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biloxi, and the goddess

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  • biloxi, and the goddess

    I packed a bag friday and made my way to the grand in biloxi to try my luck in there monthly 200.00 nlhe that poker goddess wrote about last month(thankyou goddess). starting chips were 4k and the 1st hr and 1/2 were uneventfull but i won a few hands and was up 1100tc. the next hr brought a lady to my table that promptly asked why i was so found of 3x bb bets , i was in the middle of a big hand and was literally tongue tied, she then promtly announced to the table that i had been reading the books, lol i was EXPOSED lol. I knew this had to be the goddess so i waited till i heard her talking about online sites and I mentioned bugsys and we started to figure out where we knew each other. Needless to say i avoided her at all when the blinds got to be 300 600 i got aks utg i rasised 3xbb the button called the flop came jxx one of the x was a heart I bet he called the turn came the 9 h and i bet he re-raised and i went allin the a kd came on the river and he had aj i doubled and my heart was racing i swear it took another 20 min for my hands to stop shaking. I need to say here that was not my best plays but the blinds go up real fast compared with the starting chips and althogh i was not shrt stacked making it through requires some gamble. i managed to pull down a few more pots and made it to the final table ...with the goddess herself and she promtly made the suggestion that we chop..since i had made a bad call just before we went to the final table and lost half my stack I said HELL YEAH probably alittle too quick. After alittle negotiations and a requirement that the dealers get 5% we chopped i collected 2100.00 told the goddess thankyou and made the 6hr drive back . it was worth it.

    i'd like to say thankyou to poker goddess for her report because i would have never found this tourny and thankyou for this site and all its members for there great post and info.

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    I was a pleasure meeting and playing with you!! You did a great job, and I promise, no one saw your hands You appeared very confident and capable, and before I discovered your identity, I was watching you closely to get a read on you. You handled yourself very well. My comment about your bet was made for the sole purpose of "drawing you out" were pretty stoic, and I wanted to get you to talk so I could try to figure you out....worked pretty good, huh?..lmao
    That's such a fun tourney and the adrenaline just keeps pumping.....I don't know about you, but by the time I get to the final table...I'm exhausted and ready to make a nice deal and take the money home. I think when you can walk away with guaranteed 4th place money, with those blinds and round times, it's a sweet deal.
    I was pleased to be able to use my slight chip lead at the final table to negotiate a deal for the dealers. It's such a shame that, altho they are working on it, they still don't withold money for the dealers and before yesterday, they were getting $5-8 a down (thirty minutes), which of course means they lose money compared to if they were dealing ring games. Needless to say, it causes the dealers to dread dealing these tourneys and not very enthusiastic about them. I was the room heroine when yesterday, because of our deal, the dealers got $19 a down....a VERY respectable and generous amount, and it was only a small amount from each persons share....Thank you for your agreement !!
    I'm glad you discoverd the tourney, and that your outing was such a success.....but....don't think you have to come back every month....I DON'T NEED THE COMPETETION !!!!!



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      Well first off - congrats to you both. You did PSO proud.

      I just have two questions:

      1) Which was more fun - winning the money or getting to meet the goddess in all her glory?

      2) When are they putting a plaque at one of the seats at that final table saying, "Reserved for Pokergoddess"



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