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Lake Elsinore 5/9/04

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  • Lake Elsinore 5/9/04

    Played in a $75+$15 tournament in Lake Elsinore today on my way to Las Vegas. I managed to finish 13th out of 63 and went out with guns blazing. A couple of interesting hands.

    There were 17 players left in the tourney and I'm dealt AKs on the button. UTG+1 goes all-in for 2300 which is just a little more than half my stack. The blinds are only 200/400 with a 50 ante, so he's overbet the pot. I know that I should just toss the hand, but I had been pretty card dead and it was the first legitimate hand I'd had for a while. Anyway, I called the bet and he put down QQ. I failed to improve and I'm the short-stack. That's a hard hand to throw away, but I think I need to do it in that situation.

    Anyway, I built my stack back up to 4000 chips and I'm in the big blind (blinds are not 300/600 with a 75 ante). UTG (we're now 7-way at our table) comes in for a minimum raise (1200 to go). He's been a pretty solid player and he and I have the same stack size. When it comes around to me, I look down to find JJ and I go all-in. He thinks for a long time and then calls with a pair of fives. The flop brings no help, the turn is a blank, and the river is . . . a five. Dang!

    Anyway, I'm now in Vegas. I went to the Horseshoe in time to catch the end of the NLHE tournament. It's quite a scene. I'm hoping to get into a sat later this week.



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    sounds like two plays most of us make in the situation...especially the JJ vs 55.

    Glad you had a chance for a little "Pre-WSOP Warm-up"

    Keep you the good work.


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      Thank you so much for making me feel better about my play on the AK - It WAS suited, after all!!!!

      Still, I might post that one elsewhere because I think it's a tough decision and one that comes up fairly often.

      Thanks again.




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        I don't blame you for playing the AK either Shaky. However, I notice myself saying "it was the best had I had seen for a while" after I bust out of a tournament often. And, you sound as if you did not go with your first instinct. However, I bet I would have done the same thing. What if he had AQ? Just a thought.

        Thanks for the comment on my post.




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