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    I used the sponsorships I won in the big one (3000) to play in the main event at the Vic in London........

    20/21st of Marxh........British poker open £1,250+25 buy in

    Kelly sent an e-mail to the family which I'll copy here, it tells the story how she saw it..........she was with me throughout.

    After that I'll tell the story of the actual game, how it played for me............

    Kelly Knight wrote..................

    Hello All!
    I'm sorry to all those poeple who don't want to be on this list but I wanted to shout this from the rooftops. Some of you will already know all this....
    Clay and I went away to London for the weekend so that he could play in the British Open main event (
    His buy in was £1250 + £25 but he didn't even have to pay that himself as he was sponsored by the owner of PSO.
    171 people started the tournament, on the very first table he was down to less than half the average chips and yet he kept on fighting back up and made the second day with 46,000 in chips with 58 players left. Coming back to the casino on the second day we got quite lost and then got stuck in very bad traffic. We called the casino to find out that Clay had about 20 minutes to get there or he would be disqualified. I've never known anything so stressful. We made it just in time...Clay is ripped off by Clive Sinclair once again hitting a very lucky straight against his 2 pair and Clay was down to 10k. He eventually moved tables again and was placed on a table with Devilfish and Simon Trumper. Such nice guys!!!! Simon especially was very friendly and gave Clay some good advice later on.
    Somehow Clay managed to build his stack back up and was around 40-50k when I finally gave up and went for a wee...very scared that he'd make a move while I was in there and I'd come out to find he was out. When I walked out of the toilets Clay was stood in the cardroom having a cigarette. I saw him and started shaking my head at him and saying 'No, you're not out'. 'I got put all in love' was all he said. A wait of a few seconds and a follow up sentence of' s'ok I doubled up'. He'd actually doubled up twice in the few minutes that I was in the loo. He's back to his table with 200k in chips, chip leader on his table....22 players left and 18 make the money, second stacked to the mighty Devilfish.
    From there not much changed. It was exciting when it got to 18... and when the guy in 10th went out it was exciting for two because only 9 made the final table and two because 10th got paid 2k and 9th 5k. Clay being at the final table was awesome. Devilfish was chip leader and Clay was 3rd stack by little Clay!!!! The amount of spectators was incredible, photographers and journalists from card player magazines...professionals who had been knocked out earlier, standing next to me talking about how good this 'new boy' was, counting his chips for me so that I knew roughly what he was at (my eyesight is poor but now I can afford glasses!). He got unlucky , as you do in poker , and lost 3/4 of his stack with an AA all in against 5 6 clubs and the guy hit a straight, he moved in almost immediately with 66, got called by Devilfish with KJ off and he hit his Jack and Clay finished in 7th place. Devilfish apologised and said 'I had to call you' Clay shook his hand and said he'd be back, Devilfish winked 'I know you will' and that was that.
    Clay never played a live tournament before if you don't include a £10 self deal rebuy once in Torquay about 2 years ago. Then he gets knocked out of this huge tournament by Devilfish doesn't get better than that.
    We never expected that Clay would make the money, much less the final table and yet he did. He didn't even get 'lucky' against better hands during the whole tournament.His play was fantastic. We cashed in his winnings, we took the cash instead of a cheque just because we could , said our goodbyes...and then I kissed the guy who gets your car and tipped him (just because I had to kiss someone!) and we started driving home. A few moments later Clay turned to me and said... 'I didn't want to tell you before but I couldn't pay the rent this month and had to move the direct debit.' How he played so well when the money was so important I'll never know. I hadn't realised what a bad few weeks he'd had at work and just how skint we were.
    Ok, now the important stuff....thankyou...
    Mark Napolitano for creating PokerSchool Online, for sponsoring Clay, for meeting up with us there and helping Clay to relax and giving him good advice, (and his brother Tony for answering all my questions). Thanks also you two for putting up with me being hugely starstruck...Ram Vaswani is still the most beautiful man and Devilfish eventually spoke to me and held my arm while he spoke (way cool) and I somehow managed not to wet myself as I kept threatening to do ( Mark , can you forward this to Tony, I don't have his e mail). Thankyou both, you were great.
    Thankyou to Carole and Lin(our mums) for having the kids for us...I'm so glad I was able to stay and witness what I did. You're both stars!
    Marlo(my brother, lives in Chingford,London) and Ruedee...where to start???? Everything...letting us get ready there on the first day, driving in front of us to the casino that night, letting us come back and crash on your sofa for the night, the towels, the bathroom, the coffees the bolognese,the directions when we got lost , the support when we were stuck in traffic and all the encouraging you did by phone. You guys....well, we couldn't have done it without you. God bless you both.
    Eden(another brother), for not shouting at me for forgetting to tell you the dress code and for coming down ( and being turned away) and still being great on the phone, for the directions on to the M4 at 1 am this morning and for calling Carole with the info. Apologies to all that we didn't keep you updated, Clay's battery on his phone died and I was out of credit on mine. Thankyou Eden, hope to see you soon and again, I'm so, so sorry.
    Jeri, Roland and Joshua(three more brothers lol, came to watch), for keeping me...sane (ish) , awake ( how good was that water at 2 am Saturday?!!!!), taking me out to McDonalds and saving me from all those dangerous London people , for the hugs when I was emotional, Roland, thankyou for drawing Ram near to you constantly (did you get his number? ; ) )and thankyou just for being there.
    Yorkshire Mike(futureofpoker), thankyou for all the phonecalls you made to me, thankyou for putting up with me talking crap when I was having emotional moments, I'm sorry that I didn't manage to get Joe(Beevers) on the phone for time I promise...
    Thankyou Clay. You were a star. You did great. Best in the family without a doubt kid (until anyone else is taking money off Devilfish as opposed to fish in general, I don't want to hear another word about it)
    Thankyou for taking me, thankyou for winning cash, thankyou for not telling me that we were broke beforehand, thankyou for putting up with my Gold Blend moments and for letting me put eye gel on you pre tourney to get rid of any puffiness (you don't wanna look knackered at the table). Thanks babe. I love you !
    Yada yada yada...Clay did great and that's all I wanted to say...oh and this....
    Ross Boatman -£1275
    Barney Boatman -£1275
    Joe Beevers -£1275
    Sir Clive Sinclair -£1275 (but what a nice fellow)
    Ram Vaswani -£1275
    John Duthie -£1275
    Simon Trumper + £500(kept Clay so grounded throughout, top guy)
    Clay Knight + £6510
    Devilfish + £90,000
    Not bad for a first game love.....
    Now if i could just get you to understand how to work the washing machine.................

    What she didn't know was how scared I was.......
    She was saying to others "why isn't he nervous?"
    I was, I was shaking inside, somehow I managed to hide it, well mostly.
    We arrived and met Mark and Tony(movingabout)
    Mark bought a round of drinks, two very nice people, talking to them helped me calm down a little, time dragged, Kelly nearly died being close to some big names, we did a bit of star spotting..........finally it got under way. 830pm.

    Ross Boatman at my table, doubled up very first hand of the tourney with AA v QQ.
    It started very badly for me, QQ with ace on flop, I still bet, called, he bluffed the river with 22 in his hand.
    lost 2k
    KQ ..Q on flop, bet flop and turn, by river 4 hearts, I had none, I still bet, called by ten of hearts.
    lost 2k
    30 mins gone I'm at 6k!
    nothing much changed until I moved tables. about 10pm

    New table.....Mad Marty, Clive Sinclair
    Marty with 20k ish, is running the table, I have 6k.
    I called a few unraised pots with AJ,AT etc. nothing hit, it was all rather boring.........then the most amazing call I think I've ever seen happened. I wasn't in this hand....
    raise, 2 callers preflop, 6-7k in the pot.
    flop 67A
    raiser has AQ, goes all in and has the other two covered, second guy has KK and calls all in, 3rd guy(Clive Sinclair) calls all in with 88!!!.....turn 5, river 9, giving Clive the pot and new table chip leader with 30k ish
    I find myself down to 4.5k and holding AQ
    big blind is 200 I am big blind.......raised to 800, Marty calls, I go all in.....first guy calls with JJ, he is all in, Marty folds.
    Ace on flop, Queen on river. this coin flip is the only time in the tourney I am all in and needing luck, it never happened again.
    I am up to 9k ish
    The highest I'd been in a long time.
    I get in a few conversations and for the first time start to relax.
    I start to play quite well, catch a few people stealing, one when I had Ace high, one when I had 3rd pair, both times calling 3k bets and getting it right.
    I re raised and stole off Marty, when Marty went out Clive started running the table, I re raised and stole a few off him, found myself at 25k without any major dramas.
    Then the big hand came...........
    Q6 of diamonds in BB, one opponent, small raise, I call.
    Flop 2 diamonds and a Queen.
    I bet, he calls, turn king, not diamond, I bet he calls.
    river not a diamond, I bet, he goes all in.
    If I fold I have 18k, if I lose I have 550, if I win I have 50k.
    I have to fold but I stall to show I can't be pushed off a pot easily, I wait about 1 minute, then realise the river card is a 6!
    2 pair. doh!
    I think some more now, he has been sitting there sweating for a while now, his face says he doesn't want a call.
    I told myself that I didn't come here to just blind out, I called
    He showed QJ, I win up to 50k and one of the biggest stacks in the tourney.
    at 2am, with 54k, I move tables again.......very very tired
    I decide to sit on it, with a big stack and my brain not on full alert I don't want to play iffy hands, I pretty much fold everything until 3am, end of day 1, I leave Ram Vaswani to be the man making the clever moves at the table.

    I end day one with 46,100, 58 left of 171, my stack is pretty healthy.

    Day 2 I almost missed, they remove your chips if you miss the first two rounds..........when it started up at about 315pm, I was stuck in traffic....going crazy.
    luckily I got there in time.
    17k stack doubled through me when his 2 pair was higher than mine.
    down to 29k
    then A8, with A8 on flop, I tried to slowplay Clive Sinclair, he hit a 2 card str8..........I was down to 16k about 20 minutes in to day 2.
    about 430pm, I left Ram Vaswani and Clive Sinclair both rich, myself with a pitiful 12k.
    I was put on a table with the chip leader.......Dave Devilfish with 80k+. and Simon'aces' Trumper.
    Dave was raising every hand almost, I feared the worst, but didn't play scared.
    within 5 minutes, I had re raised him all in with AQ, he folded.
    , same thing again with AK, and then AA.........all three times he folded to me.
    I had 19k
    started to feel a bit better but still with 40 something left, it didn't look good.
    when I got moved again I had 19.5k
    spent less than an hour on another table and moved to 25k ish.
    got moved again, one to the left of the new chip leader(Lawrence) who had 200k+
    3 tables
    27 players left
    I had 25k
    not enough, It is a blur but I somehow worked my way up to about 40k, it seemed that I needed to take some off this big stack, so I watched him and only him......studying his patterns.
    I watched him knock a couple out, go to about 250k
    my chance came......K2 in BB, K2 on flop
    I made a feeble bet at it, knowing he'd come over the top, he did.......all in. easy call for me, he had nothing, picked up a str8 draw on the turn but missed.
    I now had 85k, soon I was on 100k+
    Lawrence was still bullying, everyone was aware it was getting close to the to 22 left, in the BB, I look down and see AA.
    all fold to Lawrence, he raises 5k, I raise to 20k, and he goes all in, I call all in, show AA, he shows QQ, aces hold up, I now have 200k!!!!!!
    Lawrence has doubled me up twice!
    4 places from the money now and only Devilfish(up to 300k) is richer than me.
    Kelly missed the hand, I had straight away got up to have a cigarette, couldn't see her, she was in the ladies.
    She came out, saw me smoking, thought I was out, just missing the money!
    Last she saw I was on 40k
    I fold my way to 18
    We broke for lunch, one hour break, I was sitting next to Mike Magee and the writer for inside edge(gambling magasine)
    All the Hendon mob were out.
    The only names I knew, that made the money were....
    Devilfish.....chip leader
    Tony Bloom........short
    Aces Trumper.....short
    Mike Magee.......average stack.
    myself second biggest stack.

    Simon said to me.........."I have seen so many people with a stack like that throw it away, if you now play solid, you'll easily make the final, then you can go for it again"
    "You are not Devilfish" he said
    "9th pays 5.5k, 10th pays 2,2k"
    This just backed up what I was thinking, I was pretty skint and really wanted the 5k
    So I played almost nothing from 18th to 9th and made the final as 3rd biggest stack 190,000
    Now I was in a different situation, 5th to 9th was not much different in prize money, 4th up was, I was ready to play.
    Simon didn't make final, nor did Mike, Tony Bloom did and had built up nicely.
    2 very big stacks........devilfish with 550k and the mad russian Valerie with 490.
    I got involved, won some, lost some, 2 went out, 7 left.
    The nightmare hand comes.....I have 150k ish
    I get dealt AA, Devilfish raises 20k, Lawrence with 100k goes all in, I go all in, devilfish backs out.
    230k in the pot, plus my 50k I take back, so I'm thinking 280k and 6 left because he turns over 56 of clubs!!!!!!!
    he hit a str8 and beat me!!!!!
    I have 50k left, look down see 66, devilfish raises 20k, I go all in, he calls with KJo, jack hits on turn.

    The dream is over..........but I pick up £6,510

    Devilfish goes on to beat Valerie(ranked number 4 in Europe this year) and pick up 90k first prize.
    with 12 left 9 were pros, and I think I played well, didn't feel outclassed, loved every minute.

    That is my first live event, and what a way to start

    I now need some sleep

    Thankyou all for your support, it's been amazing....

    Lin(Kelly's mum)

    You all did your bit, just so I could live a little dream of mine


    And all the posts here........means a lot to this little cornish boy here.........


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    I enjoyed reading both your stories, and I am so ENVIOUS!! Great job Clay!


    • #3
      Just fantastic! I had trouble breathing while reading it all.

      If Kelly is ever at a tournament I'm playing - I'm paying her to go to the loo.


      • #4
        What a fun fun read!! Thank you both...But now to find out you (two) are not seasoned pros, roaming the globe for the next game, the next sucker, the next stack of black chips, well, nice bluf!! You sure had me fooled...Hey Devilfish, I think we both know - there's a new kid in town!! WTG Clay and Kelly!! Remember, it's a team game from here on out. Even poker!!

        You're a great team!! Hug them kiddies!!

        Sticks McGee


        • #5
          Great report Clay, tough break on the AA hand. I'm with Amy, you shoulda kept Kelly in the loo.


          • #6
            Clay and Kelly.. Congratulation!

            I absolutely loved reading the report. It would not have been the same if it had just been Clay's report. Clay and Kelly... Kelly and Clay the two of you are definately the Ying and Yang, the Day and Night. The two of you together are absolutely inspirational.

            Congratulations to both of you. Even before this great story I have read with great interest catching tid bits of your lives. Clay you have the dedication and strength to pull through for your family despite the obstacles, and Kelly you have the love and inspiration to fuel this power. Both of you deserve huge kudos.

            Congrats to both of you. I know this is just the beginning of many great things to happen in your lives.


            • #7
              Congratulations again, Clay and Kelly.


              • #8
                Thanks guys, but I'm not sure why people keep congratulating me, I didn't do anything!

                Kelly 'tired and ill from the stress of it all' Knight


                • #9
                  well Kelly you didn't wet yourself

                  As i said on the other forum amazing performance v.unlucky on the AA and am so pleased for you both keep up the good work.

                  Cheers Guinness


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                    • #11
                      What an awesome finish! Many congrats and thanks so much for posting the report. You guys are incredible!!!



                      • #12
                        Smart enough to outplay all those pros Clay but still too thick to give your thread a different name to mine...he worries me, he really does...

                        Kelly 'get your own thread title' Knight

                        'Behind every great man is a woman going on about how beautiful Ram Vaswani is...'


                        • #13
                          Congrats Clay !!!! You HAVE ARRIVED !!! Great job. A big part of a day, or two, like that, that people don't possibly fathom til they get there, is the mental stress. It's exhausting, altho exillerating.
                          You've always been one of the first to give me my props...and now it is my pleasure to return the kind words...YOU DID A FANTASTIC JOB. Played smart, played aggressive when needed, changed gears on time, and didn't allow anyone (including Devilfish) to intimidate you !! It don't get much better than that!!
                          Sooooooooo happy that all your hard work was rewarded with the real money!!!
                          Hope you have many more opportunities to cash !!!



                          • #14
                            8O :x :
                            that was sunday night for me
                            well done mate


                            • #15
                              Good Show CK!!.. you are a solid player and a nice guy to boot. I am with Hazy though.. you need to send Kelly to the loo more often.




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