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1st B&M Tourney- Turning Stone

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  • 1st B&M Tourney- Turning Stone

    So I played in my first Brick & Mortar tournament last night. It was a $50 buy-in NLHE tournament at Turning Stone with $20 rebuys for the first hour, 15-minute levels. Everyone started with 200 and rebought immediately for 500 more. It was a blast.

    Non-Poker Content --
    So, like the typical poker newb / college kid that I am, I was watching Rounders yesterday afternoon and spontaneously decided to go to the Casino for the NL Tournament they hold every Wednesday night at seven. I went with my buddy Pete, who just learned how to play poker… I was driving his Tahoe and he was furiously reading Carson’s Hold ‘Em book in shotgun. The weather was miserable. About fifteen minutes in, the wind kicked up and blew so much snow across the road that I was flying blind and managed to run into a snowbank. But we were okay, no damage, so I just pulled out and throttled down a little bit… Then the engine overheating light, the battery light and some other miserable light went on. We pulled over at a gas station. Called AAA. Looked under the hood. Noticed that the serpentine belt was dangling loosely. Brifely regretted that we’d chosen to attend a liberal arts school in lieu of a vocational education and that Wordsworth never wrote anything about serpentine belt repair. Thankfully, a snowplow driver came to gas up, checked out the situation and put the belt back on in three minutes flat. We tried to force money on him, but he wouldn't accept it. We made it to Turning Stone at 7 PM sharp and got seats 59 and 60 in the 60-person tournament. At this point, I feel strongly that our endeavor has the blessing of a higher authority.

    Poker Content (85% Accurate) --
    Rebuy tournaments are insane. I was totally unprepared for them. For the first 30 minutes, every time we saw a turn, someone was all-in on it or before. People were calling all-ins with K5-suited, winning, and then dumping it all the next hand. I managed to win a big pot with AK with a K on flop and K 10 when the flop came 9JQ. In any case, I did well in the rebuy period, ran up a fine stack and held onto it. I had 4K in chips at 8 PM, when the break hit and I bought the 20 add-on for an additional thousand. That was about third at my table. The average stacks was probably around 2500.
    There were five people at my table who I considered total jokers, two older gentleman that were ABC rocks (one got AA and took me to the cleaners early on vs my 88 on a flop of 267… my only rebuy) and two guys that were tricky and good. Apparently a couple of the people at my table were 15/30 regulars.
    Once the rebuys were over, things got much more familiar for me. I had 5k in chips, blinds were 100/200. Didn’t play a hand for maybe three rounds and my table broke. Down to 50.
    New table came with 2 guys from my old table – one of the two good guys and a short-stacked joker who was quickly eliminated. The blinds go up to 200/400. I am in the BB and get 3c4c. A short stacks of 700 goes all-in and the action folds around to me. I call the additional 300. He’s got J7o. Flop comes J-high, no help for me. Turn 3. River 4. He’s out. I felt like a call here was automatic, that he could have anything, with my stack is around 4k. The guy, however, felt differently. Oh well.
    I bought the blinds twice, once with AQ from LP and once with JJ from MP. I also raised in the SB with Axo and the BB folded.
    The blinds go up to 200/400 with a .25 ante. There are now about 35 people left. Here’s where I shoot myself in the face.
    My image is pretty rock-like. A loose-ish raiser with a big stack (mine is around 4500, he’s got 8k) makes it 1000 to go, I see AhKh and reraise him 1500 to 2500. Then, the rock-like BB calls. Uh-Oh I should have said. Alarm Bells! The bettor folds, and we see the flop. J 9 4, or something J-high with no real possibilities… I mean, I know he didn’t call me with Q 10 here. It’s either a big PP or a big Ace, bigger than AJ. He checks the flop to me. I push my remaining 2k or so in. I only wish I’d made the sort of analysis that I would have made if I was in my pajamas playing online. I think I’m too used to the casual low-limit play that I do in the casino. I need to get a real game face on for tourneys.
    He calls me with QQ. I’m down to 250 chips or so. However, I battle back valiantly and triple up to 1000 on a JQ my very next hand. Then the blinds go up to 300/600 with a 50 ante and I’m waaay short-stacked and go all-in with 67s after another guy in EP has gone all-in, figuring him for a big Ace and me with a chance… I’m right but he wins. Then I make a little money in a very boring game of 3-6, go back to college, and get very drunk.
    Tournaments are really fun live. However, I played so differently at the table, wasn’t very comfortable, didn’t think things through, wasn’t aware of people’s stack sizes, my own stack size in relation to the blinds, etc. Wasn’t confident in my decisions. But the experience was a great one and I’m sure I will make the trip pretty close to every Wednesday… They have a $25 Saturday tournament too, but I don’t need to do this twice a week.

    Of course, any advice on this or anything is always more than appreciated. Moreover, if anyone frequents the Turning Stone poker room, drop me a line!


    PS - Pete got annihilated in the tourney and vented his spleen at the craps table, where it seems anger pays. He walked out +$470.

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    where do you goto school, im at SUNY Fredonia, and Im thinking about heading up with some friends to turning stone soon..

    nice trip report, sounds like a good time :wink:


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      Great report! I look forward to hearing about the excellent results you have when you get more comfortable playing at B&M's.



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        Hey Alex!
        As soon as you are as comfortable on the felt as you are with the pen, you will be onto something my friend! EXCELLENT post.

        I am always so excited to read about first-time real life tournaments that my friends on PSO play in. I can actually FEEL the excitement flying off the page!

        I can't critique your play at all. All I can say is, go and play when you feel you have the bankroll to do so. Don't overextend yourself and get into trouble with the finances! College is your main job right now!

        Anyway, thank you so much for sharing, and looking forward to many more positive results.


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          Hey Alexander!

          Great post - but if you think the Wednesday night tournament is crazy then go to the Saturday $25 buy in. Absolutely WILD WEST CRAZY!!!

          Bob and I went to the Tuesday night tourney there this past week and found the play to be 'decent.'

          Let me know when you'll be going again, and maybe we can all hook up.




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