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Tunica trip report...part 4

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  • Tunica trip report...part 4

    So, I left off with playing against Jim Brier...little did I know I would get to face him again the very next night. So it's my second Friday night in Tunica and the games are hoppin'!!!! I find I 20/40 game to sit in back in the pit area of the shoe. I really enjoyed playing in that area since it was much more smoker friendly. At my table was a gentleman some of you may have seen down there. He wore a denim trench coat with an airbrush painting on the back that said "The Phantom" to go along with his leather cowboy hat and Oakley shades. Well...he was tearing this game up and unfortunately I got caught in his path a few times. I watched as Jim Brier came to the table to talk to him. This got me thinking..."who the hell is this guy anyways". When a seat opened on the cowboy's left I immediately took it so I could always act after him since he was pretty agressive. We got to talking and after introducing ourselves I found out I was playing against Bob Morgan. Most of you won't know who he is but he is pretty popular or used to be on some of the other forums and well known for being able to make a Loose Agressive style of play work for him. When people say "No one can get a read on me because I don't know what I'm always gonna do next", they just want to project that image upon you. When Bob Morgan says that he is telling the absolute truth. Later in the session Jim Brier comes to sit in this game along with a 3rd friend of theirs. Luckily all 3 sat in the 3 seats to my right. After Bob left I was stuck about 800 in this game, As we got further shorthanded I almost got back to even. All 3 of the hotshots left and we had been playing 4 handed and then the other short table decided to burst in on us. I went on a horrid streak and ended the session 1200 dollar loser. Great, now I'm depressed about losing to morons so naturally I'm gonna go to bed since it 4 in the morning right??? WRONG!!! I plop down 200 on a craps table and start drinking away my sorrows...hey I get a 500 winner at the craps of my best ever. Now it's 7 am and I have a slight buzz so surely it must be time for bet right???WRONG!!!! I head upstairs to the Strikes poker room and find this lonely open chair just calling my name. So I decide to sit 10/20 and overplay my buzz and be the "live drunk" at the table. I start out slow and only one guy pointed out that he didn't think I was really drunk. I wonder if it had something to do with being the tightest player there. I was steadily ordering beers however and now starting to actually get drunk. I started telling the dealers they would get 5 dollar tips for dealt QQ KK or AA in the hole and they didn't have to even hold up. It took 5 dealers before one dealt me all 3 in 3 consecutive hands which I won 2 out of 3. Everytime a seat opened at our table I insisted on being the one to call seat open so I could scream at the top of my lungs. When someone who had the board name of "Fish" was called to our table I just could let it go. I yelled out to the dealer to find out if he has any relatives that want to play since we have 2 seats open. One guy made a ridiculous play at me when I had the nut full house on a board of qqj99 by 4 betting me on the river with just a nine in his hand. At that point in the morning my line of the day now had become "I may be drunk but I ain't stupid!!!"'s 1 in the afternoon now and I decide it's time to quit since I'm up 500 here as well and now only down 200 for the day. I go and eat and decide not to even go to bed until later so to keep myself occupied I drink for a few more hours. Sunday I found myself playing about a 13 hour session of 20/40...most of it with Bob Morgan on my right which was a good thing. I started at 8 in the morning...was stuck from the start until about 8pm when I got back to 9pm I was 300 winner and called it a night since I had the 1k buying NLHE the following day. Talking with Bob Morgan was great by the way...I might have learned more from him on this trip than anything else. From the way it sounded he was one of Barry T's first regular students and has been playing the game quite some time. I hope to cross paths with him again some time in the future. So I head back to the Strike and naturally have to go up to the tourney room to drink some free beer (not really free, I don't want to even think about how much in tips I gave to that bar up there for the month) to celebrate my hard fought comeback of being stuck over a grand in 20/40 and coming back to 300 winner when I see Ruth Spiegel getting down to the final table of the ladies event. Guess I won't be heading to bed just yet. At 10 handed they had joined to one table but didn't go over to the main table until they had 9. Unfortunate for Ruth she seemed to have the same final table problem as myself, going card dead. They had a break when they were down to 4 with Ruth and Jill Gesner being the short stacks. I tried giving her some advice on all the scenarios that could come up hoping that she could move up to 3rd. It really sucks when your BB gets raised...your BB represents almost half your stack (4 out of 9 chips) and you can't even call cuz you have 23 off (Mississippi slick I have learned it to be called). The next hand Ruth picks up Jacks...gets it all in only to be rivered by a q8 I believe it was. We have a few drinks and I congratulate her on an outstanding performance. It's pretty late and I have to get some sleep for what will be the biggest tourney I've ever played the following day. And on to the 1k NLHE. Well, all I really have to say about the 1k event was that I was a participant, sorry to dissapoint. Later that evening I got into a 20/40 game which turned out to be great. We had an alchie in the game that put everyone on tilt. I played good but still managed to lose 800. When I was taking breaks I would head over to the tourney room. Zeroth was sitting behing a nice stack of chips and made it into the money. I was to assglued to my game and my next trip over I learned he finished around 15th...great job Tim!!! Our great 20/40 game eventually broke...I went to the 30 game and got back about 100 before heading to bed. The next day I see the alchie back at the 40 game but was unable to get a seat in it while he was there. I stopped by to ask him how long he was in town for because I wanted to make sure I would play with him as long as he was here. The next day I find him over at the Shoe playing in a 40, he was semi-sober but still played just as horribly. After being able to do almost nothing but lose I gave myself a little pep talk before getting into this game. 6 or 7 hours later I find myself 2400 winner and decide it's time to quit and celebrate the rest of the night becuase I was getting pretty tired of losing every day. Either thursday or friday brought the return of Freddieboy for a few days. I happened to bump into him as he was checking into the Strike. We would get to share some table time later on. That friday night found me playing 10/20 at the Shoe because after evaluating the HORRIBLE players in this game I estimated I should be able to almost make 2 big bets/hr in the long run against these opponents. During one of my bathroom/soda/cigarette breaks I was heading back to the room only to bump into Mark finishing off what appeared to be his 5-7th glass of wine. We got to talking and Mark had totally forgot who I was and when I told him I used to be poolshark he just laughed and said in all of his english accent "oh yeah, you're the one that peesed everyone off!!!". I just laughed and we ended up sitting by some slots and talked for almost an hour about the school, bugsy's, filth of the pokerworld amongst other things. I returned to my table only to find out they were just about getting ready to pick me up...luckily my favorite dealer in Tunica, Hooter was there to save me and took all my absent buttons at once. Btw, Hooter got to deal the final table of the big event, I played a lot of poker with him as well. He was the older asian dealer who was always very full of life while he was dealing the games, by far one of the coolest people I met on my trip!!! I tossed him a couple redbirds and all was fine, I usually would tip him more than the other dealers as well. Another 2 hours or so and I finished the session about 600 ahead which was another very nice day for me. I think it was the next day when I found Freddie waiting for a 200 single table sat to get going and he coaxed me into sitting in. Freddie always seems to be the life of any table he sits at, he must have had a lonely childhood or something that he likes to talk to much to everyone...LMFAO...just kidding freddie. Anways...we got down to 3 of us and it looked like Freddie and I would be facing off heads up but the 3rd guy would keep doubling through me...I would get some back...and the process just kept going over and over. Finally we made a 3 way deal where Freddie took 2 chips while myself and the 3rd guy each took a chip which I was happy to take. Freddie got called for a PLHE game which I advised him to get right out of once I saw he was playing 10-25 blinds and playing on somewhat short money for that game. He had some horrible luck to say the least and probably would have had a nice win had people not got so lucky against him. Get em next time I guess...either way I enjoyed playing with Freddie very much...I'll be working on trash talking material all year for the 4/8 game at next years convention. That weekend also brought the arrival of 2 poker buddies of mine from Milwaukee. I happened to bump into them one night right after they had arrived. I showed them where everything was and they didn't have to hesitate to jump right into the 200 dollar satellites. I don't consider either of them to be great players but they both did very well in the sats and along with playing the one with me back into playing them as well. After spending WAY TOO MUCH money on supers I realized I should have just waited for the higher buy in singles. I won a 200 outright, got one chip with freddie, half in another, and busted out the second hand of the fourth one I played with kk vs aa. I played 2 500's of which I got 2 chips in one and 3 in another along with my buddy Mickey. Unfortunately I played a 1k which I went out about 5th but just saw no cards. I found the higher buy ins much more suitable for me since you get a lot more chips to start with along with longer rounds. I find myself in the tourney room late sunday night (night before the big one starts)...I just got the 3 chips in the 500 with my buddy Mick and he wants me to get into another 1k with him. I wanted to so bad but just pocketed my profit after selling my chips. He got to the deal mode of the table and profited about 3k on it which put him at about 5k profit in single tables since he had been there only 2 days earlier. After that table Mick and his brother-in-law Henry go to sign up for the big one...both putting up some cash out of their own pockets to get in. Mick wanted me to buy in as well and almost had me thinking about it. At that point I was about 7k ahead for the trip but would be 3k loser should I not cash and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't deal with working all those hours to throw away my profit. At this point they headed off to bed and I lulled around the tourney room going on 5am drinking beers pretty hard depressed over the fact that I wouldn't be playing the big event. The next day I wake up a little late and miss watching about the first hour of the big event. I go to the board to look where Mick and Henry are seated and end up doing a lot of walking back and forth rooting them on. Neither of them got very friendly draws, especially Mick. It's not too fun to start out with Vahedi on your immediate left and have Bonetti not far around the bend from there. Henry drew a table with Annie Duke. Just about all the big names were now here after the pokerstars cruise kept a lot of them out of tunica for most of the event. I will be boycotting stars after hearing a few things about what they did in the process of getting their WPT slot...I won't say anything more about it but I advise the rest of the school to do the same. Neither of my buds are doing too great off the start but both turn it around about mid way through the day and build their stacks up to about 17k. Mick had a knockout blow delivered when Randy Jensen (2nd place finisher and a total schmuck in my book) called his all in bet of 14k on the turn with the board showing 3,4,6,9. KK for Mick, 35hearts for Randy. There were no flush draws, Randy called 1200 before the flop, about 2500 on the flop as well. The river dropped a 7 and I can't even put into words the look on Mick's face when that card fell...I can't put into words how bad I felt for him as well. Later in the day Henry got cold decked as well, found himself shortstacked and lost when he was all in with KQ vs TT. As bad as I felt for both of them they both enjoyed the expierience and neither of them was hurt too badly in the wallet putting up good portions of their buy-ins so that was a good thing. I only wished I had gotten to share in the expierience. After a few beers and dinner Mick and I headed over to the shoe to play 20/40 while Henry was playing 10-25 PLHE with Antonio Esfandiari (how does he make that chip float from one hand up to the other is beyond me!!!). Henry made about 5k, Mick did well in his game, and I lost 1200 and quit when a guy when runner runner straight flush to beat my flopped trips and rivered nut full-house (these things don't just happen online for all you skeptics out there). Next day I watched just about all of the action when they got down to the money...Erik Seidel did about the dumbest thing I've ever seen on the bubble with a good chip stack. That made me feel somewhat better to see that even the best in the world make bad moves. I played 10/20 all night and made about 900 which ended up causing me to sleep all through day 3 of the action in the big event. I ended up not playing any more poker after that session. I didn't get up to the line for the tv audience early enough on day 4, Luckily there was seating out in the hall with tv's showing all the action. I had to leave for a while to get my laundry from my maid again, next year I'm bringing more clothes. Having to leave the next day I was checking the weather and didn't really want to drive home so I started looking into possibly staying longer. Every hotel in the area was booked up for superbowl weekend so next year I'll make the reservations longer as well just in case I want to stay. After getting bored watching the TV I went down to play some Pai-Gow which I learned is a great game to play on a little money for a long time so you can get free drinks. I was pretty depressed about having to leave the next day, I had way too much fun down there and wasn't looking forward to below zero weather on top of that either but all good things must come to an end I guess. On my long drive home I got to reflect a lot over the trip. I made some money, not as much as I would liked to have although most people couldn't survive spending as much time there as I did. I made some new friends who I will always look forward to seeing in the future. And last but not least I had a hell of a fun time. It was certainly an expierience of a lifetime being at my first major poker event. I'm still telling all of the stories and probably will be for some time to come to all my friends back home. Doing what I did made me somewhat of the hometown hero here as many people were quite envious that I was able to do what I did. The first time I strolled into the hobby shop where I race my remote control cars the owner/announcer of the races got on the microphone during a race and as soon as I came through the door the first words I heard were "Bob Moneymaker is in Da' House!!!" Most of the guys there have become fascinated with the game over all the TV exposure and that seems to have replaced my old nickname there (used to be announced as Bob (he would thump the wall with his fist ) Shaffer, not sure why, I don't crash that much). Well, I hope you all have enjoyed these reports, I just arranged my flight for vegas yesterday. I leave the 23rd and will be there until March 10th. I'll be playing almost strictly cash games but I will come home with a report I'm sure. I can't stand being in this cold weather after tunica, guess I got spoiled. Play well everyone!!!

    Bob Shaffer

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    like I told you earlier, great stuff!! enjoyed reading everything


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      Thanks Bob, you write a fantastic trip report.

      Wish I had the chance to spend more time with you. I enjoyed our PSO 4/8 game together.

      Next year for sure. Keep up the winning form.



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        Great report Rusty-Nail

        Sure enjoyed your company in Tunica. Good Luck in Vegas

        Ruth and Hugo



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