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Opening Day at Reno Hilton

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  • Opening Day at Reno Hilton


    I get to the Hilton about 8:45 am. It is satelitte day and I am hoping to win (or chop) 1 or 2 so I can play the PSO event as cheaply as possible.

    I sit down at the first available $45 single table. Only 200 in chips and 15 minute rounds . But I figure, hey, I have read up on how to play this. 30 minutes later I am the chip leader with 800 of the 2000 in play.

    3 handed, I am on the button, the player to my right has figured out that I will raise with nearly anything when this short handed, and has started doing the same, but he keeps moving all in.

    I look down and see Aces! I flat call from the button for 100T. SB completes the bet, and the BB, as predicted, moves in for all 450T of his chips. Of course I am happy to call. The SB mucks and the BB turns over QJo. I flop an Ace, there is no straight draw. On the turn a J comes off and he is now drawing dead.

    I have 1350T of the 2000 in play. I play 3 more hands and aggressively attack my shorter stacked opponent. Only problem is, he is now calling with ANY two. After about 2 more hands of this back and forth, he pulls even with me. I offer a chop and we each take $175.

    1 hour in to the day and I am ahead $130, not too bad. I move over to 4x8 HE, and put my name on the Pot Limit interest list. I play limit for about 2 hours and hover between $25 and $60 ahead. Finally, the pot limit game starts! I get up from the 4x8 game with $24 more than I sat down with.

    I sit down to a new 8 handed table, and a beautiful thing happens. I know 4 of the players, and also know they are LIMIT players, and they are very weak at PL cash games.

    About 3 hands in to the new game, I pickup pocket Queens. I raise the pot pre-flop and catch 2 callers. The flop comes down 6, 4, 2 rainbow. I bet the pot again ($135) and only the button calls. The turn brings a 3. I cannot imagine a player calling this much with a hand like 55 or A5. There is $270 in the pot and I have only $60 of my $200 left. I put it in and he calls. The river bings a 7. He turns over, 77 and I am down $200.

    I go back to the bankroll for $200 more. 2 hands later, I pickup pocket 10's on the button. The man from the hand before had limped in. I raise the pot. The bllinds fold, and the man calls me. The flop comes with rags, which my 10's are an overpair too. I bet the pot and he calls. On the turn, another blank hits and he calls my all-in AGAIN. The river brings an Ace and I figure I am dead. He turns over pocket 7's AGAIN. I get even with the added bonus of the blinds.

    Over the next 45 minutes or so, nothing noteworthy happens. I bully some of the weak players and manage to get my stack to about $525. Then the key hand comes up.

    I again get pocket 10's. I re-raise from the button. A weak player in the BB calls and so does "the man" with the 7's from earlier. I flop a set! The weak player, bets the pot, "the man" raises the pot, and I re-raise all-in for my remaining $375! (by far the biggest real money bet I have ever made on a single hand of poker). Weak player calls which puts him all in, "the man" thinks, thinks, thinks, thinks, calls time, whines a bit, and then says, "dealer you better not put an Ace out there" and mucks his hand. The turn brings a 7 and a King on the river. Weak player says, "I out drew you" and turns over.....get this.....POCKET 7's! I quietly turned over my flopped set of 10's and took down the largest real money pot of my poker career ($1,085!).

    I played for about another 30 minutes, made no real progress, the game slowly changed and the weak players donated thier stacks. After 1 1/2 hours of PL, I get up and actually need two racks to handle all the $5 chips! Two good PL players grumble about me being a "hit and run" artist. I say to the table, "you guys have a good one, I'm done" and off I go to the cashiers cage.

    I cash out and head for the door, stop to look for "zeroth" and he is no where to be found. I figure, oh well, will meet him Tuesday evening.

    Final win for the day, over $700!

    My plan now is to play the Super Sat on Tues and try for a seat in the WPT event, and to play the $330 PSO Invitational.

    Hope to see you all here!!!!


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    Congrats CC. Well done on the PL comeback. Interesting that he called you again with the 7's. Guess the guy didn't learn his lesson. Oh well, too bad for him, good news for you.

    Best of luck to you in the PSO invitational.


    Play with fire, you get burned



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