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Tunica trip report...part 2

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  • Tunica trip report...part 2

    So it's the first morning of the convention, I've been up nearly 24 hours on little sleep after being tired already, I'm having screwdrivers for breakfast, and NewJane is taking pictures of me half-passed out on the very comfortable leather sofa in the theathre lobby (I sure hope I'll get to see how that one came out). I got to talk to so many PSO'ers around the convention hours I apologize if I can't remember all your names. I think it was the night before Oil Doe actually brought up the time we had our little spat and she told me to "get bent"...I just laughed and admitted I've said worse to her and others. As a side note...I've read all the other reports and would just like all to know that next year I would like to be included in any strip club ventures...I had my car there...I would have drove for that one!!! Anyways...I made it through the whole first morning of the convention, I thought it was very enjoyable and informative...The Devilfish interview (which I knew was gonna be happening since I caught the elevator with him the night before...he said he had to get up early to give a speach so I knew it was for us) was just awesome. I don't remember which day the raffle items went...but when I was the last winner to get the prize of "11 days to Stud Success" by Mike Caro...NewJane got the nice comment in..."and this guy needs all the help he can get in this department". Everyone always gets a good laugh in at my expense it seems. I dunno why I got strange looks both days of the convention constantly going out to the bar to get another Miller at 9 in the morning...both days of the convention were my "late nights". Thursday not long after the convention my roommate for the weekend BartM finally arives...I had been wondering if he would show since I thought he was going to be in early Wednesday. I get him aquainted and tell him I'm off to sleep and not to worry should he wake me up later that night when he comes in. Well...about 10pm or so Bart comes to the room...I've had about 6 hours of sleep which is the most in a while. I regain some consciousness and try to force myself back to sleep since Bart is ready to do the same...Well...he passed out while I was still in a somewhat awake sense and well...Bart, like myself is a champion snorer. I'm wide awake now and trying to control my laughter in bed (sorry David, had to include this) and just decide I'm hopping in the shower and heading out to play for the night. I think I started out the night playing some single tables and found a 1/2 PLO game going in that outer corner of the Goldstrike poker room...I got a bit upset at the house along with another guy when they wouldn't let us run the turn and river twice when we got our money all in on the flop. I lost the hand and wasn't upset over the 250 bucks...just the principle of the dumb rules they had set...even the guy that won the hand was upset. So I'm gonna start pouting and not play until Clonie Gowen decides she's gonna sit in the seat on my left. I went from ready to leave to having "assglue" in about 2.4 seconds. I ended up getting stuck another 250 after having another set cracked but had a few monster pots bring it back for me and ended up a decent winner for the session. The guy that I tangled with the first time was annoyed by the shades which naturally made me got even better when someone made a comment along the lines of "I don't think he's wearing them for poker reasons". Well...9am or whatever rolls around and time for day 2 of the convention...Another day of great speakers but I was like a little kid that couldn't stay in his seat. Need another Miller...check out how Zipman's marathon of satellites is going...I wanted to see Barry the most and only caught segments of his presentation...I'm such a dumbass at times. Well...At this point I'm too drunk and too tired to play anything for money and Bart tells me about the practice session going on with some of the PSO'ers. I think this is perfect for me since I don't want to go to bed too early so I can get back in a normal sleep routine. I got to spend some time with a great group here...Kaylaine ran the game and we had BartM, Idoru99, AlanLeach,Zeroth, Mayor (I think) and one other I can't remember the name. Idoru got SOOO lucky to crack my queens full it wasn't funny...I played that hand perfectly and got rivered. I was awarded a rebuy however and I think a few of the people in the room were a bit impressed with my play even though I was drunk...suffice to say I felt pretty good about that. That went for a few hours when the 100 dollar tourney at the grand the following day got brought up so we carpooled over there (thank god I didn't have to drive) to sign up. Luckily I was the very last person they let sign up and I was forced to tell anyone who got in line behind me they were "shit out of luck". People didn't take me too seriously however ( No one usually does...lmfao) and ended up having to sign in as alternates. Kaylaine was already upset to find out her and I would be starting at the same table the following day...I just told her not to sweat it. Back to the Strike and off to bed...Two tournaments tomorrow and I need to sleep and sober up. So the PSO tourney is underway and I meet Big AL sitting on my left...he is somewhat of a local and we spent a good share of time together since he was there about almost 2 weeks. I wasn't aware of the bounty prize deal so luckily I had purchased some card protector/spinners which I designated the one with the shark on it to be my bounty. Well Bethany was quick to relieve me of it I think somwhere early in the 2nd round of the event when she made ONE HELL OF A CALL on my bluff with AJ no pair against my A9 no pair. Bethany...I hope you are enjoying that gift...I went to buy another shark one and they were out!!! I also heard she relieved Alan of his Godiva Chocolates. Well...Now I can play 20/40 until it's time to head over to the grand. Luckily a game is going with an open seat right next to the PSO tourney. I buy in for two racks and only manage to lose half of one after having kings cracked 3 times in only about a 3 hour session...2 of them were heads up as well. Thank god it's time to go to the grand...I couldn't take any more of that. So pretty much the same group of us head over there to play the tourney. Here Kaylaine was all worried about me at her table and we end up with Chris Grigorian there...of course he's on my left to boot. I opt to save my rebuy should tradgedy happen which it does on about the 5th hand when I get KK all in against AA before the flop...WONDERFUL. I plugged PSO to death in this tourney (your welcome Mark and Tina) bragging how I tourned 150 bucks a year into a 7k tourney sponsorship. Kaylaine and I both were proudly sporting our gear we had received from the convention so needless to say I was pretty upset when Grigorian made a sny remark when Kaylaine got checkraised all in...she was wise enuf to fold but I didn't care for the "She didn't learn that one at the school yet" remark. I really felt bad for him though from the bottom of my heart when he got knocked out shortly there after. I had to bite my tounge so hard not to say "Could I write down the web adress for you???" My chips are just kind of lingering around...I'd lost almost half of my rebuy but was able to build it back up and a nice hand came up when a guy doubled me through after I flopped trips with a trash hand I got a free look at in the BB. He had nothing and kept bluffing until I was all in...I never had to make a raise. Finally I have some decent chips to work with and our table gets broke a short time later...Kaylaine was still in there as well as Alan and Zeroth. I lost track of them after that. So I'm doing ok...nothing great on my new table...I had calculated myself to be a bit above average and they put what I would have to believe is the chip leader at my table. At this point I think we are down to 5 tables so I'm starting to feel pretty good...he gets seated to my right and begins to bully the table around. After he makes another of his raises I look down to see Ah6h and decide to push all in sensing he is weak and will fold since my reraise is pretty sizable. My heart drops when he thinks about 1.3 seconds before saying "I call". "Bob...what did you just do to yourself" was ringing through my head until he flipped over the KdQd. Ok...this isn't so bad. He got no help all the way through and my pair of flopped 6's doubles me through. I now have the chip lead at my table, although not by much over the guy that just doubled me up. I think it was about 2 hands later he was in the BB, I open raise with JJ putting one guy all in and he calls as well. I don't like this but when the flop comes Th,6c,4c, I bet enough to put him all in and he beats me into the pot after checking to me. Again I'm talking to myself "why the F__K did I just bet so much". He turns over Tc8c..."Oh Shit...I can feel it coming now" I can't remember what the other all in had but it wasn't much...luckily I turn the Js and pair the board on the river to take it all and now I am a huge chip leader in the tournament with just over 3 tables left and they are paying 2. Everyone at this point starts going into a shell trying to make the money and I just continue to rob everyone every chance I get. And why should I stop since I'm getting NOOO resistence whatsoever. As I'm doing this I keep recalling how Devilfish talking about how he loves having chips at this stage of a tournament to be doing exactly what I was doing. Everytime we had a break I would go out for a Cig and let Janglefish and Bethany who were playing a cash game know about my progress. Zeroth kept giving me advice on how to take things. When we were down to 19 players which was the bubble I was in the Sb of 2k and the BB had 4K in with only 1500 remaining on top of that. It's folded to me and I find 52 offsuit. I think I should have folded just so I could keep bullying the table around but put him all in instead. My hand won and we were down to the last two tables and all in the money. I didn't move up a whole lot and we had a break with either 14 or 16 players left. I had a massive chip lead and was out in the casino smoking when Zeroth comes out to inform me they want to give me 10K and chop the rest if everyone agrees...I was all for that since 1st paid 17K and there was a lot of poker left to be played. 2 guys objected unfortunately, I should have sweetened the deal for them just to make it happen. Anyways I make it to the final table with 430K out of 1.5 million in play. First day of ever playing real tournaments in a Brick and Mortar Casino and I'm at the final table with over a 2-1 chip lead of my nearest competitor. At this time Jangle and Bethany have quit their cash game to root me on, I have Zeroth giving me advice, and I believe Alan and one or 2 others were still there to watch as well. I start out pretty card dead when a short stack moves all in for about 70k while I am in the 20k BB. I call in a hearbeat with the As9s and am pretty pumped when he turns over a red offsuit A2. Two ducks flop and I get a dent taken out of my stack. About 5 hands later I believe we were about 7 or 8 handed and I open raise for 50k in middle position with 77. One guy goes all in for 70 and another to his left goes all in for 120 and now it's back to me. The first reraisor didn't bother me but I felt surely I was behind the second. I'm getting decent odds but do I call another 70K to play against two opponents. I'm still not sure if I made the correct decision (Freddyboy felt I should call...any input about this hand is still bothers me) but I folded. Ace-rag for the first all in and JJ for the second. Had I called I would have made a straight and knocked them both out. Now I've had a good chunk relieved from my stack but get some back about a round or two later when the guy on my right opens it for 80K and I move all in with red 9's. He folds quickly and I have some back. While we were 7 and 6 handed nothing went well for me...I had no cards and everytime I raised someone went over the top all in. My once gigantic stack has dwindled down to about 200K...Mr. A2 friggen offsuit now has a sizable chip lead and I'm getting a bit flustered. The blinds and antes I believe were 15/30K level...we were 5 handed...I get AJ offsuit and move all in. All fold to the BB who happens to be Mr. A2. He hems and haws and finally makes what in my opinion is a horrible call with KQ offsuit (should he lose the hand him and I would have been about equal in chips for the lead). Needless to say he flops a queen and puts the nail in my coffin when he turns another and I'm out in 5th of a tournament I wanted to win more than anything. I get a little under 4K for my time after Mississippi gets their chunk and I toss a couple hundred in the dealer tip box. Zeroth and all the other PSO'ers still there and awake congratulate me on my effort which was comforting and I thank all you guys for the's a great feeling and hopefully I will someday have the priveledge to return the favor. I get my loot, Zeroth drives me back to the Strike, I head up to the tourney room to start pumping alchohol back into my system as quickly as I can so I can pass out sooner to be up for the 500NLHE WPO event the following day. While I'm doing this I get to somewhat brag about my results to the likes of the Muzzeys, AZhardballz, Oil Doe, Freddieboy, and quite a few others. I find out Hunter finished 5th in the limit holdem (5th place curse for PSO that day I guess), big congrats to him. Well...In about an hours time I managed 2 double morgans and 3 Miller lites...time to hit the sack and I'm ready to fall asleep regardless of how loud BartM is snoring.

    That's all I can write for tonight...I'll try to get part 3 up within the next night or so...Carpal tunnel is setting in, it's 3:30 in the morning and I have to be at the poolhall in 12 hours and wed. night poker game in is great.

    Bob Shaffer

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    Hey, Bob!
    No worries...I've always known that when it comes to snoring, I'm a window rattler!!! But you gave me a run for my money, I must say!!! :-)

    Bob, I want to once again thank you for sharing the room with me. You're a great roomie and one hell of a poker player. You have forgotten more about the game than I will ever even learn!! I see a WSOP championship in your future!!

    Take care, my friend!
    -David (Bart M.)



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