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Foxwoods Trip Report

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  • Foxwoods Trip Report

    Just got back from Foxwoods. What a great weekend! Not a great weekend for poker for me, but had a great time non the less. Just going to go over some of the key hands I had in the 3 tournies I played.

    Friday, $300 No Limit Holdem

    1100 entrants in this one. Wow. First couple of orbits nothing extravagant. My table is fairly tight. Starting chips were 1000. About an hour into the tourney, I get my first descent pot on a major suck out. Blinds are 25-50. I am in the BB with Q2s. Three players limp, player on the button goes all-in for 150. I decide to see the flop because I was sure I was getting 3 callers behind me. Flop comes AK2 rainbow. Check down, turn is a 7, check down, river is a 2. Checked down. Button has AK, I take down the pot. I take down a few blinds, to make my stack around 2300TC.

    Blinds are now 50-100. I am UTG with 77, I flat call to see a flop, 1 other limper, SB is in, BB checks. Flop comes 752 rainbow. Small blind leads out with 300TC bet, I call, all others fold, turn is a T, now a spade draw, BB bets 800, I move all-in. BB calls with 5h 2h, and I double up. I now have a little short of 5k. I see a few flops over the next hour and my stack dwindles to around 3.5k. Now the blinds are 75-150. Player UTG makes it 300 to go, I am in middle position with KJo, player in front of me calls, I flat call. Everyone else folds. Flop comes Kd Qc 2h. UTG bets 300, player in front of me folds, I think of raising, but this looks like a trap, so I flat call. Turn comes Jc. UTG bets 500TC, I decide to make my move, I move all-in, UTG has me covered, she thinks for a while and calls. She has Ac Kc. She has about 90 outs, but the river is a blank and I double up again. She is fairly upset with my suck out, but she let me see the turn with an under bet on the flop, in my opinion anyway. I get to the break with around 8k in chips and I think we are down to around 280 players. I stack of about 13k is moved to our table. He is a very aggressive player. He sucked out on a couple of small stacks with raises on very marginal hands. He was at the cutoff of my BB, He raised my blind 3 times in a row, and had me steaming a bit. Blinds are now 200-400 with a 50 ante. Everyone folds to the aggressive player in the cutoff, I still have around 8k in chips, he has around 17k, he makes it 1200 to go, I had been pretty much card dead at this point, and look down in the BB to see Ad Jd. I think for a while, and I put the aggressor on a weak A, so I move all-in. He thinks for a while, and calls. He turns over Ah 8h!!!! Yes!!!! The break I was waiting for. Flop comes As Jc 2h. YESSSS!!!!! The only thing that foils me now is runner-runner. Turn card, 10h, river 7h. I almost throw up right on the table. I know I over played my hand, but would probably make the same move again on this player. Finished around 250th out of 1100, but frustrated from the beat.

    Saturday $500 Limit Holdem

    Limit sucks. I got all the hands I would have liked to see in a no limit tourney. AA 3 times, KK twice. I am busted in an hour and a half. Very frustrating. I go back to the room to watch Connecticut cover, had a sizeable wager on them, so all is good.

    Sunday $500 No Limit Holdem

    492 Entrants in this one. Starting table very weak, probably the best starting table I have ever been on. Alot of limps, very few raises. Got the oppurtunity to see alot of flops very cheap. 5th hand of the tourney, blinds are 25-25. I have 22 in the BB. UTG makes it 75 to go, 4 callers in front of me, so I decide to see a flop. Flop comes 822 two clubs. Bingo. I check, UTG bets 100, Everyone folds to me, I flat call. Turn is 10c. I check, UTG moves in, I call, he has Ac Kc. I double up to 3200k. Starting chips were 1500. I play very aggressively, and build my stack to 4000TC. Blinds are now 25-50, I am on the button with As 8s, 3 limpers in front of me, so I decide to see a flop, both blinds are in. Flop comes 4s 5s 6h. Everone checks to me, I bet 500 TC trying to take it down. Small Blind moves in, he has 525TC, he has 77 and I get no help. Down to around 3400. My biggest hand of the day comes about an hour later. blinds are 50-100. UTG makes it 200 to go, I have about 3k in chips, 2 callers, I am in the SB with 33, player in middle position thinks of raising, but calls. I nearly lay down, but with all the money in the pot i decide to call. BB calls. Flop comes 7d 9h 3d. Set with a flush draw on the board. BB bets 300TC, I put him on a flush draw or a big 9. UTG folds, player in middle position moves in for 2400TC, I put him on an over pair because he was thinking about raising preflop, so I move in to try to get BB out. He thinks for a while, and folds. He later told me he had A9. MP turns over 88!!!! he gets no help, and I am now around 7k in chips. I get moved to another table, no real notable hands on this table, as I only played there for about an hour and get moved again. I stay between 7k and 9k the rest of the time up to the dinner break. This is the PSO tourney, so I now look to see how I stack up with the rest of the PSOers in the tourney, there are 82 left at this point, PSOers left were Hukilau, Rudie, The Swamie, PennPenn, and myself. Rudie, Huk, and The Swamie all have around the same stack as me, while PennPenn was in a world of his own with around 50k. We come back from the dinner break, First hand after the break I am on the cutoff with Kh 6h, Everyone folds to me, and I raise to 1200TC, the button calls, blinds fold. Flop comes 5s 7c 8h. I bet 1000TC, the button immediately moves in. He has me covered, and I have approximately 5000K in chips, I lay this hand down, I put him on an overpair, but not as big as my K, with 11 outs, with my stack, I probably should have called here, probably my only regret of the tourney. I make some moves all in with no callers, the blinds are 200-400 with a 50 ante, and I had an under average stack, so time to make some moves. Same antes and blinds, Player moves all-in from MP with only 1700 in chips, folds around to me in the BB with Q9o, There is 2800 in the pot, 1300 to me to call, I have around 7k in chips, I decide to try to get lucky and call, thinking he is on an Ax. He turns over JJ. Uggh. He hits the set on the flop and doubles up. Next orbit I am down to 3000k in chips. Same player moves in again, This time I have As Qs, I call, he has me covered by a couple of chips. He turns over ATo. Flop comes AQQ, and I double up to about 7200 in chips. We now color up chips. Rudie and Huk are out, it is down to The swamie, Penn Penn, who now has around 70k in chips, and myself. First hand after the color up, Blinds are 300-600, 100 ante. Big Stack to my right makes it 3000 to go. I see my favorite hand if you read my earlier post from the Friday tourney, AJ, offsuit this time, due to the lofty raise I put the big stack on 88 99 TT, So I move in for 5200TC, hoping to catch, with one orbit costing me 1900TC, I have to make a move. It folds around to the BB, who thinks for a while, then flat calls my bet, uh oh, he must have a monster. Player in EP with the Big stack thinks for a long time, then moves all-in, oh no, one of these guys must have AA. I am done. BB calls off his remaining 7k in chips, I am praying for a QKT flop at this point as I figure I am in big trouble. With the Blinds and antes, my portion of the pot is 16700TC, This would be a very playable stack with us being down to approximately 60 players. Players turn over the cards, BB has 66, huge stack has QQ, are you kidding me, I actually have outs!!!!! Flop 8s 5s 3h, I am holding the Js, only one with a spade, so I now have a runner runner draw. Turn comes Jc, now my heart sinks as I know I am nearly done. River is the Qc. Not real sure what the BB was thinking, he has 12k and he gets into a raised, then reraised pot with 66. Crazy play. I bust out around 60th, The Swamie went out at the same time. As you see in this report, you don't see me reporting any big pocket pairs, as I had none all day, QQ once, only pair bigger than 77 I had all day. Had Big slick twice. But I think I moved my chips around well, Just never got that hand to double up with to make myself a factor in the tourney.

    I stuck around for a while to watch Penn Penn, They were down to 16 when I left, had a five hour drive and it was 1 am, so had to leave. He had around 60k in chips when I left. Would like to congratulate Penn Penn on winning the PSO live tour seat, and his cash finish. Also wanted to say it was great meeting all of the PSOers there, it is always a great time at these tournies. Hopefully this post makes sense and my grammar is good, I just got back and haven't slept in about 36 hours. LOL.

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