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My WPO & Grand America

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  • My WPO & Grand America

    Wow, what a trip that began on January 5, 2004.
    I started a winner when I went to get the results of my pulmonary catscan. The mass that showed on my lungs in December was not a major problem (just an inflamed nodule). Now I could go play poker at my favorite venue.

    Renewed some old friends and met some new ones. What a great bunch of people at PSO!

    My play in the PSO event was labored since I had few opportunities to gather chips before the blinds became serious. I had no action on my big hands. I had no hands that pulled me to go for the gusto once I was involved. My consolation, I played well and made no major mistakes.

    The Sunday, NLHE event went about the same as my PSO event. One thing tho, I started in the 5 seat with TJ Cloutier in the 8 seat and Lamar in seat 2 (a Pro that everyone seamed to know) on my table. I re-raised him on a couple of hands and he sure has a good memory (we played a WPO event in 2001 at the same table). He remembered when I beat him with AA vs AK then. My KK raise caused him to fold this year. He also made a comment about my play after one of the others lost a hand to me. I was wearing my PSO hat & T-shirt. He says, "Just because he wears a hat and shirt from Pokerschool doesn't mean he doesn't know how to play." I think the respect that he showed to PSO & me gained me a few laydowns from other players. I did manage to get my chip stack up to T1800 before I went chip dead for four rounds. I hung on until I busted in the 250-255 player range.

    I played 6 events at the Grand America. I will not go into details but I made two money (final tables). I took 5th in the Seniors NLHE for $2646.00 and 3rd in the PLO for $1545.

    My early demise in one NLHE tourny was overplaying a pocket 9's when a face card hit the board on the turn. Lesson learned, nuff said.

    I had late finishes on two other events, but was caught between a rock and a hard place.
    One instanced I had a maniac on my right with a big stack (playing 75% of the hands and catching everything) with Men "the Master" on my left coming up with big hands when I was involved after the maniac was out (limit hoildem event).

    The other was the $1000 buy in NLHE and getting a stack up to T22,000 and having a T120,000 stack on my right and T150,000 stack on my left. One of these guys always tended to put me all-n when I chose to play. I had no pocket pairs and had to play all-ins with AK, AQ, & AJ hands for survivals. My luck finally ran out with the blinds at 3k/6K for my last 8K while UTG all-in (Ad,Qd) and the big stack on my left folded and I was called by the BigStack on my right in the small blind (Ks, Tc) and he caught a K on the flop and I didnot help.

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    Hey Marion,

    Congratulations on your in the money finishes. It was a pleasure to meet you.

    `My brother was at the Grand when the Bad Beat Jackpot was hit. I would've had a share in it, but I left the day earlier. He made $650 just for being there.`

    Take care,




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