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Foxwoods Day 2-

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  • Foxwoods Day 2-


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    Apyll said:

    I am fairly certain that in limit tournaments you have to play some more hands and try to hit some flops.
    Apryll, I am not so sure about this in an O8 tourney. Based on my own experience at the blind/limit structures at PSO and at Pstars, I have found that even tho you are losing chips to the blinds, one of your good, solid O8 hands will hit. And if you are playing with idiots, they will pay you off with 3rd nut type hands and you easily can triple up on one hand. {or go out trying}

    Let's say you get down to $3K (started with $5K), and triple to $9K. You are right back in the tourney.



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      I don't completely disagree, but if you wait for 2 hours like I did, you now have approx 700-800 in chips at the 100-200 level, ie 1 hand. When that one hand misses, you are down to 100 in chips (if you didn't go broke). Seems to me playing a limit tournament and having athe outcome determined by playing 1 hand (and only 1 hand) is kind of risky.

      I am more and more moving into the camp of those who play a lot of hands while the money is deep, especially in limit tournaments.


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        i have believed, wether it is right or wrong, that in any limit tournies, see the flop often, especially in omaha. now, i would only do this in the early stages, and i am doing this in an attempt to build a stack. as long as you can see the flop without any raising, and are disciplined enough to play a fit or fold game, then by all means, limp away....... it has worked for many players, and i think it is much better than playing only one or maybe two hands at a later stage.

        and apryll, thanks for all these reports!!!!

        jmuzzey lsogc


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          Since in the Limit structures it is generally not as easy to double through in the early stages, you have to hit some hands early to survive a tournament. Where in a Big Bet structure you can more easily double-up so, IMO, you can win those by winning fewer hands.


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            Ditto to JMuzzeys post, I limp Frequently with 2nd and 3rd rate hands early..If I lose a 3rd of my starting chips then I tighten up..i have found this to be very profitable at PStars. Thxs 4 the Reports

            Tony D


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              Originally posted by Tony D
              I limp Frequently with 2nd and 3rd rate hands early..
              how about 4th and 5th rate hands????


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                Or in your case Dan, no rate hands.


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                  Nice stud win.
                  I can't believe there were so many raises.

                  Let me offer some advice though.
                  With him pairing his door card king, you have to slow down when he re-raises you. Even with the boat on 5th st., one bet or raise would be enough for me(calling his re-raise). He may not have the boat at that time, but his raises told you he has at least trip Kings which could fill up and clobber you. When you pair your Jack door card after so many previous round raises, he has to consider quads even though it is much more likely you have a smaller boat than his Aces-full. He needed to slow down also.

                  So much action - I need to make a trip there
                  Just let me know when you have quads 8O so I can get away.

                  Many years ago, I was in a hand with a hidden Jacks full of Queens with no Kings- or Aces- full possible. I guy just kept raising me around 8 times on the river. I had eliminated all quads from his hand. His board was an Ace and four of clubs and a 3 and 9 of different suits. He had me thinking of a str8-flush wheel, but he only had a flush. I was the one to call him. You're guy could get mad for you re-drawing against him, but his blind continuous raising is his own fault. He had to consider that is was possible he was beat.


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                    That hand was the only bit of joy I had playing poker during the week. When I play shorthanded, I will go many, many bets if I think I have my opponent beat. If my hand is beaten, oh well.


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                      Well, I seem to be in the minority here, but I am sticking with playing quality hands.

                      IMO there is just too much money to be made when you do hit you big hands because of the poor play from others who will call all the way with 2nd and 3rd nut. Plus, if you play quality hands in Omaha, you often have redraws which hit.

                      The last 20 or so Limit O8 touneys I have played here I have stuck to mostly 2-way quality starting hands and have improved my O8 average from 62% to 74%. I have made 6 final tables for a respectable 30% of the time with a field averaging around 50.

                      That is what PSO allows you to do. And minpin's PSO Detail allows us to see the result.

                      So I repectfully disagree with all of yous. :wink:


                      BTW in playing that way, my PPT rating turned from negative to very respectable double digit positive numbers.

                      PS and a starting hand does not have to be AA23s, or A245 or anything like that. You will get blinded out if you play like that.


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                        high-low Omaha tight or loose?

                        I agree with Randy but my results aren't as good. But this is a great topic, that if we follow up can lead us to a real gold mine. We could indeed meet at the final table of a major tournament.
                        For example, if player A finished the month with a rating of 85% for Omaha high low and was followed very closely by players B and C and they all saw the flop between 19 and 21 percent of the time, I'm sure we could safely conclude that we should see the flop with the top 20 percent of our hands.
                        I vaguely remember Mark mentioning that we would have software upgrades that would show our statistics like percent of flops seen. But I can't locate it and have asked for help in finding it.
                        Can someone tell me where I can find minpin's detail?
                        Thanks DD


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                          Drawing Dead:

                          Here it is, I keep it on my favorite's list just below


                          Great tool.

                          PS, Try Bill Boston's book on the 5,277 O8 hands. Go to Conjelco or The Gambler's Book Store to find. A real eye-opener in what hands make the money consistently. Much more of a tool than Hold em hand selection since hold em is much more of a psychology game while O8 is a card game.



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