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OK, I'm bragging, so shoot me!

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  • OK, I'm bragging, so shoot me!

    Granted it wasn't much of a trip, the same 9 miles I drive to get there to go to work everyday, but Saturdays trip to the Grand Biloxi poker room, was one of the best for me!!

    The third Saturday of each month, the Biloxi Grand has started having a $200 + $20 buy in NLHE freezeout tournament. This months was about the 5th one we have hosted. The line forms at 4pm on Friday and the 110 + 5 alternate spots are sold out before midnite Friday nite.

    Since I had the day off, I decided to get in line and buy my seat and take a shot, at the $23,000 prize pool.

    The tournament starts at noon, and as I made my way to seat 1 on table 8, I was pretty happy, knowing that this was to be the last table to break before the final table. Now I just had to hope I didn't get pulled out and moved around. I was also happy to see several players that I knew were solid tournament players, who I could count on not to be a "wild card" player. You know, the kind who know how to lay down a hand when you want them to.

    T5000 starting chips, blinds start at 25/50, 20 min. rounds til the break (after first 4 levels), then 30 min. rounds. Button starts in the 10 seat.

    I post the small blind, look down and see my first of many, many junk hands, fold and sit in to watch the play and players. I get some time to analyze all of that as I play NO hands the first three rounds. For those who don't know, in B&M tournaments, 20 min. afford you approx. 15 hands to see per limit.

    I'm not one who can remember every hand played, and who did what, so I'll just say, the big hand before the break, that nearly put me on the rail, was when I had QQ and ran into KK, I made a big raise and the short stack called all in with his KK. I got no help and was left with T1300. My BB I posted 300 and watch as I see 4 limpers join the pot. I'm praying..."please, oh Goddess of Poker..give me ANYTHING I can put this last 1000 in with".. I look down and see Q8c...and yep, this is it. No way am I gonna get that kind of play for my money anytime soon. Flop comes Q hi, check down to river, no over cards, and I take down a $4700 pot. WOOHOOO I'm back in the game!! Got pocket Qs twice more in the same 30mins. and took down the blinds with them, so ended up at the break with around T6300. I know I need some chips, so after the break, when I know the psychic is changing to tighten up, I OPEN up. I go all in three time with AQ, AJ, and KQ, and get no callers. I slowly build my stack up to about T8500. My BIG move comes when a player I know, raises more than have his stack UTG, everyone folds to me on the button, and the two blinds behind me are VERY short stacked. I look down and see AQs. I know this guy doesn't have to have a big hand to make the raise, and I need chips if I'm gonna make an impact on this tourney, so I reraise him all in. He thinks for a while, asks me.."do you have a pair of 8s"....I say "Go Fish"....he thinks some more...more more....then finally calls with the rest of his chips. He turns over KQo...rag rag rag rag Q on the river, and BOOM...I double up. Now, I've got over 16K and feelin fine. I steal a few more pots, and it's not long til we're down to 20 players. We take a short break, and I know I need to double up one more time to make the final table. Big hand comes along soon. I have TT in early position, I make a $3000 raise and get reraised by a short stack for another $700. With blinds and antes, this is a 10K pot, and enough to put me in great shape. I make the call, we turn over our hands, and he has QQ. My heart sinks a bit, until I see the first card on the flop....a beautiful TEN. I flopped a set...but wait...uh oh,,,the flop is KTJ...OMG..he had open ended str8 draw. Sure enough, the turn is a 9..making him a K high str8. He cheers, I slump...but wait!!! The river is another 9....WOOHOO making me a fullhouse.!!!!! YIPPPPEEEE. The last memorable hand...We are now down to 11 players...(10 spots pay, but I don't want 10th place money) Lady on other table will be all in on the blind next hand. We're hand for hand now. Early postion player raises, (lots of chips, uses them kind of loosely) I look down and see QQ....OMG...what to do? If I muck it, I most likely make the final table on the next hand when the lady blinds out on the bubble. If I play it and win, I have over 60K going to the final table, if I play it and lose, I'm da bubble girl !!! I thnk for a long time, table surrounded by sweaters, and other table watching and waiting for our hand to finish. I think, oh hell, I didn't come to finish 10th, I'm going for it. I move all in and he makes the call for another 6700. He turns over his cards, and I stand up and start chanting..."hold em, hold em, hold em". The board helps no one, and I double up. I'm barely finished with my jumping up and down and hollering "Thank you Jesus" before the director says, "that's it table time" !!!
    We move to the final table, draw for seats, draw for the button, sit down, the director explains the money, and we start to talk about a chop. Everyone has between 40K and 70K (I'm about 62K), blinds are going to be 10K/20K with 500 ante, so it's basically one hand for anyone. We then decide to chop the whold pool 10 ways for $2280 each. Since this is the same as 4th place money...I think it's a great idea!

    Was a great day, a great game, and a great profit of $2080!!


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    Congratulations PG

    Great job PokerGoddess - Hope to get down to visit you and the moron soon

    ruth and hugh


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      If bragging was a shootable offense, there would be a lot of dead people around here. Heck, there would be more than a few holes in wildbill. (As opposed to holes in wildbill's game, but lets not go there)

      Great job Goddess!

      BUUUUUUUUUT, I thought our arrangement was, you got to deal 'em and I get to play 'em? :lol:



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        You asked for it, so here goes....... BRAGGART!!!!!!!

        As they say, though, if you can do it, it ain't braggin'!!!




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          For what it's worth, your report didn't read like bragging at all. It was an interesting and extremely informative description of tourney play -- and that's helpful for someone like me who's never played live.

          I especially appreciated the insights into your strategic decision-making. Gave me a lot to think about.



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            Hi love,

            You couldn't have done it without me.............not being there so I could suck out on you.



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                WOHOOOOO!!!!!! I bow to you oh Goddess of life, love and poker!!



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