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    I don't post here often, but read the forums almost daily, and I am sure I have spent some time at the tables with a lot of you at one time or another....anyhow, just wanted to post a BIG
    To all of you who have helped my game the last few months, either by your lessons, posts or play.

    Local tourney today (Sunday) 10/10/10, LHE til break, then NLHE (unlimited rebuys 1st half)...

    Started out to remind me why I HATE Limit....first hand I had worth playing was about Level 4 w/ blinds at 100/200...I am UTG +3 ...UTG calls UTG +2 raises, I reraise with PP Q's...evryone folds back to UTG who calls 2 raises, and UTG +2 who calls....flop is 668 rainbow...utg bets, utg +2 mucks, and I raise...UTG calls, next card 9..UTG bets 400, and I call...river is an A...UTG checks, I check....he turns 96 os...I am about one inch from freekin...How the H### do u call 2 preflop raises with that crap?...Time for a double re-buy!!! (now in for $30 total)

    Manage to sneak thru til break, commiserate with all the other bad beats on the floor, and fill up on Diet Pepsi, and add on another 2000 fo $10 ($40 if u are keeping track).

    Now the real game begins...NLHE...needless to say with blinds at 300/500, I am a little particular about what I am playing...couple of suited connector hands that didn't flop, and I am now down to 800 on the BB...look down and see J7s, and figure.."Why not?"...I am all in on the SB anyhow....get 3 callers to my raise, and flop comes JA7 with 2 diamonds...woohooo!!!!... back to 3200 with still about 25 players left..

    Well things just went up from there...good pockets when I needed them, and others takin each other thing I know, I am on final table with around 9K...Big Slick actually held up for me twice on all ins, so now my stack is in decent shape, and it is ladder climbin time...only played premium and I mean PREMIUM pockets until down to 7 and in the money...No real outstanding hands , stole a couple of blinds from position, etc. and now we are down to 3...blinds are at 8K/16K, and I am BB, SB raises all in with his remaining 2K, and I call with J8o...he turns 53c, and nothing hits either of us on the board.

    By this time, big stack and I are about equal, so we both agree to one final hand for the win (only about $100 diff between 1st and 2nd places..take away tips...pretty close to even)..we both go all in with K7o, and my opponenet with T7o...neither hits, and my K is the top dog..sooo, long story short..

    ...I have hit 4th and 5th in this tourney a couple of times in the past, but this is my first win..brought home well over $500 after the dealer was tipped, and I played some Blackjack... a HUGE thanks to all of you for your help and wisdom...I truly believe that what I have learned here at PSO helped a LOT today!!!


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    Great report Ubie & I'm glade to hear of your results. Congradulations on joining the winner's circle



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