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    How strange is it to write a tourney report for a tourney that I didnt play in? I would say that it is mighty freaking strange, but to be honest, it is stranger still that you are reading it even after hearing the author admit he didnt play.

    Its a long story in itself how I came to deal a poker tourney tonight, suffice it to say that Debonair volunteered to deal (not play? almost a bad beat) for a home game, two table tourney at some friend of a freinds house, and couldnt find a second dealer until he offered me the job. Surprisingly, my Saturday night was free (I almost remember my last date, it was this century anyway) and heck, who needs girlfriend when there is poker to be played , or dealt, or even existing in the universe. Not to mention I figured it would be interesting to try dealing the game, rather than just playing it.

    What a game it was. The host had his garage rigged as a fantastic little poker room with carpeted floor, an installed wall heater and 2 eight place homemade poker tables. A cooler filled with ice and beer, and a nice little snack table covered with finger food in several variaties were set out, and to put the place in perspective, I have played poker in far worse rooms.

    Despite the great looking setup, it soon became apparent that these folks had little to no clue about poker in general, much less NLHE. The two professional dealers (?) or should I say, Debonair and myself, quickly took charge and ran a great tourney. We (that would be the other Bill and myself) took charge of the room, literally determining the starting chips and blind structures.

    I wont tell too many stories of the play, only because Debonair did a great job of talking up Pokerschool in general and perhaps a few of the players may not only join, but read the forum someday, but suffice it to say, OH MY GOD. In the 3 hours the tourney lasted there were not half a dozen pot sized bets. Raises were few and far between, it was a classic example of loose passive play. There were 3-4 limpers in every pot, which I guess doesnt sound terrible until you realize that there were never more than 7 players per table. Raises were rare and bets were small. 3 seperate times I witnessed a player (different one each time mind you) simply call a river bet when last to act and with the STONE COLD NUTS. It is mighty hard to set a trap from last position. Passive, passive passive.

    About 15 minutes into this thing, I thought of a question for the advanced forum. I will post it here just to save time, not to mention actual effort on my part, but.......

    Given there are 13 other players who each paid 100 bucks into the prize pool, how much should you, a relatively decent player, pay to enter this tourny. !st place pays 1k, 2nd 300 and third 100.

    Just to brag, against the lineup that I was dealing to, I decided that I could have paid 300 to enter and am sure that l could show profit over a short run. All bragging aside, and not to talk down too much on any of the players who were there, it was the softest game I have ever seen.

    But it is mighty hard to want to take a chance on playing when they took such great care of the dealers. They each paid 120 to enter, and of that 20 bucks per man which paid for the food and drinks and professional (?) dealers, said dealers EACH took home more than the third place winner, especially after all three of the in the money folks tipped us. I almost feel guilty for my hourly rate in that game. Or maybe all dealers are taken care of that well? Yeah right.

    As far as the actual dealing, there were no real tough decisions on problems on either table. My biggest mistake was mucking the 1 seats hand, when he was in the BB and he checked after three people limped in front of him. As you may imagine, I did this only once all night, and given thatI had repeatedly warned folks to protect their hands, will not feel too darn guilty.

    All in all, I had a ton of fun, Dealing, eating and drinking with Debonair and watching poker. Far more fun than I usually have on Saturday night


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    You dirty rotten SCAB!!!! Good job, my friend. Kind of a hoot seeing it from the "middle seat", huh??



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      It really was a blast. But I am sure that it would have been less fun if there had been any real problems. I am not ready to trade jobs with Carol, but she can come along on a submarine inspection any time. Or watch the submarine races anyway :lol:



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        I was just thinking about the same type of question. A bar here decided to use both the latest TV rage of NLHE and it's charity casino license to host the citys first NLHE tournament. $100 buy in freeze out capped at 100 players $3000 starting chips beginning at 25/50 blinds and increasing every 30 mins. It was sold out before I even discovered the event was to be played. This is a trendy college bar and the tournament was swamped with college players. I doubt there were 3 "poker players" out of the 100 entered. I am sure they had all been watching WPT....WSOP and Celebrity Poker so you can just imagine. Anyway I was curious as to how much I could handicap myself in this event by offering to buy someone's seat in the event. I decided against trying on this one just because I would probably be the first on out when my AA got whooped by moondoggie.

        Hopefully they will hold another one soon.

        Nice report Bill....glad you turned a profit on this one!



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