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Another Short Trip

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  • Another Short Trip

    If PokerGoddess's recent 9 mile trip counts, then I guess I'll chime in with a crosstown trip report too as I have been on a bit of a tear in B&M tournaments lately. Last night I added to the streak with another good finish. 21 players entered for $50+$5 and T3000 playing NLHE.

    I got no cards at all during the first round and saw only 1 flop. In the second round I had KQs in the small blind and saw a flop of AAK. It was checked around and the turn was a Q. I bet and a smaller stack went all-in. I foolishly called and he showed AQ. I hung on until the first break with T1200 and managed to avoid pretty much all of the action except for taking down a set of blinds and a limper by betting strongly with a ppT (which I showed.)

    With the blinds at 75/150 I started to get some cards. I limped in with pp6. Flop T66. I checked and no one bet. Turn is a K. I get a bet of 250 at me and I call. The river is an A. She: "got big slick?" Me: "I have no A or K." She "Oh you flopped a T6 boat?" Me: "I have no boat." She still checks and then lays down to my modest bet. (I should have said "I do not have trips or a boat.")

    Soon thereafter I take a poorly bet pot when I river the nut flush to my A9s. A few hands later I am in the small blind with K2s and limp in. The flop has Ax of my suit and I stay in for a modest bet. The turn completes my nut flush and I bet 500. A player with 1K left calls. No pair hits the board and I bet another 500 and he calls and is out.

    Two hands later I get ppA and I bet it in the manner of the ppT that I showed earlier. No takers however and I quietly muck and take down the blinds. Three hands later I call a minimum raise to 300 with an AJ. 3 other callers stay in too. The flop is QJx rainbow and after two checks I bet 1500. They all lay down.

    Now the table breaks and I find out that I am roughly tied for the chip lead. I play tight while the desperate money tries to double up and soon we are down to the final table and then down to 7 while I remain near the chip lead with about 12K. With blinds at 300/600 the SB raises over a limper by making it 2K to go. This player is quite solid but can bluff too. He was recently short stacked but made several all-in bets to build his stack back to about 5.5K. Since he can't totally cripple me I make a speculative call from the BB with KJs. The limper folds and the flop is Kxx. He checks. I check. The turn is another blank which also gives me a flush draw. This time he bets all-in. I quickly call figuring I may be winning and I have the flush draw too. He shows ppQ and has only one out since one of the remaining Qs would flush me. The river is a J and I take back the chip lead. He says "Nice check" and we are down to 6 players.

    I bet 1200 with AK and get a caller -- the dangerous Rio Rita who has a decent stack. Flop is KTT and Rita bets out 2K. After a brief think I go all-in and she lays down. Later I find out she had a K too, but I don't know what her kicker was. Nice laydown!

    With 5 players left I limp with QJs. The player to my left (who is the chip leader with 800 more than me) makes it 1800 and when the others fold I decide to call. The flop is JJ9. Now this guy can be tricky and I conjecture that the only way to suggest to him that I don't have the J is to bet and so I bet 600. He makes it 1800 which has become his standard bet recently. I decide not to screw around and make it 5K. After a very short think he bets another 8500 to put me all-in.

    A tough spot! If I call and lose I go home with only $40. The problem is not so much what he has since I know that I will have at least a few outs, but what the heck does he think I have? I am almost convinced he has the AJ or perhaps pp9 for the boat, but then it occurs to me that there is a good chance that I convinced him that I don't have the J and that therefore I am winning. I call. He has ppQ and only 1 out! He doesn't hit and now I have a giant chip lead!

    With three players left including Rio Rita I call a preflop bet of 2K with some paint and then fold after a strong post-flop bet. Next hand, same thing. Now I can hear Rio Rita practically smacking her lips. She and I both recall a heads-up winner-takes-all in a previous tournament where she came from behind to whip me when I overbet several painted hands.

    The very next hand I get ppA and make it 2K from the button. Rita says "all in" and the other player folds. I murmer "call" and Rio shows AK and is shocked to see my hand. The flop gives her a K and the turn gives her a flush draw, but the river is junk and I win.

    At that point we chopped the cash and I took home $440. Adding to recent money places for $525, $485 and $125, my February B&M tournament play remains hot. In this instance it was a combination of patient play, good cards and a bit of courage that made it happen.

    Lunch break over. Back to work...

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    Very nice work Rock! I enjoyed reading that one...where is all this taking place, btw?


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      This event was at Rio Rita's place. She and her husband Joe All-in are both accomplished players and PSO members.

      I played there again yesterday and went out early. That has been my pattern at Rita's place lately ... 1st or 2nd out or else in the money. Not getting any playable cards early in the tournament seems to be an important element for my success!

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