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A Newbie goes to MuzzeyLand...

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  • A Newbie goes to MuzzeyLand...

    I would write this up as a REAL trip report, except I was too wrapped up in the entire experience to really notice many of the details. Here are a few things I DO remember though...

    The trip over to Muzzeyville...RAIN IN SHEETS!... Perfectly fits my mood. Heck! I felt like a fish swimming toward the jaws of 20 or 30 PSO land sharks, so why shouldn't celestial central casting provide the Noah special effects to go along with the aquatic theme?

    At the house...omg...this is I in the right place? There's a lot of cars...yes...this is the right place, but am I blocking a drive way...oh no, oh no, oh no, I CAN'T be the one to block a drive way and get the cops here writing tickets, only to eventually ask WHAT's going on...yeah GREAT DAVE, your first invite and you get everyone busted...sheesh...steady...go to the door...knock, answer...whoops am I early at 715p? knock, knock...swoooooosh....HI Muzzeyj! (whew, she is a REAL person after all), so nice to meet you too, and thanks for the invite!!! This way to the game (all looks like it is going to be ok...whew)

    The garage door opens and draped over chairs everywhere are the expected 20 or 30 land sharks (actually 19, but Mr and Mrs 2hott4u were a bit late, so the eventual number was 21), and I BELONG here?

    Standing sentry over the cooler is one of the PSO'ers...I think it was a Bill, but I was still foggy from the post-rain humidity on my glasses AND the rush of new people to meet. Chatter takes place easily and freely across the length of the room. 4 or 5 PSO'ers, all treating me like I have been a member for 2 years instead of 2 weeks, talk and jostle into folding chairs. At that point Jmuzzey intro's himself...and again, a very welcoming warmth suffuses.

    The intro's then came fast and furious, and all were friendly and sincere, and this was indeed a convivial place to play poker! 3 pristine tables, in blue, red, and green felt (REAL Hold 'Em tables made by Mr Muzzey too!) were laid out, and the quality chips were stacked neatly...and after a bit more 'get to know you' banter, the game was on!

    I was Red seat 1, and started the match slowly...on my immediate right was the eventual tournement terminator, and across from me sat Vorrin the Vicious. The first play I remember wasn't one of my own, but rather one by Sonya (2hott4u) over in (I think) seat 4.

    A bit short stacked, she makes a crying raise of all in (about 750 in chips), and perfectly lures pocket queens to their eventual demise vs. her pocket aces. BAM! Emeril couldn't have done it better.

    I play tight, and manage to barely knick a few blinds, until KK shows bright, red, and beautiful in my hand. I plop a smallish 200 chip raise into the pot, hoping for a re-raise, but no dice. On a flop of AJrag, I fire 400 at the pot against one player, but alas it is the tourney terminator, and surprise surprise! THERE's my flipping re-raise! I toss my hand into the muck face up, but somehow the murmurs of 'Monster Lay Down' don't sooth my stinging pride...DAMN Slo Plays of all kinds!

    Not much else happened at that first table for a bit, except 2 of the looser players went out in unspectacular ways. Brant, a non-PSO'er and eventual final table player, did make a small run up in chips through effective use of an all-in strategy for 4 or 5 hands. Sonya went out when her short stacked all-in holding a flopped pair of kings was cracked by QQ and the fateful river set...

    The turning point for me happened right after the break...

    I catch AhQh and bring it in for a 5 unit raise (FECK slow play!) from late/middle position vs no callers. Right after me, I get re-raised all-in by a guy I have no read on whatsoever...despite the fact he has been sitting next to me all night so far! What am I going to do? All my gains are gone to the cracked Kings, I have been spinning wheels since then, I have the guy covered, barely, so wtf! RAISE all-in! OOOOPS! JJ...DOH!

    Rag rag rag...I am breaking out in sweat (is that why they call it 'flop sweat'?)...rag (running out of chances!)...ACE! WOO HOO!

    After was a blur...

    The Terminator never waivered from top stack all night, so, luckily, at the final table he was still on my left. Debonair only had to remind me to post my blinds and antes about 30 times. I took someone down with 62 suited (I won't say who though!). JMuzzey, with super-strong short stack play late in the tourney scored 2nd. The non-PSO'er, Brant, was bubble-boy at 5th. Origami Kid, the tourney terminator, ran away with it...

    The Drive home...

    I turned right when I should have turned left to get back to the expressway, but I sincerely feel that was the ONLY wrong turn I took all night in going over to the Muzzey's for a wonderful evening of cards! I have never seen a game run smoother...not even 15 year 'buddy' type home games amongst 'friends'. The 2 Muzzey's are wonderful people, in fact ALL the attendees were friendly, gracious, polite, and very very sportsmanlike in their card playing. If it sounds like I am gushing, I am...

    I spent at least 20 minutes of the 40 minute drive home spewing all the myriad details to my sleepy fiancee (it was 320am!!!). I was rev'ved...juiced...ready to play another 6 or 8 hours...even if I was, by that time, groggy enough to call an all-in holding a just straight draw and 2nd pair (4's!!!), vs a board 3 flush and a well-known stony player! I just hope I thanked both the Muzzey's enough for having us all to their house for a wonderful evening. I also hope we didn't stay too long (JMuzzey had to work the 'next' day!). To all PSO'ers...I really can't see a poker night being much better than the poker nights the Muzzey's put on...unless of course I am the tourney winner!

    Thanks JMuzzey and MuzzeyJ!

    It was a wonderful time!

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    Dont believe a word of what he wrote. The CHAPS are all ogres, who would happily stomp on a pile of kittens just to eat your children. Beer? the evil elixer of doom. The Muzzey's? Space aliens out to take over the planet. Hold-em? Their tool for world domination. My tinfoil hat? On.




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