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Tunica trip report...part 1

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  • Tunica trip report...part 1

    So I forgot to go to the bank on Monday to make my big cash withdrawal for the trip so I have to wait to do it Tuesday at 9 am before I can leave for Tunica...I wake up at 3 am all hyped up to go and can't fall back asleep. Morning rolls around and I make it to the bank and am finally on my way. About 4pm somewhere in Southern Ill. I am already starting to get a bit tired but decide it's nothing a few caffeine pills can't resolve...I hadn't eaten since before I left and am now getting the shakes after 3 pills and a mountain dew. I decide to stop and eat somewhere in southern Missouri and for some reason everyone is staring at me funny in the Arby's/Gas station, as if they know I'm a yankee and don't like me already. Making that stop as quick as possible I feel a bit fresher and am glad to get out of there. I finally make it to Tunica barely able to keep my eyes open after a few more stops around 9 pm. So I check into my room, hit a well needed shower and now it's time for me to get some rest right??? Then again...I'm here in Tunica, I gotta go check out the games. So now that I'm there and wide awake on the buzz of being at my first ever poker tournament I stroll over to the shoe to play 2 sats of which I make 200 on one of them in a chop. A few tables over is a 10,25,50 PLO game going on with Devilfish, Tommy Grimes, Jackie Chitwood and a few others. I can't go to bed now...gotta watch these guys go at it. Finally after wandering around a few times to check things out it's 5:30 am and I decide to call it a night. So I get to bed and for whatever reason I wake up at 8:30 am fresh and ready to go on my whopping 3 hours of sleep. So today is the day of the PSO meet and greet, I can't remember where it's at, and nobody all the way up to Ken Lambert knows either. Hoping to find a PSO'er so far has been a failure until at about 2 in the afternoon I'm killing time in a 10/20 game at the Shoe and a guy 2 seats to my left thought I was a different PSO'er from last year, I told him who I was and it turned out to be Zadvocate. This is cool, I finally meet up with another school member. He's doing extremely well in the game and I'm stuck about half a rack so around 5:30 I tell him I'm gonna find where the Meet n' Greet is, bring the info back to him then meet him there when he is done mopping up the game. After finding out it would be at the Millenium theatre I am there around 6 or 7 and low and behold the PSO'ers are starting to congregate. After mingling for a while somewhat keeping to myself since I don't know anyone not being there last year a few people introduce themselves to me and a few congratulate me on my BOIII August victory. Not to long there after a lady comes back to the theatre area saying there would be PSO only 4/8 game...Sounds like a good way to pass some time and meet a few people. I tell her I'll take the last seat and when I catch her name tag I find out it's Pokergoddess. As we are walking over to the cardroom I'm hesitant to let her see my name tag since she is still upset about my A9 that beat her A10 in the Big One but eventually I disclose who I am and she just jokingly slaps me in the face and says nice to meet you. So I get into the PSO 4/8 table and seem to be the only person taking the game seriously along with maybe Debonair and start taking a little heat for it. Mark jumps in and out of the game and always raised or reraised every pot I was in then escaped all the traps I was setting for him. A second PSO table got going and ours broke up after waiting FOREVER for our badbeat jackpot to be paid. I took a quick stroll to the tournament room to find McEvoy and Cloutier selling and signing books...They weren't to gracious to the guy that just gave them a hundred bucks for 3 books so "oh well" to meeting two of my heros I guess(TJ probably blew my hundred on the craps table anyways). So I get into the other PSO table and have Freddy sitting directly across from me. It is just IRRITATING him to death that I am wearing my shades not allowing people to see my eyes and that I seem to be out for blood. He feels I need to have more fun in the game...I told him I was drinking and winning money...I can't think of anything more fun than that. The fact that my glasses bothered him just made me more happy even though all our trashtalking was all in good fun. A hand came up where I got raised in the SB and made a loose call with kq offsuit, I flopped a queen on a rag board and checkraised the preflop raiser only to discover it was John Vorhaus. I'd been there for some time now and didn't even realize I was playing against one of our instructors. TrumpinJoe let 2hot4you play his chips the rest of the night and she did much better with them then he did. 2 am rolls around before our game breaks and I now decide it's too late to go to bed and wake up for the convention in the morning so I go to the Shoe, play 10/20 for a few hours before I stroll back to my room at about 7, take a shower and get ready to head down to the theatre hoping I don't pass out somewhere along the way.

    Well...That's all I can write for now...I have a poker tourney in less than 2 hours at a local bar so hopefully I will write part 2 later tonight or tomorrow.

    Bob Shaffer

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    I hope I didn't spell your name backwards. It was great to meet you in person. I envy your success in the ring games. All the chasers in my pots seem to get there.

    TrumpJoe was not the fortunate recipient on 2Hot4U's ring play. It was ME. I noticed her poker skill as soon as I saw her walking accross the floor. She looks like a winner and I put her on my chips. I testify that she's one goode player.

    I might put her on the money in a game against you, if the chance arises next year.

    Good to see you making a report and hope to see the conclusion [also the takedown on the bar game you're playing].



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