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Lost in the (Fox) Woods

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  • Lost in the (Fox) Woods

    It has been a while since I have had to sit down and write a trip report. I wonder if I remember how. Hmmmmm, ramble a bit about travel, eat some, drink lots, come up with some sort of butt reference, play poker, talk about poker and meet pokerschoolers. OK here we go.

    The trip started off with nothing but good beats. Work needed to be done in New York, and if I gave up a weekend at home, my boss would buy my plane ticket and pick up a rental car and I could play the PSO event at Foxwoods. Since this was one of those weekends (You know the ones with both a Saturday and a Sunday) when I didnt have a date, nor any prospects for one, I packed a couple of extra days worth of clothes and flew to CT.

    For a change the plane isnt packed. Empty middle seats rule! The other person in my row is a good looking lady with no wedding ring! And willing to chat! Of course she refers to her boyfriend in every other sentence, but I need all the practice at flirting with semi-single women I can get. My suitcase is the first one to come out of the baggage carasol. A first in my over 13 years of 20-30 flights a year! An uneventful drive from PVD down to Foxwoods where the good beats would continue I hoped.

    Walk into the pokerroom at noon on the dot. See lists 50-60 deep in the 5-10, 10-20 and 200 buy in NL hold-em games. Ask where to find the tournament room and head down to find a sat. Of course they dont start for 3 more hours. So my string of good beats is broken.

    While sitting around reading newspapers I am surprised to find that I am not the only pokerschooler in town as Indy Bob, Rudie, and Debonair come wandering through. Telling me that 1100 people played the 300 NLHE yesterday. Wow. Tommorows 500 should be really interesting.

    A full page in and I guess its time to play poker. And actually praise Foxwoods. They dont comp poker players much, are always crowded and charge FAR too much for food and drink, but by golly they do satellites right. They keep a waiting list, keep to it and run lots. Plus they pay in 100 dollar lammers which makes it easier and pain free to deal. I guess this justifies the extra juice they take. (150 per sat instead of the 100 they take every where else)

    So anyway, I am called to my first sat. Starting at the same time as the next table over. We all sit down, pay our 80 bucks and get our chips. And our table starts discussing whether to collect 20 dollars a man to form a second place pool. Sounds good to me. Except a few people want it to be only 10. I dont care, lets play poker. We discuss this while the other table plays a hand or two. It becomes clear we are getting nowhere and I decide to be the asshat. I say, "Look, lets stop all this talking and just play, I am out of the second place pool, and since I wont play it y'all cant, and we can actually start a poker game here" And they continue to argue, now deciding how it will work with 9 people. When the most moronic of them refers to me as their 'target' I call the floor and he explains that since I am out, there cannot be a second place pool. Gee I like being the friendly popular guy. The guy who called me target is still running his mouth about how I ruined their fun, and I respond that I came to play poker, not argue over second place. The second hand I limp with 88 and flop top set. Someone bets in front of me and I call, hoping to pick up another caller behind me, no luck. turn comes a jack and he bets half his stack, I raise him all in with the comment, "Arent you glad I saved you 10 bucks". The asshelmet who hasnt stopped running his mouth tells the dealer I have earned a 10 min penalty for announcing my hand. The dealer tells him I did no such thing and waits for the actual player to call or fold. Asshelmet calls for the floor and we get the comment of the week. Floorman comes over, Asshelmet starts telling his story floor shuts him up and asks the dealer for the story. When the dealer tells him the hand situation and what I said, the floorman says "Why did you even call me over?" and leaves. The player folds and the Asshelmet keeps running his mouth. He busts out eighth. Poetic justice would seem to demand that I win, but I finish 3rd. Oh well.

    Many other pokerschoolers are arriving and I meet some. Unfortunately it means the sats will start to contain PSO'ers and be harder. But maybe pokerschoolers will fill the seats that would otherwise be taken up by Asshelmets. And I'll settle for that.

    Play two more sats, making deals in each and have 4 lammers. So I get to play in tommorows 500 NLHE for 1/3 off. Good beats continue.

    Saturday night is reserved for drinking with pokerschoolers. Indy Bob, Rudie, Hukilau, Gatorhb, and the old fifth wheel (that would be me) Wandered over to the Intermezzo for the meeting that was written up in the forum. Of course everyone else is playing poker and the 5 of us are the only participants. We eat a little, drink a lot, and discuss philosophy until the wee hours and finally break up to get some sleep before the big event.

    I wake up with only a slight hangover, but my nose is running like a faucet, and my throat is sore, I guess beer doesnt kill cold germs. Maybe thats why I played so badly in the event. Lets discuss a few hands. 6 hands into the event, A middle position guy who seen 4 of the first 5 flops makes it 75 to go. It is my small blind and I call with KQ off. I watch him as the flop hits and my gut tells me he doenst like it a real lot. I look at the flop and see it is K J 5 of three suits. I check, he bets 100 into the 175 pot. I raise to 300. He reraises to 500. I think for a second, decide that I know he has no king and put him on AJ, possibly QQ, I rule out AA and AK so I call. Turn is a blank, and he fires all in. I trust my read, and will have 250 left if I call and lose, so I call. And he turns over AA. I river a queen and snap him off though. He is justifiably PO'ed and leaves the table making a crack about not being able to get on-line players off a pair. My 1500 starting chips have become 2750 10 minutes in and I have proved that I trust my bad reads. It is mighty arrogant to believe that I can read anybody after 5 hands and I resolve to study the players for a while before I risk busting again. So I study for a while. And find the fish, and the good players at the table (2 of each) and 5 like me. I am not playing a whole lot of hands, and I think I have a reasonable table image. 10 minutes before the first break I have 3500 chips. And manage to lose 1000 of them in 2 hands. With the blinds 50 and 25 one of the fish is in middle position and makes it 225 to go. I look at my hand and see AK spades. I raise 500 and he calls. I use my hand reading skills 8O and put him on a small to medium pair. flop comes JJ5 with one spade, and he bets all-in for 800. I am sure he has no jack, but cant call with AK, so I fold. Next hand I have TT and make it 225 to go my own self. The button flat calls and the flop comes a wonderful AKQ. I check and fold to his pot sized bet. And life sucks. Into the break with about 2.5k chips.

    A very interesting hand right after the break, blinds are 75 50 and I limp in 7th position with AT sooted. the button also limps, SB folds and we see the flop 3 handed. Flop comes T 5 2 of 3 suits. BB checks I bet 300. Button raises to 800 (which leaves him 425) and the BB (who Debonair has pointed out to me the day before as a real goot player) raises to 1800. Well, I like my hand against the button guy but have to fold to the raise from the BB. Big blind calls the rest of his chips and turns over KT. BB has a set of 5's (Presto!). Of course turn and river are 3 and 4 so if I had made the foolish call I'd have busted both of them. Debonair and his buddy actually discussed the hand later and I realize that I am at best an intermediate player. The explanation of why BB raised to get me out would, on my best day, taken a while to work out, while the expert acted instantly, and correctly. Nothing like waking up to the fact that I suck.

    Anyhow, I busted out on a two bad plays. I had made a standard 3XBB from middle position with AJ sooted (first mistake). Small blind (fish)was the only caller. Flop came 10 high, no flush draw. he bet 400 into the 600 pot. I had shown several times I would fold to a bet if I missed the flop and decided to represent an overpair so I fired all in for another 1400 (he had 1200 left). However, I forgot that you cannot bluff the stupid. After thinking for a minute he called, and turned over KT of diamonds. Nice call. This time I didnt suck out, and was completely crippled. I busted out a few hands later. Stupid, Stupid Stupid. You cant put a move on a fish, you can only move against a good player. I am at best an intermediate. Darn it.

    I sure enjoyed talking poker with everyone. Congrats to all who showed up and to whoever managed to win the PSO. I left at the dinner break, to take some cold drugs and drive to Saratoga to get back to work.


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    We now have an asshelmet!
    If my mentor is an intermediate....I'm the asshelmet!
    But you, my friend, are no intermediate! But you know it too, 'cause I know what you're up to.
    Nice report!


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      Re: Lost in the (Fox) Woods

      Originally posted by wildbill41
      I left at the dinner break, to take some cold drugs and drive to Saratoga to get back to work.

      As compared to taking hot drugs?

      This new job is completely screwing up my poker playing time and Im sorry I wasnt able to make this event. Sounds like you guys had a blast and I cant wait to catch up with you soon!




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