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Sycuan (San Diego) Sat tourney

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  • Sycuan (San Diego) Sat tourney

    I thought that I would post to brag about finishing in the money at Sycuan Casino's Saturday night NLHE tourney. They run a weekly $10+2 multiple rebuy tournament on Saturday nights which almost always sells out (120 players). This past Saturday, I managed a 12th place finish and had a pretty good chance to win the darned thing at the end.

    I don't know if I had too many really interesting hands, but I did have one run that was kind of fun. I brought a 21K stack to one of the final three tables. I drew a seat in a favorable position in relation to the button (it had just passed), but with the blinds at 4K and 8K, I knew that I should try to make a move before the blind got to me. On my third hand, I picked up KJs, not the most spectacular hand, but good enough. My all-in raise was passed to the small blind, who stared me down before asking, "You got an ace?" I just smiled at him and he folded, as did the big blind.

    Now armed with 33K chips, I picked up A7o on the next hand: all-in again against a big blind who had a decent amount of chips, but couldn't afford to call me without crippling himself. He folded and I picked up another 12K. In a few hands, I posted my blind and UTG+1 used his last 8K chips to limp. When everyone else passed, I turned over 82o. I was a pretty big underdog against his AJ when he flopped an ace. Amazingly enough, the turn and river came down 8 and 8, giving me trips. I felt bad for the guy, but was pretty happy to have another 12K chips (now 57K). I posted my small blind and looked at A7o after everyone passed to me. All-in again. The big blind didn't look happy folding, but did anyway. I had now played 8 hands at my new table, raising all-in on three of them with no callers, and sucking out on another one. Unfortunately, it was at this point that the floor person gave us new seat assignments.

    Confidently carrying my 65K chips to my new table, I got my first hint that the poker gods, who had treated me so kindly for the past 20 minutes, were going to be ****le: my new seat assignment was in the big blind, which was now 16K. Everyone passed the first hand around to a short-stacked small blind, who had little choice but to go all-in for a raise of 8K chips. I was getting 5:1 to call and didn't even have to look at my KQ to make the call. The small blind turned over Ax, and took the pot when I failed to improve. The big blind was all-in on the next hand and the action was again passed to me. This time I had Ax and the big blind had KQ. He managed to catch a king, though, and all of the sudden, I was short-stacked.

    Now that the blinds had passed, I stayed quiet trying to make it into the money. They were paying 13 spots and there were 16 players left. By the time the blinds got back to me, I was able to post only a fraction of the 32K required. An all-in raise from one of the big stacks in early position had me worried that my Ax would be the dominated. Fortunately, he turned over KQ and I was the favorite. Unfortunately, he caught one queen on the flop and another on the turn to make trips.

    I was disappointed to be out of the tourney, but happy to place in the money, winning $105. Not enough to pay the rent and feed the kids, but nice nonetheless. A year ago, I knew virtually nothing about poker. Now it's my favorite past-time. I'm still a beginner who is capable of getting lucky every so often, but I've really enjoyed learning this game and want to thank everyone at PSO for helping to teach me.


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    Great report, Shaky.

    It's good to hear someone talk about their good fortune and how PSO has helped.

    Keep up the good work



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