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Shane visits Las Vegas

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  • Shane visits Las Vegas

    This is going to be a condensed version, but I'll hit a few highlights.

    First day I arrive is Sunday May 2nd. BigGhost and I head to the Orleans to play in the nooner NLHE $50 for 300 chips and $20 rebuy for 600 more. I see Debonair right away and chat for a while. He asks me to sign him up, gives me some cash and goes off to eat. Tourney rocks along and I play only one hand in the first hour. I end up with an average stack.

    After the break, I begin to get some cards and beat up on people. Then I hit a rush and become the Big Dog at the table. I beat up on the medium stacks, but get a bad case of happy chips. I become a medium stack again (sigh). I win a monster pot with AJ in the Big Blind. 3 limpers and I check. Flop come K-10-Q (Never doubt the power of the "New Jane" hand. I check it and 2 players go allin. I decide to call also.

    I finished 8th of 159 and got $340 and 5 bounties (another $25). Unfortunantly this was the high water mark of the Trip.

    I played in one of the $225 NLHE 10:45pm WSOP events. After I sat down and started looking at my table, I realized Robert Varkoyni was seated to my left. He played 2 hands in 90 minutes. First one he took down the blinds with a raise and 2nd one he went allin with 88 and lost to QJ. I did not make the money.

    Interesting tells on people--

    I was in a 3-6 game and struck up a conversation with a guy to my left. He won a pot, and as he stacked his chips he commented how he used to have a lot of red chips ($5) but had lost most of them. I told him that the last red chips were "homing chips. If you bet them then they will find their way home again" After that, he would put in $1 chips if he was on a draw, or not sure of his hand, and would put in the red chips if he was ahead or had a really good hand.

    I played in a NLHE ring game with $2 and $4 blinds. Dwindled away about $30 until my seat in the 8-16 game came open. I saw one guy win a pot of about $1500 with the worst call I have ever seen. The winner had 22 and loser had AQ. AQ raised to 10 prelop and got 3 callers. Flop of Ah-2s-8s. 22 bet 20 and AQ raised to 100. 22 called. turn of Ks.
    22 checked and AQ bet 200. 22 went allin, and AQ would have to call 517 more. He did.

    Gotta run. Getting kids up for Sunday School.

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    The prevailing consensus here at PSO is " if you win money based on your excellent play of the NEWJANE, NewJane gets part of the winnings."

    Wasn't sure if you were aware of the rule, so I will give you plenty of time to cut me a check



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