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Viejas Sunday Tourney

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  • Viejas Sunday Tourney

    Viejas Casino, east of San Diego, has been hosting a $85+$15 NLHE tourney on Sunday nights. They start satellites around 1pm and the tourney at 5pm. I had the chance to play last night and managed to finish 7th for a nice payday.

    I got there in time to olay in three sats. The first two were out of some bad poker nightmare (JJ cracked by 88, that kind of thing). In the third satellite, I doubled up early and then went a little card dead. I ended up all-in against one of the other small stacks with AQ against AT. When a ten came on the turn, I was busted down to one chip. That's when the fun started. I posted one chip in the small blind and didn't look at my cards when they were dealt. The two other players checked down to the river and I turned over AK (much to my surprise) and won 4 chips because it paired an ace on the board.

    I then doubled up twice more and was one of the big stacks at the table. I managed to survive until the final two, which qualified me for a tourney buy-in for that night. Not bad for being blinds all-in with one chip left!

    The tourney started out pretty well when I doubled on the strength of catching a small set. I now had around 10K tournament chips and slowly built my stack until I was at one of the final two tables. The tournament place slowed down significantly at 12 players left - only nine places payed. I didn't have a big stack and thought that I would end up on the bubble. With five players at each of the two tables, I had to use four of my six chips to post the big blind. The button raised and I looked down at 44. Not the biggest powerhouse, but I only had two more chips to put in. The other player had overcards and I took the pot when he failed to improve.

    I took a few more pots and actually had a decent stack by the time we went to the final table. Blinds were 1500 and 3000 and I had 12K chips. I sat out several hands until I drew 99. Now I should know that you shouldn't play these strong. It's ridiculous. But after a raise to my right, I put all of my chips in the pot. The next player also went all-in, forcing the original raiser to fold. He turns over AK against my 99. Flop brings nothing, but the turn spikes an ace. I get no help on the river and bust out.

    That tourney is kind of a microcosm of my poker play right now. I can play some pretty good poker at times, but I am WAY too quick to put all my chips in when I get a decent hand. I need to find my zen place and just slow down.

    Still, it was a great experience. I made some money on the tourney and that's never bad.

    I'm looking forward to playing in some more tournaments before the Orleans Open in July. I'll definitely try to make it back to Viejas for a few more of their Sunday tournies.



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