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Advice on playing live

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  • Advice on playing live

    So within the next couple of weeks, I'll be rolling up to The Vic in London to play live poker for the first time, and having never played live, I could use a run down on the online/live differences and advice on any big etiquette things I should know about, as well as general advice.

    Going to be playing at the cash tables as the Vic's tournament schedule is not compatible with getting home at any kind of decent hour. Haven't decided to play the a £1/£1 game or a £1/£2 game. I do have the money together to have a 100BB stack for both, though. Time wise, I should be good for around 2-3 hours, maybe more depending on what I get up to in London before hand.

    So, yeah. Any advice greatly received.
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    Hey Havoc! Here's a link for you.. take a look at post 2. Good luck!umbup: John (JWK24)

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      Other things to bear in mind are:
      If you put one chip in the pot without saying anything it is considered a call, ie if you want to raise to £5 don't just put a £5 chip in without announcing raise.
      Online software counts the pot for you, you will need to keep a track of what is in the pot yourself.
      Never played at the Vic, but assuming their low stakes cash games are like elsewhere, don't expect a ton of respect if you raise to 3x from early - lots of callers live.


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        Be careful how you bet. It is really easy to accidentally call or string-bet (putting a portion of your bet/raise out then trying to put the rest out). It helps to verbally announce your decision before you make it.

        Post-flop, look to value bet a lot and bluff very little. Low stakes live is very fishy, similar to 2NL online. It can be even fishier or a bit tougher depending on your table.

        As others have said, expect much looser calls pre-flop in particular.

        DO NOT muck your hand at showdown until you have seen the opponents winning hand.

        Don't talk about your hand or show any of your cards until you are heads up. Your hand will be dead.

        Keep in mind that dealers are usually paid mostly in tips. Nothing is required and how you tip is up to you. Personally, I like tipping the dealer $1 when I win any pots post-flop larger than around $15. I tend to scale the tip up to a maximum of about $5 for a 200BB+ pot. Again, I'm not sure what is ideal, but that is how I approach it.

        Playing live is a lot of fun. Try and have fun while your there. Even if your have zero fun, still make sure to treat everyone at the table with respect. Be nice to them. It seems obvious, but it is a lot harder than it sounds. When your playing online and you suffer a bad beat and can react any way you please and vent all you want. If you don't control yourself at a real casino you can very quickly offend people with your actions/words.

        Also, everybody at the table will probably know it is your first time playing live. It won't take them very long to figure it out either. It's not a big deal at all, but some of the regulars might try raising/isolating you more often than you would expect thinking you have no idea what your doing.

        Good luck and have fun! I will be able to play live again myself at the end of this summer. Can't wait!!!
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          Just sit back and watch the action first lap or two. After about 1/2 hour you will feel alot more comfortable. First time I was very nervous sitting down but found my game shortly.
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            Looks good. Much appreciated.

            Really looking forward to it now!
            'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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              Originally posted by havocofsmeg View Post
              So within the next couple of weeks, I'll be rolling up to The Vic in London to play live poker for the first time, and having never played live
              I've played a ton at The Vic and in my view the best place for Live Cash Grinders.

              First it has a mix of Reg Grinders that play the Vic everyday plus tourists just popping in to see The Famous Victoria Casino while waiting for a Flight at Heathrow so a good mix.

              The Reg's will test you in pots and after a view rounds you'll spot them. Put in a 3x raise and someone will say "You play online" a few will giggle. The max buy in is £200 for the £1/£1 and I always sit deep.
              Like online if your drop below a £100 top back to £200

              Raise is stand £5-£7 and expect a LAG to re-raise. You get young guns that like to play fancy and will talk to you on how bad you are.
              Forget the table talk, they are not interested in you but are building up a profile of you.

              In Live you have to calculate the money that is play:
              1) The Dealer can't tell you how much is in the Pot. If you need to know ask the dealer to spread the pot, that way you can count the Pot to make your bet.
              2) Your Chips & The Other Players Chips. Remember to stack in size of 20 and keep your big chips to the front of your stack. A player does not have to answer "How much you sitting with" but you can ask "are all your big chips to the front" as some a dirty players and you go all in thinking he only has £75 but behind the stack of £5 chips he has two £25 chips and suddenly its costing you a lot more.
              Some players have dirty stacks with all the chips mixed up so if faced with a decision you can say to the dealer "He has a dirty stack I can't read how much he has" the dealer will then ask the player to stack his chips correctly.

              Watch each player in turn and the more you play the more you'll pick up
              When looking at your hand keep the action the same every time you look at your hand
              I tend to look, pause, put the hand down, pause then Fold or raise, with AA or 72 off I keep my action the same. NEVER LIMP !

              Online you can see your hand always on the screen. Live you hand is face down and I try when looking at my hand to remember what I'm holding so I don't have to look back. Or some days I look back at my hand on every street. But which ever you do keep it the same. Looking back on every street the more experienced Pro Grind WILL pick up Tells.

              Tabling your hand: which is showing your hole cards.
              Live players hate Slow Rolls ! Do this to often and expect some kind words lol
              On the River when its show time its expected the best hand to show
              Asking to see the other guys hand is seen as a no no but I do it if I want to piss off a player.

              If unsure in Split pots just show your hand and the dealer will push the pot to the winner lol
              Also remember your cards are like a receipt for the pot, wait for the dealer to push the pot to you then push your cards to him.

              Tipping: the regs rarely tip and I only tip on big pots. Your paying a rake and tipping is rake so don't over do it the Dealer has to shuffle & Deal if you tip him or not.
              I have gone sessions with never tipping. (Tight Leather ass lol)

              When you sit you'll be asked do you want to post ? I always say no. You will get some players look at you as its only £2 but I wait For the BB as I watch the players and get free info. I tend to make sure I get a seat with arms and order a coffee so to them it looks like I just getting settled but I'm clocking you has what and who is playing like TAG, LAG, FISH, REG.

              Depending on when & the time you go there could be 2-7 tables at £1/£1. Now if you have a rough table and think stuff this I want a better table its not that easy. You can put yourself on the waiting list again but the seat that comes up could be at your table ! But if your really thinking stuff this table then come off the table put yourself on the list but just tell the box that you don't want say table 12 for example. Also you'll piss players off if you make £400 then go to another table and sit with £200. In live you have to sit with the same £400 say at any table on the limit your playing say £1/£1 but you can move up a limit to 1/2 or higher.

              £1/£2 its all regs in the week. Best to play Fri/Sat or Sunday for your first time at this level.

              First Live sit at £1/£1 and when you feel you can crush it then move up

              Hope that helps


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                Just thought

                If you drive, The Vic is the only London Casino that has an underground Car Park that is free. You'll find cabbies like the Vic just for that.

                Table: If you have a LAG on your left and think I need this guy on my right. The guy to his left leaves you can throw a chip to that seat and inform the dealer you moving seats. A new player will then come in on your old seat. You get the choice first as your at the table BUT be fast the Regs want YOU on there right to lol
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                  You can Follow The Vic on Twitter @TheVicCardroom

                  Get updates on the Games open

                  Today for Example:

                  Cash Game Update


                  1-1(1) 2w,
                  1-3(1) 2s,
                  2-5(1) 3w,


                  1-1 is the Blind Level
                  (1) Means 1 Table open
                  2w Means 2 waiting
                  Also you'll see 1s which is 1 seat

                  That was just tweeted so Tuesday Afternoon no 1-2 game running


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                    Comprehensive guide, dodgy, thanks.
                    'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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                      Originally posted by havocofsmeg View Post
                      Comprehensive guide, dodgy, thanks.

                      Wow excellent stuff.


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                        Originally posted by havocofsmeg View Post
                        Comprehensive guide, dodgy, thanks.
                        Originally posted by ForrestFive View Post
                        +1000 Wow excellent stuff.
                        Enjoy ! The Vic is a great place umbup:


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                          So I got into London today and played at the Vic. I'll be writing my trip report blog tomorrow if anyones interested.
                          'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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                            I've heard the Vic is nice but never been to London to see for myself. Can't wait to read it.

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                              Yes bump the link here when it's live/approved. Very interested to learn about your first live play. Never done it myself. umbup:



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