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otldoc in WSOP final

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  • otldoc in WSOP final

    I went to Vegas over the weekend for a WSOP freeroll sponsored by Harrah's at the Rio. I played terrible and busted out in the first 45min. Oh well, I had to win it (400 players) to get in anyway.

    Then I went to Binion's and played in a $225 one table satellite. I won that which was way cool.

    The next day I found the $50 sats. (also one table) where the top 2 win an entry into the $225 super satellite. I won that and had an entry.

    Then I tried to win a rebuy for the $225 super by finishing in the top 2 in another $50 sat. That didn't go so well when I was allin with 2 players and I had KK. They had AQs and 99 and an ace fell on the flop. Oh well, at least I was already in.

    So the Super Satellite started with 212 players and had 242 rebuys so they were awarding 9 seats into the $10,000 final. I started off well with the goal of just building my stack little by little at each level. Early on I won a couple small pots when I flopped top pair top kicker. Then I was allin with QQ against AQ. Then I doubled up again when I limped in the small blind with A2 and flopped 2pair. It held up against A7. So I made it to the end of the rebuy period with 3400 in chips after starting with 500. I was feeling pretty good because I didnt have to do a rebuy or an add on.

    From there I went card dead for about 2 hours, but I was able to pick up the blinds or small hands enough to maintain my stack, but it was no longer growing, so I was a little worried. I kept noticing tables being broken and all of a sudden I found myself at one of the last 2 tables.

    From this point on, I saw some things I have never seen before, at the level I am used to playing. These guys were good poker players. It was very different from a lot of the "made for tv hands" they show on the WPT.

    I got unlucky a couple times and lucky a couple times as you would expect. But I was very happy with my decisions I made. For this I owe a lot of the credit to PSO and I thank the powers that be and all those I have played/chatted with.

    I lost a lot of my stack when I called an allin bet with AJ because of some previous hands I had seen from this particular player. He had QJ and the flop came KQJ. Then I had to go allin from the small blind when everybody folded to me. I had Q9s and the BB had QJ. I made a straight on the river and was still alive.

    At this time we were down to 12 and there were 4 small stacks.. me being one of them. Well, I made it to the final table with 9500 and the blinds were 1500-3000 with a 500 ante. There were 2 stacks smaller than mine and one of them drew the big blind. The other won was on my left.

    To try to shorten the story a little, I folded AK utg because the stack to my left was going to have to be allin when the bb got to him. The next hand I had KJ in the bb and everybody folded to the small blind who limped. Flop..3 rags. We both checked. Turn..K. He bet enough to put me allin. NOW I WAS STUCK. I put him on a K with a smaller kicker but if I call and he catches it I am out on the bubble. Or he may already have 2 pair. I confirm that the short stack to my left will be allin on the next hand and I fold my cards face-up and everybody gasps. Two players can't believe I folded.

    The next hand I fold my sb and have 5 chips left. Two people call the bb's allin. The flop comes Q rag rag and one of the two goes allin. The table gasps again because now we only have one chance to eliminate the allin player instead of 2. But his hand holds up and the 9 of us have won our entry. I had 5 chips (2500) and the other short stack had 4. The chip leader had over 70,000 but we all were in so it didn't matter.

    I am very excited and again I thank those that have helped me grow here at PSO.


    ps I inroduced myself to many pros over the weekend and they were all great. Especially TJ Cloutier and our own Daniel Negraneu.

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    This is a GREAT post! Congrats on getting the buy-in and good luck in the final event!



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      WOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great accomplishment for you!

      Congrats and now I have another friend to root for!!

      Play your own strong game and you will be fine. Survive DAY ONE. That is the key...

      We expect a trip report once you are finished depositing all the money in safe investments !!


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        WOW! Congratulations!!


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          Shaky, Jane, Jan, Marisa and Lou. Your comments are appreciated.



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            Patience always pays off..well done!! Many conratulations & good luck to you!


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              What a great example of keeping your head in the game!! Congradulaitons and the best of luck to you. You have another fan rooting for you!


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                Congratulations! That AK laydown was priceless. Too many times you hear people say that they "never fold this, or never fold that." Your play is a great example of how different tournament play is from ring games.

                I admire your ability to "see" ahead several hands and adjust accordingly. Well done.





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