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Grand - NLHE Weekend

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  • Grand - NLHE Weekend

    I had a bad finish to the February Leap Year Tourney at the Horseshoe and laid out of casino poker for Three weeks.

    I got my poker fix by playing in a friends game (LHE 4/8) on Wednesday & Saturday nights. Winning 5 of 7 sessions and averaging $20+ per hour while playing 4 to 6 hours each session.

    I meant to return to the Grands Friday and Saturday NLHE tournies last week (02/19/04) but slept to late to get there in a reasonable time (forgot to set the alarm clock - it's amazing how retirement dulls my sense of time).

    I set the alarm clock for 6:00am 02/26 Friday morning and awoke at 5:00am to get ready to head out. Washed the dirty dishes, checked the locks on the doors, packed an overnight bag, and headed for the burger king for #4 & coffee. On the road again. Bright sunny drive on this Friday morning. Arrived in the card room 8:45am and immediately got a seat in a 4/8 LHE game. First hour I was up $125.00 and backed up $100.00 by time for the 10:00am NLHE event. Feeling good about my play in the LHE before the start of tournament.

    My first table was composed of seven good players I have played with and know their game pretty well. Three tourist (young guys - wrap-around sun glasses, baseball caps turned backwards, and the steally stare) trying to learn about the travel channel game. Two of them were in my game before the tourny - they don't have much of a clue. One kept trying to move-in in the LHE game. I betrayed my niavete of poker by revealing the structure and protocol of LHE procedure in the limit game. He refers to me as the teacher early in the tournament. I have to eventful hands at the first table that gains some respect. I play AKs from middle position for a reasonable raise and one newbee re-raises me the same amount pre-flop. Flop comes K,8,2 two of my suit and the newbee moves in. I reluctanly call (haha) and he turns up pocket T's and my K's hold. At the third level I'm delt 9,9 UTG and make a reasonable rasie to maybe steal from early position (I haven't played many hands since I doubled up early). I get two callers. One newbee and one good player. The flop comes T,9,2 and two suited cards. This is the provebial good/bad news flop (two to suit and two to str8 and two cards in playing zone). I go in to end the potential drawouts. The good player folds but the newbee calls all-n. He turns over T,2 and he gets no help. I'm now up to T8200+. I play a few small pots and steal a few blinds to end the add-on period with T11,000 and take the $50(T5000) add on. This gets me an average stack and keeps me as the tall stack at my table. I walk my way up to T38,000 and arrive at final table a couple hours later. I play no hands because I'm now card dead and go out 8th for $252.00. I sit in a 4/8 O/8 game and its bad so after 45 minutes I go play Satellite for the evening 220 NLHE event. I go bust when I'm called by a small pair against my Ac,Kc and I move in to take the pot pre-flop. I'm called by Henry Zitolli (he never folds a pair pre-flop).
    The 4/8 O/8 game is full so I take a seat in the 4/8 LHE game. In the next two hours I'm up $350 before I get back to the O/8 game. Oh, why would I move from such a good LHE game? Two players start bickering about game protocol and we get very few hands out. The game get real bad real quick. While leaving I do give a small lesson. I'm taking my $350 profit because you don't want to play poker. One of the good players to my right says "It's probably good that you are leaving. Maybe someone else can win a few hands." That made my day. I get to the O/8 game and it's now as good as the LHE game was. Lots of jokes being told, laughing, poking funn at bad plays and river cards. This is my kind of game - their throwing a party & I'm invited. I play for two hours and cash winnings of $165. Go to bed after 10 hours of profitable poker. Great poker day. Wake up 7:12am Saturday, refreshed and ready to start again. Eat a continental breakfast at the motel. Get to the poker room 8:15am and get into LHE 4/8. I catch a few good hands and get ahead but the wheels come off when a few players decide to runn me down I go to the NLHE tourney after loosing $65. I get a table with the same approximate set up from Friday. My image gets set for me when I call and all-in from the big blind with KK against 88 and double early in first level. I get AA once early UTG but don't get a call from my BB bet. These guys might have played this game before. I have an outstanding run of cards that hold up before the add-on period ends. I'm up to T23500 and in second or third chip so I elect to save the $50 and don't add on. Everything seems to go right on Saturday. I play few hands because of my chip status. EX: I rasie pre-flop button and make top two pair on a flop of J,T,9 with two diamonds. I bet the pot and get called in two spots. The turn brings an off suit A and the other two players move in. I fold what I am sure is the best hand but in a dangerous situation. They turn up AK vs AQ. And the river is a Q amking one Top two pair and the other a Top str8. We get down to 11 players and I'm top stack at my table and second overall. We play two rounds at 30 minutes and don't loose a player. One of the players suggest we pay the bubble guy the same as 10th. This is agreed to so 6th - 11th get $515 and we play another round and no-one bust. We agree to play 11 handed since the tournament has been going for 4 hours. These are some tough players at the final table. We play for another hour before we get to five players and one vetoes a split based on chip count. We get it down to three way action 5+ hours and play for the next two downs and chip stacks don't change. Chip leader T480000, I have T176000, other has T160000+. I suggest a deal where the leader give up $400 keeps $3000 and we split $2870 (1435@). Third place would have paid $950 and $1520 for second. The next level is for T20K/T40K blinds and it's a total crap shoot for second. The short stack is a young newbee and he goes into a consultation with 4 buddies. He wants to play to win, but finally realizes he's 2:1 against making second player wise and almost 4:1 against money wise to come in above second. He has 6 to 9 hands of poker and will blind out if he doesn't catch another hand. The short stack ask the chip leader if he will take an even split but the leader wisely declines. The short stack finally agrees to the deal. We conclude at 5:30pm. 6 hours of play and 30 minutes of negotiations.

    I finally get a meal comp and sit down for a rest before the drive back to Greenville.

    What a great weekend, oh it's only saturday night.

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    Congrats on You're finish and Thx 4 the report

    Tony D



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