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CHAPS Weekend

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  • CHAPS Weekend

    I have to hurry up and post a trip report because pretty soon Amy the Oil Doe is going to get home, write the definitive CHAPS report and no one will ever read my stuff again. Almost all of the following is true. At least it is my story and I am going to stick to it.

    It is going to take a while to get to the poker in this report, (is anyone actually surprised?) and those who read my stuff just to find references to rectal cranial inversion are going to be disapointed because the asshat population of the CHAPS appears to remain at zero (th?) Sorry, Tim I just felt punny there for a second. It wasnt you who put the bounty on my head in the tourney, although you were my first suspect. And hey, snapping off my AA is just par for the course. I will have probably forgotten all about it by Tunica. Tunica in, say 2010, anyhow.

    OK, time to start the real smack talking. Friday evening the Oil Doe Birthday bash kicked off in fine style. I met her at her hotel, and after she had screamed, leaped into my arms and licked me from head to toe, performed a few really embarassing acts. Hotel Security explained that the crowded lobby of an airport hotel is not the best place for swinging from chandaliers and but we were allowed to leave (well, escorted out anyway) after autographing copies of the survaillance video.

    Next we headed out into downtown rush hour traffic to pick Hukilau. After only getting lost a couple of times, we found Huk and it was off to drinks and drinks and dinner and then a few drinks with Debonair. It doesnt get much better than lots of beer, talking about poker, gossiping about poker schoolers and then having a few more beers. The roofies and viagra Amy kept slipping into my beer added a special tang although after all my years of drinking and drugging had little noticable effect.

    I thwarted Amy's plan for a night of total debauchery by dropping her off before taking Hukilau back downtown. I returned home and slept the sleep of the innocent, preparing for the CHAPS tourney on Saturday night.

    I delivered over 20% of the crowd to the Muzzey's. And 50% of the money finishers. Huk, Amy, Skipm and myself arrived to find the party in full swing, and somehow managed to fit in. It was great to meet the new members, see the out of towners who came in, and again, have a bunch of beers with a crowd of fun people. Strangely enough a poker game broke out. I will leave most of the details to the people who took notes, but there are a few highlights that stand out for me. As the tourney started I began to get a bad headache (no doubt the roofies from last night) but it is never a problem acquiring pills from the walking pharmacy that is a CHAPS crowd and zeroth came through with some advil which quickly had me feeling human. I went into the first break at or close to the chip lead, but someone put the aforementioned bounty on me and suddenly I couldnt win a hand. Zeroth took payment for the advil by doubling through me when he beat my AA with JJ. Strange how AA gets beat even in real life. A couple of times even. While I wasn't the first player eliminated I was the first from our carpool. Skipm, (The pupil has become the Master) collected the bounty. I was tempted to just leave them stranded, but Jay and Jen bribed me with a few extra beers and some pizza to stick around.

    When the action got down to 6 or seven players, and tired of being ignored from the rail, I took over dealing duties, I do have to be the center of attention you know. The action got down to 5 (4 places paid) and sure enough, the other three members of the carpool were still in. Amy offered me even more favors if I could deal her some winning cards, but the suggestions she was making put such a shake into my hands that I dealt her the wrong hand from the stack and she was the bubble girl. Idoru99 finished fourth, continueing his amazing string of money finishes in events that feature all pokerschoolers. Hukilau finished third, taking a bad beat when a gutshot hit the only remaining non-pokerschooler in the tourney. Said non pokerschooler refused all deals, and Skipm busted him handily, winning in his first ever live tourney. I introduced Skip to PSO, and as I said above, it seems that the pupil has become the master. I will be going to him for lessons soon.

    So it was a very fun drive taking everyone back to their respective homes/hotels. Hotel security had apparently noticed Amy leaving with me again earlier, as when we got to her hotel, there were EIGHT police cars in the entry way waiting for us. So we didnt get to reprise the previous days show and said a rather chaste goodbye. I hope the meeting went well, sleep is a vastly overated commodity when the CHAPS are around.

    Congrats to Skip, and to Jay and Jen for packing such a large number of friendly folk into the house for the evening.

    Dang it was fun. Some of the above is fiction. For example, I think it was only seven police cars.


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    I'm still the student

    Mr. Bill you've forgotten more than I know at this point're still the master. I can only feel the same about a lot of the people at the event. I do feel like Moneymaker 'cause it was just my nite.

    To me, the Poker was not the main event. It was meeting and being welcomed by the C.H.A.P.S. I'm honored and want to say thanks for welcoming me into "The Family"!

    zeroth - thanks for the advice, I'm gonna follow it and use it!
    Gerold (Game of Games) - Thanks for the pizzas!
    Sonia (2Hott4U) - You are!
    Stricky - I love your attitude...thanks for the hug!
    Amy (Oil Doe) - It's hard to say what it is...but you got it! Happy Bday!
    Bill (Wildbill) - Just Thanks!
    Jay and Jen - Thanks for a Great event!



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      Nice report Bill... wish I could have made it. I particularly enjoyed the part about where you met Amy. I could picture it vividly in my head and am sure to have nightmares of a nekkid Wild Bill swinging from chandeliers for months to come.


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        nice little write up bill, i hope a great time was had by all that attended!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know i truly enjoyed my self, and i was very pleased that everything ran rather smoothly.

        a HUGE congrats to skipm!!!!!! a very well played game!!!!!!

        THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT CAME OUT TO PLAY!!!!! I will not go into details as oil doe kept good notes, and i am sure will post a full report of the action. hope to see you all again at the next tourny......till then, good luck at the tables!


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          Wildbill, you bad boy you ... not 1 or 2 but 7 or 8 police cars ... wow! Hey, I meant to tell before that Amy probably has some loaded guns in her holsters and to be careful. I am sure you noticed and being the bad boy that you are - asked her if they were cocked or if she was just happy to see you .... Maybe that was the reason for all the cops?!



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