Laughlin on my way
        back to Albuquerque sometimes, and I remember the feeling
        that everyone actually appreciated you being there! It was
        very relaxing to play in those rooms after the brutality of the
        Mirage and Horseshoe... thanks for bringing back some
        pleasant memories... ...aloha


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          Hi Jane, when were you there? I was at the River Palms Nov 20th thru Nov 27th. I was there for the Fall Classic poker tournament. The turnout was very low, but I still had a good time and agree with you about how nice the people are and what a wonderful view of the river as you play poker. I didn't make it to your casino, only the River Palms and Colorado Belle.



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            So do you own a ton of stock in the Riverside or did you accept an advertising or marketing job with them :lol:

            Nice report,

            Ricky Hard


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              LOL Ricky....TAKE THAT BACK!! J-O-B is a four letter word

              And JohnnyD...we were there from Nov. looks like you were there one day before I left We simply must coordinate next time!!


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                Re: NewJane invades Laughlin,NV

                Originally posted by NewJane
                First, let me say that if you go to Laughlin expecting a "mini- LasVegas", you are going to be sorely disappointed. If you are my age, 53, you can expect to lower the average age there by about 15 years
                Great TR, NewJane. The average age in Laughlin depends to a large extent on the time of year you visit the place. In the summer, they attract a much, much younger crowd: boaters, jet skiers, houseboaters, families with kids, and the like. The crowd in the winter is predominantly snowbirds and they are much older. Many of them park their RVs in Bullhead and hit the casinos each and every day. You were there in the shoulder season, and I'd suppose -- though I'm not sure -- that the crowd was mainly locals and some early-arriving snowbirds.

                But the weather in October is usually terrific, and if you want to get out of the casinos for a while, there are some incredible side trips you can make in less than an hour. You can see 11,000 year old petroglyphs up in Grapevine Canyon; visit Oatman, AZ, where Gable and Lombard spent their honeymoon night and where you can feed the wild burros that roam thru the town and gorge yourself on a local delicacy called a "Navajo Taco;" and you can visit some of the old mining towns up in the Cerbat Mountains about 60 minutes away in AZ.

                If you've never been to Laughlin, it's worth a trip, and not just for the casinos.



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