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Bellagio unplugged....

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  • Bellagio unplugged....

    I guess I should start off by introducing myself, since this is my first post, and I am relatively new to the school...

    Soooo........Hello! I am Jason...ummm, I am relatively new to the site....I really like it here, and am learning alot....

    ok, so there's my pathetic attempt at an intro...on to my latest poker excursion...

    So last week I was on vacation, and my girlfriend and I joined some friends in Las Vegas. These are in no way poker playing friends, but I was not going to let that distract me from my goal of playing some hold'em in Vegas, baby!! I was hoping to get a chance to put my post-POS learnins to the test, and I did indeed. I was also hoping to get a chance to see what was happening at the Bellagio which was holding WSOP tourneys all week...

    Getting to watch some of my favorite poker celebs at work was something I was really looking forward to, however to my dismay, upon arrival I quickly found out that the Bellagio hotel and casino was completely in the dark! Their power system completely burned up and the entire place was literally shut down! This meant, of course, no WSOP events until the power was fixed, which by the way happened on the last day of my trip as I was leaving Vegas...ugh!

    Anyway, I wasn't about to let this get me down...I went to the Orleans casino and entered into a tourney. $40 buy-in, $20 re-buys for the first hour.... I sit down at the table and proceed to do pretty well for the first hour just hanging in there. There were about 90 entries, and after the break there are about 80 left... I come back from the break, and my first two hands are AJs and QQ...I win both of them and I am really starting to feel good about my game. I was sitting at about the average and had just won two hands.

    Then the other shoe dropped! I'm in third position and I get ATc. Blinds are at 50-100 and I have about $1200 in chips. I raise it to 200, not too confident in my position. I get two callers. The flop comes A,7,3...I'm feeling a little cocky at this point, and unfortunately that means I decide to slow play the hand. My kicker is weak, but I am nearly positive that the guy in sixth position does not have an ace as he has raised with it every time he has had it. The other guy doesn't worry me either. So I check...the guy in sixth bets $100, which makes me mildly nervous, but I think maybe he caught the 7 or something. The other guy folds, and I decide to not mess around with this hand any more. I re-raise it the pot amount. Clearly I have sent him the message that I have the A and his low pair won't stand up. He re-raises me all-in!! At this point I know I am screwed, but I'm sorta pot committed, and I still can't believe that he has an ace!... I call, we flip over our cards and I find out he doesn't have an A.......he instead has 7,3 off.... I am completely blindsided, and he of course takes this pot, knocking me out of the tourney!!! :evil: I know that I didn't exactly play the hand the best way, but 7,3 off?? ugh!

    So, first the Bellagio, then the tourney..... I end up at the Mirage at about midnight and play $3-$6 limit for about eight hours and redeem myself (in my opinion) completely by leaving the table up by $32!!! :P

    Overall the trip was a blast and I learned alot in the way of poker! Too bad I didn't get to meet Mark over at the WSOP or see Gus Hansen vs. Scotty Nguyen at the Bellagio, but it was fun all the same! I had never played at a table for that length of time (much less at that time of day) and I learned alot about my play and how much I have improved since I came to PSO.

    Well, that's my rant... hope I didn't bore anybody. Hope to see some of you at the tables.......


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