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Tunica trip report...part 3

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  • Tunica trip report...part 3

    Well...I've been playing on PSO and now Bugsy's the last few days and I think every table I've been at I've received a compliment on my trip reports so that has inspired me to take a break from the games to write part 3. I'm glad people are enjoying these and spending the time to read them so thanks to all of you who are. One thing I forgot to mention from the last report was the satellite that Shanedog and I played in. Him and I had been hanging out a bit along with his mother "Easytoplease" when we decided to get into a sat. We made a deal about 15 minutes into it when we were sharing the lead somewhat healthily that if it got down to the two of us we would just chop it in half regardless. Little did I even realize that we had another PSO'er "Koolaid" in there with us. When I knocked out the 4th place finisher who was just slightly behind me in chips after Shane gave him a big chunk of his...I was a huge chip leader over Shane and Koolaid. I would have liked to have made a PSO deal but since I had already made a deal with Shane that wouldn't have worked out. Koolaid doubled through off of me and was now 2nd in chips with Shane barely holding on. I think the next hand it was however I got lucky calling his all in with KQ SOOTED against his Ace-8 I believe when I flopped top pair. Shane got the deal of the lifetime out of it when it was him and I and I had about 2700 of the 3k in chips. I just looked at it as it could have easily worked the other way and I was more than happy to make that type of deal with another PSO'er. Shane, Easytoplease, and Koolaid were all extremely nice people to be around and playing poker with. Well...on to the PSO invitational. I take my seat at the table to find out AlanLeach is at the same table as myself. I think all the PSO'ers signed up early which guaranteed they would start in the main room other than one of the Strike's usual poker room or across the street at the Shoe. It seemed like every table I saw in the main tourney room had at least 2 and sometimes 3 PSO'ers to start. No real known players at my table but I find out after a little way into the tourney that the best player at the table is to my immediate left, Doug Saab. I recall seeing his name a bit in cardplayer after we introduce ourselves and talk a bit. Needless to say I was extremely impressed with his play...he cashed in over half the WPO events he went on to play. I was consistently building my stack up slowly through the event...nothing much to speak of though. I think I was pretty much at average or so the whole time I was in it. At the 100/200 blind level I had about 3k in chips which was pretty good considering the best hand I had seen to this point was AT suited...Alan had been eliminated not too long before and then I buried myself. I was starting to feel a bit small stacked and wanted to try to build up to at least 4k before the level ended and the antes kicked in. So I open raise UTG+2 to 600 with AJ and got reraised by the guy 2 seats to my left. He didn't put out the right amount or something and there was a bit of a screwup on his part. This got me a bit confused after the dealer told me the wrong amount of his raise on top of that. So when it comes back to me it's another 600 to call is what I finally figure out. I knew the right play was to fold but also figured his most likely hand was some sort of pocket pair 9's and higher from what I judged of this player. After debating I call the 600 and see a flop of A Q x. Now after making a debatable preflop call I know I should check and see how my opponent reacts to this flop since he doesn't have many more chips than I do and probably doesn't want to blow them off. So my head is saying "check" yet my right hand is immediately putting all my chips in the pot. When the guy beats me into the pot I pretty much know my day is over and my feeling gets confirmed when he turns over AQ. I was actually very shocked he reraised me with this hand...I was probably the 2nd tightest player at the table...maybe he had the same goal as myself to open up a little and try to build up some chips before the next level. Well...after I get knocked out I don't even try to get into a cash game...all the lists have swelled up since the event having 950 entries put all the games on hault for a while and the 700 people or so who busted out before me have already head to them so I decide to just drink and root on other PSO'ers. I get a glimpse of a table with a healthy stacked Kaylaine as well as Bob Ciaffone playing, I stop by and tell her to keep it up. Spiegel ends up at the table I busted out of along with Scotty Ngyuen. Spiegel didn't look like she was gonna be there too long...she had about 500 in chips when I took a walk for about a half hour. Upon my return she is in the process of tripling through with aces and now has over 15k in front of her. Hell of a turnaround...I had not yet formally met her but give her a big thumbs up. Her husband Hugo sees this and says "that's my baby!!!". He introduces himself to me and we talk a bit and root her on together. I really give Scotty Ngyuen a lot of credit...he was very cordial in signing autographs for people coming up to him even though he was involved in the tourney. Being depressed about being out I decide to grab a couple beers and head back to my room to watch the even more depressing end of the Packer game...4th and 26...what a joke. David had departed early in the morning so I was back to having the room to myself. Having slept very few hours the first 5-6 days of being in Tunica I just pass out at the conclusion of the football game. I wake up around 3 or 4 Monday morning and just kind of hang around the casino's until about noon before I played any cash games. I don't remember what I played that day but if I had to guess it was 20/40 and I lost a little bit. As of Sunday the large majority of the PSO'ers had left but there were still quite a few around for the 500 PLHE on Tuesday. So I take my seat right before noon, the seat to my left hasn't shown up yet, next seat over sits Mark Seif. This is cool...I get to play with a TV finalist...why do all the really tough players keep getting spots to my left though!!! About a minute before the event starts the empty seat on my left gets plugged with...Hon Lee!!! "Just friggen wonderful" I'm thinking as a guy across the table makes the statement "I feel like I've already made the final table at the Bike". We all get a good laugh and as the cards go in the air I know this is gonna take some work to survive. Well Lee and Seif both knock players out within the first 10-15 minutes...I've lost about 150 in chips already and they bring two new players to the table. Across from me Avner "Come to Pappa" Levy, and directly on my right, John Bonetti. My main goal now is to just play my game and not get intimidated by all the star power at this table. A hand comes up when Seif open raises UTG, Levy calls, Hon Lee reraises, Seif calls, now Levy reraises going all in. Hon Lee folds but Mark calls. AQ spades for Seif, pocket tens for Levy, TABLED FOR ALL TO SEE. By the time the river card is out I wasn't really paying much attention the board but Mark hadn't paired up, turned his hand face down and said nice hand to Avner. All of a sudden as Avner is starting to take in the pot and the board is just about to be washed up he realizes there was a 2345 out there. He retrieves his hand and now all chaos is ensuing. Avner in all his drunken glory can probably be heard throughout all of the tournament room screaming and swearing and the floor is called over. The decision was that the hand was live since it had been previously tabled, no one denied that the AQ of spades was Mark's hand and he was awarded the pot. After about 10 minutes of commotion Avner leaves and his spot is filled by Kevin "Kaylyn31", a fellow PSO'er. I'm at about 550 in chips at the 10/25 blind level when I pick up Q9 of diamonds on the button. Not a great hand but I'm already feeling a bit of a squirm to make a move. Utg open raises to 50 and gets 3 cold callers, I decide to take a chance and play this piece of cheese to hope for a big flop getting pretty good odds. Flop comes Q93...finally something goes right for me when the BB bets the pot right out which almost puts him all in, UTG reraises and I happily call with top two and the BB puts in his last few chips as well. KQ of hearts for the BB and KK for UTG, my hand holds up and I over triple through. A few minutes later Hon Lee gets booted from the event which I am just fine with until they bring his replacement, John Phan. My one bragging right of the event came that round when I was in the BB holding 27 off and Bonetti in the SB. The folds are coming around the table fast and I am saying to myself "Bonetti is gonna raise me if everyone folds to him regardless of what he holds". Sure enuf that is what happens. After his raise he has about his original 800 left...Enough to know he doesn't have to get crazy. Now knowing he was gonna make a move had all folded to him I reraise the pot. His cards hit the muck almost the instant I said reraise which brought a nice smile to my face. In his gruff old voice he laughingly says "I folded my 8's for you young man"...I wanted to say something back but just gave him a nodding smile. Finally they break this table, thank god, and I have about 2k in chips which seemed like an accomplishment in itself. I get moved to another table for a short period of time where I aquired about 250 more and then get moved to a table with position over Robert Williamson. I play pretty tight letting players steal my was usually Williamson doing the stealing. I picked up a nice pot with pocket 10's right before the break putting my stack to right about 3k with the blinds to go up to 100/200 after the break. Perfectly timed I get a call from a poker playing buddy back home curious to see how I'm doing and I chat with him for the 15 minutes of time I have. It felt pretty good getting the word back home to people about my big cash finish regardless of the fact I was pretty dissapointed with it. So it's back to the tournament and I take down 2 small pots pretty quickly when I'm in the BB with AJ clubs. It's folded to Williamson on the button who openraises the pot. Earlier when he was robbing me he and I jokingly got into conversation because I always showed him some garbage hand if I was last fold and told him I wasn't gonna let him get away with that all day. Well...I decide it's time for me to reraise the pot so I can watch him bullet muck his rags. I call his 500 raise and put in 1500 of my own only to watch him reraise his last 600. Wonderful, gotta go with it now and he turns up AQ offsuit which is just too reminiscent of Sunday. He flops a queen but the turn gives me a 4 flush along with a gutshot straight and....the river comes off a total brick leaving me with 600 in chips. Next hand I pick up 8's in the 100 sb and call a raise from an EP player putting me all in. Long story short, my 8's came no where close to beating his kings and I went from a reasonable stack to out of the tournament in 2 hands. I gave Robert a pat on the back and told him to do something with the chips I gave him as well as wishing the rest of the table luck. I really enjoyed playing with him...not long ago he was featured in Cardplayer and he truly is one of the nicest guys you could hope to have at the table with you...too bad he's such a tough player though!!! So there I sit with another dissapointing finish, both WPO events I've played thus far I lasted just under/over 5 hours which is good for exactly JACK SQUAT which is probably why I prefer limit holdem cash games. So I take the role of drinking bystander for the next few hours going back and forth from my room to sulk and let my friends and family back home in on another dissapointment. Later that night I head down to the Strikes poker room to find who other than Ruth Spiegel playing 10/20. I stop over to ask her how the NLHE went and congratulate her on nearly making the money (she would have made it had the payout been structured even half way decently) and one of the best turn arounds I've ever witnessed. This was the first time I really introduced myself to her, I sweated her play for a bit and we had some great conversation. She needed a break and trusted me with her chips, I took down a nice pot and made her a few bucks in the round that she was gone. I made a bad bet on the river though...I was pretty upset about it...I probably make her an extra 20 bucks if I play it right. The hand in question...I get 99 in the sb, 4 limpers, I complete and BB raps the table. The flop is 732 with 2 hearts. All check to the button who bets, I raise and the field clears out, button calls. Turn brings a black queen, I bet and get a call, turn comes a black king, I bet and he mucks. On the flop I put him on either Ace-pair or a flush draw...if he has a flush draw he probably bluffs the river if I check. Sure enuf I caught his cards as he threw them into the muck to see either 8 or 9T of hearts. Ruth decides she's had enough poker for the night so we stroll over to the tourney room to check out the action...or what's left of it since it's going on 2am. We tip a few beers and since she is somewhat local and her husband plays with a lot of the bigger names she just starts introducing me to all these people she knows. I'm pretty intrigued by all this and totally enjoying watching her talk to all the big shots as they walk by. We talk quite a bit about poker as we are both drinking and smoking in the hall area. I told her that Hugo is a lucky guy and if she were 20 years younger and single I'd marry her...It's hard finding women that understand poker!!! Anyways...I can't believe I just wrote that but will leave it in none the less. I got to spend a lot of time with Ruth and Hugo on the trip and they were truly the nicest people I spent time with there. So off to bed I go to get well rested for the worst few days of the trip. Wednesday I lose 600 playing 20/40...all there is to say about that day. Thursday I'm back in a hopping 20/40 game...not really doing much other than occupying a seat. The guy on my right seems to be a pretty good player...adapting well for the looseness of this game. A friend of his comes over with a trivial poker question. Always for intellectual poker conversation I can't help but to get involved even if I don't know these people. The question was...It's 20/40, an unknown MP open raises, The SB who is a solid winning player 3 bets. What hands do you just call in the BB and not 4 bet. They said Aces and Kings, maybe queens. I told them I think that is way to simplistic because it really depends on how often you think the SB, a smart thinking player, is trying to isolate himself against the poorer unknown player (all unknowns are considered bad players, they'd be good if you knew them right???) My opinion was to only call with AQ suited and pocket tens or jacks, and 4 bet with ak, aa,kk and qq. They didn't totally disagree with me but it sparked a good conversation. So this guys friend heads off and I ask my opponent where he's's the funny part. He says, "I'm from Las Vegas, my names Jim Brier, and you?"...which is where I responded with"Bob Shaffer, Milwaukee, I'll keep my mouth shut and just listen to you from now on when it comes to talking poker". When Jim was a CP columnist he never had a picture along with his article...naturally I didn't know I was playing against the co-author of my favorite poker book. I was a bit embarrassed but honored to be in the same game with him and not stuck as bad as he was. I lost 400 on this night but didn't feel so bad since he left before I did down twice that amount.

    Well...that's all I can write for's going on 7am and I have a card game this afternoon/evening. The next installment will include probably the most comical story of the trip. Hope you all enjoy!!!

    Bob Shaffer

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    Play with my stacks anytime

    Great report Rusty-Nail. Hugo and I sure enjoyed your company in Tunica - If I were only 20 years younger. lol

    Can't wait to see you again. take care and I wish you the nuts



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      Shane and I really enjoyed meeting you, we had the best time thanks Debbie



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