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otldoc finishes 198 in WSOP

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  • otldoc finishes 198 in WSOP

    Awesome Experience,

    I am not going to spend a lot of time discussing hands, but I will go over one in particular.

    At least four from my first table cashed. I played with Annie Duke, Lucy Rokach, Peter ? (final table WPT Foxwoods season 1), Adam ? (Evelyn Ng's boyfriend and recent final table WPT season 2) and best of all.. Doyle Brunsen. On all of my tables except 1 I had at least one pro.. there could have been someone I did not recognize.

    I had the time of my poker life. The first hand I played Peter took 1000 from me and I folded the winner. I was definately playing scared. But I think that hand helped me, by knocking some sense into me and waking me up.

    I went on to play solid and build my stack up to 25K by the end of my first day.

    I got as high as 73K on day 2 befor I lost 20K on 3 hands late. I believe I made 3 good laydowns or it could have been worse. For example, I raised AJ and was called 2 seats to my left, by an older gentleman who I had as a rock. I bet the flop when an ace fell and he called. I knew I was beat right there and decided not to put anymore money in this pot. I checked the turn, he bet and I showed my ace and folded. He showed AK... Whew.

    That was the best thing about the WSOP for me as I had never played 1hr and 40 min levels. So I got to play with the same players for so long I could really play the player as much as the cards.

    Day three for me (day 4 of the tournament) I started with 47300 when the avg stack was 100,000. I was a little short but the big blind was only 2K so I was not too worried. The first two rounds around the table I picked up the blinds and antes so I was staying about the same. Then I tried to take out the small stack with 88 and he had JJ.

    Now I was in a little trouble. There was 250 players left and I wanted to cash at 225 so I had to shut down and they all knew it. My blinds were being stolen and I was not going to make it. It got folded to me on the button and I went allin with JJ. The small blind and Doyle folded and the blinds and antes I had just raked I thought would be enough to get me to 225 and a $10,000 cash. ( I qualified for $50).

    Then the fatefull hand came up. We were playing hand for hand and I had 4000 left. Two tables had an allin that held up on the hand and I was utg+1 with the best hand I had seen in a while.

    I asked Henrik from Denmark (the big blind) if he would lay it down for me. He said he could not and he had to call in the dark as my bet was only 1600 more than the big blind. I knew he would not lay it down, but it doesn't hurt to ask right?
    Doyle spoke up and said if I went allin he would fold his cards in the dark. I said "Doyle, I will be the first one in line to buy Super System II and I will find you at a poker tournament and ask you to autograph it." He chukled and told me it would be out in 3 months.

    There were 226 players left and I decided if I was going allin with this hand and risking the bubble bust I would at least get on ESPN. So, I stood up raised my fists in the air and yelled, I AM ALLIN!! The cameras came running over, they asked me my name and announced I was allin for 4k. I got two callers and Henrik. I was dead. I had to beat three players. The flop came Ace rag rag. Now I was definately dead. Someone always has an Ace. The turn and river were both rags.

    One player turned over 22. The other two were not turning over their cards. I was thinking, I am not turning over my cards, this is my TV show. I brought all these cameras over. Then they tapped the table. I suddenly realized they could not beat 22. Doyle must have seen it in my face because he said, "He's got a pair!".

    I grabbed my cards, raised them up in the air and slapped them down on the table... JJ. I win and quadruple up. The next hand #226 goes out and I am in the money.

    I hang around until I look at A9 on the button. I have enough left to go allin (8100, bb is 2400). The big Blind calls with J7s. Flops a J, I river a 9 but it is not good enough. I am out in 198 and not too disappointed. I had a great experience and earned my biggest cash to date.

    Again I want to thank all those at PSO as this is where my game has improved enough to get me there.

    I would also like to say I had a great pleasure meeting Glenn (cc2318) and his Dad, Pokermatts, and Dealmein.

    It was also a pleasure to meet Mark Napalitano (sorry if I spelled that wrong Mark). He gave me some encouraging words a few times and I appreciated it.

    Signing off,


  • #2
    What an awesome story! I love it! Congrats on your finish - very respectable. This and your super-satallite story will be in the Scoop for sure. So please, please add a picture to your profile.


    • #3
      Way cool, Doc!

      What an experience and finishing that high and in the money is just icing on the cake.

      What sweet poetic justice on your all-in A9 hand!

      Thanks for sharing the excitement. I am sure it encourages many more than me to work hard and someday have a similar tournament!

      Warm regards form a cold fish, Bill


      • #4
        Great report and awesome finish!! You had us all on the edge of our seats! Many congratulations!!


        • #5
          Thanks for the exciting report and congrats on your finish. You did good and should be real proud. Next year-final table!!



          • #6
            Very nice job in "The Big One". Your adventure on the bubble was not only a success but a good read as well. This experience will be with you for years to come. Thanks for sharing!


            • #7

              You are the man. To think I had you out chipped 2 to 1 an hour in to the tourney ($20,100 to $8900), but I made a big mistake and you did not!

              Was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope you get to Reno for the Pot O Gold tourney, or Tunica for the PSO Convention in Jan.

              Glenn Fair


              • #8
                Excellent. Enjoyed your report a lot, and am looking forward to seeing you and all the other PSO'ers on ESPN.



                • #9
                  Great job Mike! Making the money in that large of a field is no small feat.


                  • #10
                    Nice work Otl. Good report. I got the lump in my throat reading about the ace hitting the flop.
                    Interesting that you can play the player with rounds that long. Good information. Will have to use it. Thanks for the heads up.
                    Congatulations. Well done.



                    • #11
                      Congrats on making it to the Big Show and cashing to boot.


                      • #12

                        Way to go OTL! Go San Diego :-)



                        • #13
                          Thanks for all the good words. It is definately appreciated. As are all here at PSO.



                          • #14
                            Great trip report and a great finish. Congratulations on a great tournament for yourself and for PSO.




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