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zeroth's tunica report

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  • zeroth's tunica report

    Its all good in the outcome but there is one big damn stupid item in this report. In fact without that one big damn stupid mistake, I could have titled this report Three Final Tables.

    So please take my asshat move as a cautionary tale.

    The first week was as others have said just plain fun.
    The wedding, pso tournie, and lots of old and new friends.
    My highlight was busting out of the Saturday (10th) NL at the Grand, going downstairs and winning $1500 at some crazy HoldEm FoldEm Deuces Wild Stud table and then hours later coming back up to find RustyNail as chip leader in the tournament. I hung out for the next three hours and chatted with RN at breaks, mostly about the chops he was being offered at three tables and then at the final one. Nice job. I mean great job for a second ever B&M tournament, especially when the first one was that morning in the PSO event.

    Now on to my poker playing, for a good description see AZ's post below. I too sucked all week and had nothing, n o t h i n g to show for 7 days in Tunica (except the HoldEm Foldem Dunces Black Russian induced win). So, I made a decision not to leave and to try and get my game back on track. So off to Samstown for the Wednesday (14th) NLHE event. First mistake, not reading the schedule and arriving for the 11 AM event that starts at 6PM. Oh well, there is one table of 2/4 so I sit down and after two hours they open a 3/6, as I change table I note that I am 10+ big bets ahead (5 BB per hour). After two hours at the 3/6, they open a 4/8 and as I move I note again I am 10+ big bets ahead (5 BB per hour). By the time I need food before the tournament I am also 5 BB an hour ahead at the 4/8 game. Finally, I am doing something right.

    Samstown 45 buyin, $20 rebuy, $20 addon, 70 starting players.
    I make the final table by playing good solid poker and go out when I flop a Queen high straight. $100 win for a plus $35 but a solid game got me to a final table, so..........

    Grand Saturday (17th) Limit HE $225 249 starters. Blah, blah, blah and then there are 50 players left, I have been down on the felt for hours but I is in. buschman shows up and gives me the advice I need, which is that I have done this survival thing before and I am playing with a short but not that short a stack.
    4 tables, one move, 3 tables, one more move, 2 tables, they are killing themselves off, Bingo! final table I am 8th by a chip and manuveur myself around to survive to 5th ($3800). Feeling much better!

    WPO satellites Sunday (18th) I chop two and now have the $1000 for one more tournament.

    WPO Monday (19th) NLHE 404 starters.
    One short run in hour 3 to get me back to starting chip strength. Blah blah blah until hour 7 when I get a run of cards and our table has just got 6 new players in half an hour. Suddenly I have table image and I am pushing players around and I have a stack. While I played solid all day, I played my best poker ever from hour 7 to 11, I just had the feel. and then, yes folks here it comes; I made my one bad move all day, one hand, just one hand... without that one incredibly stupid play I might well have made the final table. I blew off 22,000 chips from a 28,000 stack on a KQo... dumb, dumb, dumb.

    BUT right at that moment as I sagged back in my chair, up pops buschman again to remind me it wasn't over, I can play with a short stack and I was already in the money (26 players left) and it was "Time to Climb!". So while I let 5% of me beat the crap out of that asshat who made that stupid bet, I got AQs one hand later and with my best 'tilt, its over, ah shit' look and voice said 'all-in' and doubled to the player I knew would jump on any tilt. So, I hunkered down for another 90 minutes and made 15th ($3700).

    Yes, I did stay up half the night kicking myself and made I think a wise decision to depart Tunica with a profit and a BIG lesson.
    Back in Michigan now, the pain of that one hand is slowly fading and I am staying warm with the memory of lots of PSO friends and pals.

    Thanks to everyone, too numerous to name; but special thanks to Ranger Rick for all the poker chat, TKO for the reminder that statistics are exact, and a double thanks to buschman for being there when I needed a boost.

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    I enjoyed your report! And, CONGRATS on finishing in the money! I missed that report on PokerPages!! WOOHOO!!


    • #3
      Congrats Tim.

      The worst beats are those we give ourselves.

      Nice seeing you, and everyone else, in Tunica.


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        Nice report Tim,

        Maybe a nice walk would of helped :P

        Sorry I missed Tunica



        • #5
          Great post Tim and I was very impressed with your play. It is always good to see you.. except at my table of course.

          Hope your enjoying the weather in Michigan. Its in the 50's here. hehehe



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