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A Tourney Virgin speaks...

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  • A Tourney Virgin speaks...

    My tail is draggin’ but I still got my smile on. I hit the Hilton Wed. around 10:30 am the Tourney was to start at noon. I started to have second thoughts about playing seeing all the people but I was there for the experience no matter the outcome. I was looking for PSO hats when I walked by some guys talking about PSO so I just scuttled right up and introduced myself. They pointed out NewJane, who was deeply involved in a hand at a Sat table. I did go over and got all those pleasantries over with so she could get back to her game. I am not a ‘baseball hat’ kind of gal but I wore it proudly. I was anxious, for other than playing at my small local club, I was a Tourney virgin.
    The game started with little falderal. I had the only PSO hat on at my table; people asked questions…which I soon discovered threw me off. I was playing all cool, like I had seen on TV, placing my chip on my pockets, sqenching up the corners of my cards, trying to catch tells etc. The guy to my left pointed out that he and possibly others could see my cards when I folded by flipping the chip off and doing the cool toss. I decided that being cool was not to my benefit so I vowed to be myself.
    I was not getting any cards so when I did get the AKc I played em’ hard and all folded so I claimed my first little pot. A few hands later I got it again and ended up all-in with the man to my right. He flips up pockets Aces. Oh well, I say to myself, lasted 2 hrs- not bad and then the river gives me 3 K’s. I have doubled up and feeling good. The guy to my left says, “you might want to slow down, girl”, hummm - condescending or good advice? First break, I grab my chips, bathroom, get a drink, met the PSOers, took some pics, do the chat thing and find out that a PSOer had been sitting at my table minus his hat. He chuckled as I ribbed him and I can only speculate why. Back at the table I find out that taking your chips from the table is a no-no. Now they know I am a fish. I was allowed to play on; I felt no embarrassment for this was a learning experience. Back to the game: Pocket Q’s hit me utg …I raise 4 x‘s the BB. 2 callers-flop was A 3 10- I went all-in-one guy went me and he had an A 3. I thought he might have had an Ace…but thought I could scare him off or hit. NOT!!!
    So with 193 starters, I walked away a winner at 106…for having played. I really learned a lot about myself and I do mean a lot. Among them; I didn’t feel intimidated, I knew the game better than I thought, held well under pressure and found out some things I better brush up on. I already knew PSOers were really great people and meeting them face to face is surreal. I also have a $330 PSO hat. Were we suppose to turn those back in?
    Ps.- I observed to the final 6 then had to leave. Congrats to determined who was sitting there when I left.

    Love and Light Colette

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    Super report, Lady!

    I am surprised no one said anything to you when you were taking chips off the table...a tourney NO NO in most places. Tournament directors strive to keep every tournament fair and anything they can do to maintain the integrity of the game, they are doing. One time in a big tourney at Canterbury Card room, a man was being moved from one table to another, and he grabbed his chips, his jacket, his water....and he put his chips in his pocket...they disqualified him. Just a learning experience!

    Like I told you at the Hilton, you should be SO proud of your finish!! Anytime you sit down the FIRST time in a poker tournament and plow your way through close to half the field, you have accomplished something! I expect bigger and better things from you as the months click by!

    I don't remember when you said you are playing again, but email me about the Legends of Poker at the BIKE in LosAngeles in August!

    Til then


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      good job colette

      colette, i enjoyed meeting you in Reno and you did not appear to be a rookie. Ur finish proved that and it will make u even tougher in the future. Good job now u are ready for the WSOP in vegas in May. PSOers may want to be your backers.
      congratulations and good job.

      alan leach

      study hard and lift weights and have a good life.



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