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10th @trop nlhe 3/5/04

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  • 10th @trop nlhe 3/5/04

    i played in the trops nlhe tourn yesterday, which had 90 entrants, rebuys the first hr and an add on. i finished 10th on the bubble. The last hand was interesting. with 2 tables of 5 remaining, the play was "hand for hand" until someone was eliminated. I was 2nd stack w about 80k remaining. the blinds were 5k and 10k w a 1k ante. The dealer was new and i noticed that when i put out my 1k chip for my ante he was passing me 2 500$ chips as change...the chips dollar amounts were not labeled.... he thought my 1k chip was worth 2k! so essentially i didnt have an ante because once i figured this out i put a pink chip in every time.anyway last hand the big stack raises my blind 10k from his small blind. this hand has been bothering me all nite. i had KQ h, i decided to call since the b stack was now raising indiscriminately. the flop came Q 9 5 rainbow. He bet 10 K , the minimum, i put my last 70k or so all in. I had no read on this guy he was new to poker. he counted his chips and then called with the 9 5o and 2 pr. im busted out on the bubble when i was 2nd stack at my table and in decent shape. The only other factor that i didnt mention was this, my friend and i took half of each other and he was still in. but he onl had about 30k. on the ride home he said he liked my play because if i win that hand were probably chopping up at least 3 or 4 k, and also because he was still in by busting i put him in the money which guaranteed we at least get our money back. My problem with my play is this. i think i shouldve went all in over the top of the big stack preflop. which wouldve made it like 70k for him to call a pot of like 110 k w a 9 5o. which he wouldve had to display in front of a crowd of around 50 or so people.

    ur thoughts would b appreciated on this hand.

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    Just goes to show ya....cheaters NEVER win, and winners NEVER cheat. How dare you cheat the pot out of your ante??? You should be ashamed of yourself, and I certainly wouldn't be bragging that I took advantage of the dealers lack of knowledge. I'm surprised that another player didn't catch you and embarass YOU in front of about 50 people. I think you got just what you deserved !!

    That's all I have to say that's fit to print on this matter!



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      that was an awful all in bet....


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        I tend to agree with both responses. First, PokerGoddess was right on the money cause shorting the pot the ante you should have been paying wasn't good poker. If the dealer HAD figured it out, you would have been called on it I suppose. Then, you have lost respect of the other players who were paying theirs. Once you realized there was a mistake being made, it is your responsibility to tell the dealer. What if the shoe were on the other foot and YOU were being shorted the ante in a pot you won? You would have a vastly different feeling I dare to say.

        Then, regarding your last hand. You are in very good chip position at the point you had the KQ on the big blind. That is a hand you can readily lay down at that point when the little blind raises. I suppose if you decide TO play that hand (and I am certainly NOT saying play it) and you are content with turning that hand over to bust on, re-raise the little blind, and that puts the onus on HIS back to re-think his raise with 9-5. I prefer laying it down myself. Live to see another flop, let the shorter stacks bust, putting you in the money.

        I hope you give some serious thought to your shorting the antes, tho. That disappoints me...



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