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My Trip Report

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  • My Trip Report

    ((ps:Just noticed this forum so please don´t get irritated if you find this post somewhere else)) LOL

    HI pokerschool

    It was a blast !!!
    (Didn´t know where to start) lol
    Well my trip was a blast and i am very happy i made it!
    All of you where so kind and it was so STRANGE to see the psoers for real. To see your real faces and to talk to everyone i met up with was such a blast so it didn´t really matter if i did such a terrible misstake in the $500 NL tournament.
    And By the way CONGRATS to SJBJensen and Freddy who managed to split the 36th place money finish.

    Starting with day 1.

    I started my trip at the Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and i was so frightned about my flight but even if i was terrified about it i had already decided to step on to that plane. I just had to do it nomather what! Good thing i had already payed for my flight seats, therefore i couldn´t change my mind in the last minute.


    I boarded the plane and it all started with that i had to wait to get my seat because it was double booked or something.

    I looked like ----> 8O

    Sitting there waiting to get a seat made me relaxed somehow and even better was when i finally got my seat next to A VERY VERY NICE ESTONIA GIRL. (Do i have to admit that she looked great)? Oh well we talked to each other most of the 8 hour flight and even traded e-mails so we could keep in touch.

    She was a princeston student and knew about the airport in Newark and helped me out so i got a very good start.

    After our goodbye hug i tried to search up where my plane would depart a bit later but before getting there i noticed a VERY STRANGE OLDER LOOKING GUY who where working at the airport. He was singing while he was helping other travelers and he was such a nice but odd guy so i decided to talk to him-

    I must have been kinda -----> :?

    Anyway he started to sing for me and then he told me he had something nice for me (no not that thing)
    He mentioned Jersey Garden and i kept forget about "Jersey" so when i tried to find the shutle to get there for my 3 hours to spend in Newark i just told everyone about this guy and Garden something.

    Everyone looked like ----> :?:

    Anyway i managed to find my shuttle and arrived at Yersey Garden. It was for me such a huge place with so many store´s BUT.....It wasn´t funny
    All the store´s looked almost the same selling the same things so i just walked around there for about 2 hours then i decided to get back to the airport.

    Oh well :::TROUBLE NO 1:::
    -The chineese guy driving the shuttle couldn´t get the shuttle to start and when i was asking him about it he just told me to step back...Sitting there for about 40 minutes got me worried but in the end a new shuttle arrived and i managed to catch my flight in good time. (Some of The shuttles you have over there or lets say they have in newark and Memphis looked so OLD and rusty. (It was now i figured out that i should have let Res Ipsa pick me up in Memphis...

    I was ----->

    Anyway i managed to get back to the airport and found my flight to Memphis.
    My plane was a bit late...

    :::Late in Memphis:::

    Now most of you already know a bit of what hapend to me when i arrived in Memphis but here is the whole freaking Memphis airport story...

    :::TROUBLE NO 2:::

    This is a side story about me being 8O : :? :twisted: :evil: at the Memphis airport.

    The plane was a bit late and it was when i was talking to a weird scary looking cab driver that i found out that it might be either EXPENSIVE or Tough to get to the goldstrike Casino...
    He asked me if i needed a cab and i said "NO" i am looking for a shuttle to Tunica. Then he said that there are no Shuttles to Tunica at this time because they stop going to the goldstrike casino when the flights stops arriving...

    I did not belive him because i am so used to Sweden and how easy it always is to get wherever you want to go over here.
    The Cab/Taxi would cost me $74 freaking dollars and i was already low on money : because i had already spend all my money i had won from bugsys in November on Christmas and travel and other things = Me = :doubt: = STUPID. lol

    Well i decided to try getting online to see if i could catch up with any other pso member or Res Ipsa who I thought could live there close by or something.

    Well then i noticed that there wasn´t even ANY ONLINE TERMINALS that we have here in Sweden hahaha ops:
    But asking around i found out that there was one...
    Oh my g...when i first saw the online machine hahaha lol
    It looked like a stoneaged computer my stephfather still use. lol Well anyway it just came to my mind that my visa card did not have any money and confused as i was i forget that i had like 7 dollars left on it

    So then i tryed to phone the casino but ohhh i did not have ANY AMERICAN COINS....Shit... 8O
    So i had to go to the store and get some change but she could not change any dollars to me unless i buy something from here ?!?!?!?!?! ARRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHH
    But i was :twisted: Soooooo MAD :twisted: and frustrated.

    Well then the guy who had already showed me the online machine noticed me and said that he buy something from her.
    So he bought a cookie and then......SHE FORGET TO :::NOT::: CLOSE THE CASHIER and there i was again standing and hoping that someone else could buy something because i did not want to buy anything from her lol lol.

    Well his friend bought something too and told her not to forget about me this time and then i got some coins in the end for the phone

    I then tried to stay calm and focused for my next attempt to phone the casino.
    I was thinking that someone there might know about Mark or Tina and maybe i could get any ideas and also some guys told me that there was a possibility to get a shuttle from the goldstrike casino.

    :::New Problem coming up::: (I WAS SO TIRED NOW) lol

    Well i phoned the goldstrike casino and by the way it was not easy to get there phone number as well
    Then i got a girl on the other end and i told her about my problems and asked if there is any shuttles or something. They then told me to phone the shuttle company!?!?!?
    or take a LIMOUSINE ....what the.... 8O

    Limousine....what woudl that cost i asked...
    = 80-90 dollars so i trashed that idea even if it was tempting
    (Of course it woulc have been nicer than taking a cab) :P

    Well i then decided to phone the shutlee company...

    They told me that there ARE NO SHUTTLES AT THIS TIME DEPARTING FROM THE AIRPORT.... :evil: :evil: : :evil: :evil:


    "i hate this country""I hate this country" i was wispering lol


    Then i did not have many coins left for another phone call to the casino :lol: :lol: :lol:
    So i decided to talk to someone who where working there about the got damn phones.
    I managed to get a $5 dollar free card thing to use.
    Whatever it was it worked :lol: and i was talking to the same girl in the other end once again.

    But all i managed to say was!
    "HI this is Mattias who phoned you a few minutes ago about shuttles and there are no shuttles" Then she hang up on me!!!
    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: i WAS SOOOOO MAD AT THIS POINT that i could start to kick things :lol:
    (glad i can behave myself live even if i can´t online) looool

    Well then i was thinking, if i pay for my freaking cab i will have much less money at goldstrike...or i could keep trying.
    Dumb as i am i kept trying :lol:

    I asked the police if they had any clues what to do and they told me to talk to some people who work at the airport because some of them might be able to help me out.
    Ok i was thinking...

    It was now i first met a guy who worked there who actually where WAITING FOR A SHUTTLE to get him to a casino close by.
    He did not tell me about it!!
    I mention about Goldstrike casino and he then thought about something (of course if he could help me out) but he decided to not help me out and told me to get a hotell close by.

    (Not a brilliant idea, i could as well take a cab) lol

    Well after that i was so tired about being "stuck" at the airport! 2 hours had already past since i got on the airport and my 2 bags was kinda heavy now

    So here is when it came to my thoughts!!!
    "I have 7 dollars left on my Visa Card wooohooo" :P

    So i decided to try to get online and let everyone know about my little dilemma :lol: what i did not know was that this stoneaged machine was even slower than a turtle when he is speedy...ok bad one hahahahahah well anyway
    It took me about 10 minutes and 32 sec to post my short post and to pm Res Ipsa if he could still help me out lol.

    It was Sick...

    No help there and i decided to make a last attempt because i NEVER GIVE UP WHATEVER IT IS lol. (Almost never give up)
    This was a close one lol

    So i noticed a girl who i had a feeling could help me out, she had the same dress the other workers had and was actually waiting for her boyfriend to arrive. I told her about my little problem and she was so kind and knew about this shuttle and the other guy... ops:

    Just before the shuttle was going to leave the airport she stopped it and told the driver my story and then i got on the shuttle for free. I noticed this guy and ashamed he says...
    "i will alllsoo play in the $500 NL torny at goldstrike"

    Oh well

    Then atlast after 3 hours at the Memphis airport...

    After she left the otehr 3 guys at the casino close by she drove my to the goldstrike casino and then i gave her 35 dollars for the ride because it just felt so great.
    So much for just 37 dollars but it felt like the right thing to do!

    Attending Goldstrike Casino/Tunica

    It felt great!
    I felt like wow i made it :lol:
    Without taking a cab lol oh well then i got my room that i was going to share with another swedish player "OAKZ"
    I first met him later and he was a really NICE guy and it was great to met him. And by the way Oakz...
    Thanks for letting me keep the 105 dollar that the room would have cost me, I will pay you the next time i visit Stockholm or earlier if you want. Thanks!
    It made my trip a lot more easier and funnier!

    A few hours later i met up with some of the school members and it was such a blast to meet all of you!!!!!!
    Oil Doe who is with marco 12345 the first player i started to talk to about poker when i first started to play online for about 4 years ago.
    Oil Doe is such a great woman and it was so great to see you at last.

    Then Jennay and Jay muzzey!!!
    Wow it felt so odd to see both of you and it was a real balst to meet up. Both of you are great and it was very nice to talk a bit to both of you.

    And Torax!
    You really are a Nice guy!!!
    And Doktor Jekyl a new player here who seems to be a very nice person oh well you all are a bunch of nice people haha
    Just like Indy Bob said!
    "like a family"

    I can´t even remember everyone i met up with because all in a sudden there was so many pso members around me.
    It was GREAT!

    Well my first shock was when i met up with pokergoddess...
    Jay told me to tap her on her shoulder and i asked who she was and he then tell me"it´s pokergoddess" so i decide to tap her on her shoulder LOL but before getting there she notice me and give me the biggest hug i have ever got LOOOL
    Well i hope my first impression was not too bad goddess!
    I was just in shock 8O because i wasn´t prepeared to see you rushing towards me an then give me the hug lol
    I had a drink as well and think i was close to accidently drop it on you :lol: (That would not have been funny) lol

    Well Then i met up with Ranger Rick and Sailor Moe and it was great to see you two and i must say that Sailor Moe is a really cool guy. Very Gentle!

    So after fighting at the airport i finally felt that this will be a great trip and i was really enjoying my time in Tunica.

    ::ay 2:::

    -The early seminar

    I had just met up with Lyckoper and we where going to the seminar. I was thinking oh well this will be fun!
    But then NEW JANE GRABBED ME 8O 8O 8O
    And huged me :P then we walked to the front line and i was thinking "what is she up to now, please don´t pick me up on the stage".

    5 minutes later

    New Jane:
    "Could you stop i have an anouncment to make"
    The guy who was talking in the seminar looked surprised and maybe he was thinking the same thing as me.
    "what is going on" :lol:

    So then she grabed my hand again and then put me up on stage and showed me to everyone haha
    And i really don´t like to be out in a situation like that so i guess i looked a bit ----> ops:

    It felt great to sit down again afterwards :P
    But i must say that NEW JANE is such an amazing woman!
    She is a great person and very funny!
    It was great to met up with you Jane and i hope to see you next year because i might go again :P

    Well then i got lucky to get a very nice gift from the seminar.
    /Mike carrow´s books of tells/

    Thanks i will really enjoy reading it and maybe i can add some things from it. So thanks Tina and Mark or the one´s giving away the gifts.

    Then i met up with Mark and Tina and that was great!
    Thanks to Mark for taking some pictures for me!
    (I wish i could have some pictures me playing against kathy liebert and Juha as well and the guy who later whispered something nasty about me :lol:

    The pso convention torny

    This event could have been a blast but i was a bit anoyed about the terrible structure being used and it unfortunately destroyed the tournament. But it was great fun to have
    Ricky Hard seat 1 and some other guy i dont remember who it was in seat 2 and me in seat 3 and Big ghost who later took me out with pocket aces against my ace king ins eat 4 and Oil doe,Azhardballz,Big Bo and Kozzo then Freddie boy in the other seats. This was a nice table and i enjoyed it!

    But next year i hope that there will be another one but with a nice structure like the $500 NL torny being used in the Major.
    (with smaller rpounds of course)
    I guess that is impossible with the casino wanting a pso torny to be finished as fast as possible but that would have been really nice.

    And by the way:
    Thanks to Shane who gave me a very nice gift!
    Funny thing was that he looked almost the way i had imagined before meeting him
    It would have been nice if whe could have had more time to talk but it was nice to meet you and i hope you enjoyed the chocolade and i also noticed you got the other chocolate from your friend Big Ghost. lol

    Well the rest of my trip was great as well and i could share a lot more about it here but i guess it will be just a bit too boring to read :lol:

    Well last thing!

    $500 Nl Torny

    This was both a very nice torny for me and also a torny i will NEVER forget when i did a terrible move and i actually can´t forgive myself for my newbie play in the end...

    Here is my story!

    I sat down at table 46 seat 8 (one of the tables that would later be one of the final two)

    I was very pleased with my seat because at seat 9 i had a serious player but an easy opponent. And at seat 9 i had a newbie and an easy read. At seat 1 i had a handicapped guy (nothing bad about him, i actually talked to him later and he was a nice guy). but i figured he would be VERY EASY to steal from. And then in seat 2 i had a serious looking guy and a similair guy ins eat 3 who i think might have been a pro. In seat 4 i had some guy who i can´t remember but he got busted early to the guy in seat 5 who MUST have been a pro becuase i recognise him from somewhere and by his look it seemed that he know what he was doing. In seat 6 i had someone i can´t remember and seat 7 as well.
    (They got busted early)

    I played my game and stole a couple of blinds when the blinds reached seat 9, 10, and 1 and 2 and also 3.
    I noticed all of them where tight players so my seat where great except that there was some serious betting time to time.

    I never got any cards but managed to build my way up from 800 to 1700 for the first break and i felt great at that point.
    Drinking lot of water between the hands!

    This was like my first real live torny but i did not feel like a newbie and my guess is that i got some respect from the other players but i still noticed some of them where thinking that it would be easy to steal pots from me etc.

    I had lots of hands involved against the guy in seat 3 and i won like 4 hands out of 5 against him and the one time hw managed to beat me was when he reraised my pocket dueces pre flop bet all in and everyone else folded.
    I was thinking for a very long time and looked at him and figured he had 2 higher cards or something like that and i made the right decision to call when they called for the clock for the first time LOOOOOL
    (Me timing hapens live as well haha)
    Ask Pokergoddesss she arrived at my talbe later in torny
    (seat 6)

    Well he hit his Ace and his Ace Queen beated my dueces and i got back to 1000 or something instead of having a great stack at that point.
    (I was up to 2100 at one point after the break in the early rounds, above average).

    Well now there are some serious betting all around and also i get Katy Liebert at my table (seat 4) She was my target lol

    So i knew i had to do something now before the break!
    I managed to steal some pots from the handicaped guy and the guy ins eat 10 and then just before the break i was back to 1700 again. (below average)

    Now i decided to play all in or nothing game and i did well!

    Well now i noticed that the guy in seat 5 was stealing a lot of pots from all the players and when i was big blind i decided to make him go tilt at me or notice him that he should not raise my blinds. So when he had raised my blind and everyone else had folded i ask him how much he have left.
    I think and look at him and think again. Then he gets very anoyed about me thinking so my guess is that he called to clock to make me eitehr call or fold. He did not like my thinking and he got read above his eyes so i figured by knowing myself that this guy doesn´t have a huge hand. But it was tough to move all in on him with my Jack/3 off suit but i kept thinking untill teh clock showed up again haha.
    He was so relaxed and serious the whole torny and i managed to make him open himself and after that he stopped rasing everyone´s blinds. Well i folded my hand !

    Then he says something for himself like "son of a bith or mother ****er or something"
    I just reply "you a good player, it shouldn´t bother you" and then i smiled at him. lol
    And then he shut up

    Pokergoddess shows up later in seat 6 and a new player shows up in seat 7 and the handicaped guy gets busted and replaced with a new guy i can´t remember who and also that player gets busted a bit later ( think).

    Well time goes and i need to do something so i move all !
    First time i move all in is on pokergoddess blind and i had Ace Jack.

    Then i knew it was not good enough so i decide to move all in if i get a chance to before the blinds reaches seat 6 again.
    I think it was on Kathy lieberts blind that i moved all in with jack queen and nice thing no one called me 8)

    Then i was back again, not in good shape but still enough to make some serious damage on the other players stacks.

    Now Juha who won the world poker tour in Aruba last year arrives to my left in seat 9 and i must say that he is a great guy and it was a pleausre to have him to my very left.

    Well after lighten up a bit i get king king and move all in again and do the same thing again and looking down at the table with my cap hiding my face. (I do it all the time i push all in pre flop)

    The guy i had lost with duecues before calls me imediately when it is his turn and i guess he was thinking i had lower pocker pair again or something. Well my king king holds up against his King jack (jack on turn) and i scream no jack standing behind my seat :lol: :lol:

    Now i have a great crown behind me rooting for me and it felt awesome. Thanks to everyone who stand behind watching the game rooting for me and probably goddess as well.
    It was great!!!

    Well a few hands later i move all in again pre flop and this time i have deuces again. Guy in seat 10 calls me with A 9 or something and first cards is an Ance....then 4 and a 5 hits the flop...I see a chance to hit a straight...i get my feeling lol and i start to scream for a three to show up and the turn is....3 :P

    He smiles and i now have a nice stack to play with!

    I never got any cards after that for like 20 hands and after that is when i made my TERRIBLE PLAY!!!!

    *It was lack of experience
    *Lack of live experience catch up on me
    *I did not prepare my thinking
    *I was not focused while playing the hand
    *I really don´t know what i did, no good explanation because i NEVER play like that normally.

    Here is EXACTLY how i was thinking!
    new guy in seat 1 bet minimum bet 800 and everyone folds!
    I look at him and thinks he have 2 higehr cards!
    Jack ,queen,king,Ace (two of them) not a great hand but just a hand to bet like that with in early position.

    And i read him that way!

    Everyone folds and it is now i get BRAIN DEAD!!!!

    I have Ace 8 and was thinking on moving all in but did not do that and just called him.

    Flop is wonderfull for me = 9 7 3 or something and i am first to act!! Normally i would bet here!!!

    I was thinking "i should move all in and take the pot right here" "no he might have it, i don´t dare to do it" "How much is the minimum bet?" I WAS NOT USED TO PLAY LIVE AND DID NOT KNOW THE MINIMUM BET...well i knew but not now while in hand...As i said...I GOT BRAIN DEAD :

    I then think if i just gamble with some of my chips and bet some purple one´s. 2500/3000.
    "oh now i just hesitated, he must have spoted my weakness and he have a great stack and i guess i should move all in"
    "Whats the minimum bet again?"

    numbers went all around in my head!!
    It´s easy 800 lol but well ops:
    I got totally brain dead!

    Then i think!
    "if i check i see what he does and his reaction"

    So i then check (Stupid me)
    He check showinbg me he had nothing reading him!

    Now i was more like thinking what to do after the flop and i DID NOT watch him too well and probably missed something.
    Now i remember i where showing lots of tells by doing some things on my stack. (You need to be prepared to play well)

    So i then take a totally gamble and push all in and he calls me imediately with his king jack and no help on river and i am out from the torny after great play untill my braindead hand.

    I will always remember this beat and take the experience with me because this was a GREAT experience and i know what i did wrong and i know how to prevent getting braindead again.

    It was such an amazing stupid bet by me!
    I read him right pre flop but forget about it and was just focused to steal the pot after notice he have nothing after the flop when he checked. And of course i should have knew that when the flop showed up and of course i chouls have atlesast bet onto him. Maybe not the minimum bet, even more but once again LACK OF EXPERIENCE when it comes to live play.

    I read people and do great at it but i really need to get some more experience and i must say that this tourna,ment was my best lesson ever since i started to play poker. That hand teached me a lot and i hope not to do it next year when i will probably play this event once again.
    I am also thinking on trying the limit one!

    Well after this beat it felt terrible because i was so close but still so far away from reaching the money.
    I went out like 70-90 and should be pleased with myself and i am. I got King king and then Ace Jack and the duces two times and thats it. I survived and played my best game the rest of the torny in my first major and it was a blast.

    Boring to see goddess getting unlucky later when JUha (I think) rivered her. (He got 4th later)

    Thanks to everyone who i managed to met up with and thanks to JPTaylor who back me up to play some ring games!
    Hope to see you a lot more at bugsys m8!!!!!!!

    And Richie Rich!
    It was very nice to met up with you !
    You are a cool guy 8)

    Also i would like to say that i think pocket rocket and my jokes was a bit too harsh on the guy we where joking about lol.

    Well my trip was a blast and i look forward to do it again!
    Back to bugsy club for me :P

    See you all on the ring side :wink:


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    Hey Mats
    I was so frightened and worried about you when I read this, but I must say that all is well that ends well!! I never did understand the money situation, how you had tourney money after all the problems you had at the airport!! The best I could figure is you had set aside money for your poker in your shoe!!

    But I am glad you took the plane, got over to Memphis, found your way to the Casino, and meeting you was just awesome!!

    Thanks for a super trip report! I enjoyed it very much.


    • #3
      Thanks for sharing your trip with us Mats. Even though I don't understand what you say half the time, I still enjoyed the he-ll out of it.

      Don't beat yourself up about your play, you did great and I'm sure will enjoy much more success in the future!



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        Great report. I will try to be there next year.


        • #5
          Great report.

          It was great meeting you!


          • #6
            Oh man...thanks you 4!

            It is very nice to hear you all enjoyed my trip story !

            To new Jane´s question about my money are right about what you thought but wrong at one thing
            The NL $500 tournament was sponsored by Mark and Tina!
            The other 2 games i played was the pso conv torny and just one satelite there i went out on the very first hand.

            I forgot to mention this satelite in my trip story so here it is lol

            I am on the button *
            I get QQ
            I have seat 2 and guy in seat 6 is the only caller untill it is my turn to act and i raise half my stack.
            The blinds folds and seat 6 calls (POOR call)

            Flop is 3 5 9 or something (All Spades)
            One of my queen is a spade but i would have done the same thing anyway.

            I go all in after he checks and he have the nuts A 10 of spades and i am out on my very first hand :P


            haha Aaroon thanks and yea i know i am not such a good at typing lol but i can imagine it gets more interesting to read my posts because of that haha

            Wstwst it was nice meeting you in Tunica!


            • #7
              Matt !! I love ya, man!!!!

              It was awesome meeting you, and more so playing with you in the WPO tourney, although I thought the table was going to pick you up and throw you in the Ms. river when you continued to take so much time to make decisions!! I DO belive you hold the record for having the "clock" called for in any major tournament event!!
              Really glad you made the trip!!!



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                Most fun I ever had reading a trip report.

                Thanks Matts! Wish I could have been there to meet you.




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