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$200+$25 Sattelite Tampa

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  • $200+$25 Sattelite Tampa

    Ok, here goes.

    Today, I decided to go play at Hard Rock Tampa in one of their sattelites that they just started having, because tomorrow 5/19/04 is the 2nd multi table tourney they have hosted. $300+50, 120 player NLHE. Top 10 pays...1st with $12,240 as prize...yada yada yada.

    Figured I would check out sattelite format first and then go back tomorrow.

    I get there at 1pm, in time to join 3pm Sattelite...come to find out...they run 5, 200+25 sattelites every 2 hours on Tues & Thurs, & 5, 100+20 every 2 hours as well on those days...

    I thought it was 1 per 2 hours...was excited to find out it wasnt.

    Anyways....1500 starting chips, 25/50 blinds, raised every 10min.....1 hour time limit or 100 hands whichever comes first...wierd but ok.

    Sit down in the 10 hole....Martin Gramatica kicker from the Tampa Bay Bucaneers sits down in the 9...great guy liked talkin to him.

    Watch the first couple hands with nothing, play is looser then a pair of baggy jeans. 3 people go out in the first 15min.

    Finally get a decent starting hand, Q10 diamonds...see flop for $300 pre-flop raise ( every hand gets raised )...get nothing fold.

    2 hands later, get K9 this point because of blinds im 2nd shortest stack on table, so I make a stupid bet of $400 which I fold immediately when someone shoved 2000 in the pot.

    down to 600, I pick up AJ clubs...with 100/200 toast unless i catch somthing go all in...guy calls with pocket queens...catch A on 4th street still alive.

    Next hand, Martin Gramatica goes all in with KQ hearts..catches King in river...he is up to 2000 chips, I have 1200...another guy goes out 5 left now

    6 hands later...I have 10/10...everyone calls, raise of 200 after flop of 2/6/ I raise another 300..see turn, guy raises all in when jack comes out i fold of course...down to 600 chips again.

    My luck...guy in 7 hole goes out...blinds are coming 200/400 with only 600 chips I have to make a move quick.

    Dealt 9/9...make my move..guy calls....with 4/4......catches a set on flop, and I sunk.

    End of story, 1st live sattelite...finished 4th...1 spot out of the money. $950 for 1st, $750 for 2nd, $350 for 3rd... and now cant join the multitable tomorrow... oh well, good lesson learned and I will definitely be back, with that bad beat

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