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  • Tunica!

    I anxiously arrive at the Goldstrike at 8pm on Friday..finally I'm here!! I have been waiting for this for month and still can't believe that I was able to get away for an entire weekend and leave my hubby with the two little ones for a full two days!

    I quickly check-in and head for the casino where I had made plans to meet up with NewJane at the bar. After getting carded by the security guy to the casino who actually sent me back up into my room to get my driver's license (wooohooo!), I spy Janie at the bar in the casino corner, and no less than I expected, she is surrounded by a bunch of other PSOers, all having a great time. I am staaaaaarving, so we head for the buffet (thanks so much Janie for all the dinners you bought for me). During dinner, I got to meet some of the other PSOers, and it was so nice to get to know more behind someone's screenname... The rest of the night was fairly slow and we decided to save our energies for the PSO Tourney the following day which was going to be my first LIVE poker experience...ever!

    Saturday morning came quickly, and I was just so excited to play in a live game!! It was a bit confusing to me to figure out who was in a hand and how many chips were bet, and I was missing the buttons on the computer screen and the automatic totals for bets, pots, and all-in's but I was surprised how easy it was for me to make decisions despite my game probably being less mathematical and more approximated than online. It definitely seemed easier for me to put people on hands, and I really enjoying the social interaction.

    Unfortunately, I was completely card-dead and I don't even think I made a single hand to showdown... I played the best game I knew (which is far from perfect), yet tightly and waited patiently but was left with no chips shortly after the first break and busted against pocket A's about halfway through with Ace-ten (the blinds would have taken me the next hand). Overall, I had an absolute blast playing but I was just sorry that it was over so quickly! I found great consolation in watching Jane and cheering her on to take down 5th place...WOOOHOOO to that!!! Many thanks by the way to Twilliger who made sure to remind me to post the blinds during the tourney (they obviously came around too quickly for me)!

    After the tourney and another round of food later, Jane took me to the Grand where we were hoping to catch a spot in the 4/8 tables... We met up with Debonair and Lite2000 who was flying high from winning the tourney earlier... We all got on the same table after a short wait and started playing when a couple more PSOers joined in.. Despite loosing a rack of chips, I had a blast, and it was so enjoyable playing and learning from the PRO's!! Many thanks to Jane and Debonair for all their advice and ever-so-patient handling of my million questions! You guys ROCK!!!!! :-) So, Saturday came and went way to quickly, and my shuttle was ready to bring me back to the airport early on Sunday morning.

    Sure, I was happy to go back home to see the kids and the hubby but I was so sad that the weekend had come and gone and that I wasn't going to have this much fun with that many great people playing poker for another year :-(

    Thank you to everyone for making this such an incredible experience and unforgettable memory, and my most sincere thanks goes to NewJane for being a true and dear friend. I would have never come to Tunica hadn't it been for you!

    See ya at the tables!

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    Hey, I was very impressed with your play both in the tourney and the ring game!! WOOHOOO!! The only problem with hanging around with a very tall, young and pretty woman, it makes me look -well, you know

    See ya soon on the felt!


    • #3
      NewJane - You looked to me like one of the nicest people I have had the opportunity to meet in ages, but I am going to go out on a limb and guess that wasn't what you were thinking when you wrote that.

      Marisa - You are welcome on the blinds. I used to be notorious for forgetting to post blinds to the point of being irritating to the whole table. I have to work really hard on that so I though I would help you out. Sorry about the AA on your last hand. Regardless, you played very well and were very fun to sit by at the table. See you there next year.


      • #4

        You should have borrowed some aces from that guy on your left (busted the guy on the first hand with 72s). I have never seen anyone turn up so many aces in my life, and all the twos and threes were flowing with great regularity to torax, upsman and myself, hehe. Fun table, despite all the twos...



        • #5
          Marisa it was a great pleasure to meet you and share a table with you. You did quite well despite the result.

          I hope Jane's bad influence didnt rub off on you too badly! 8O Hehehehe

          Looking forward to seeing you again the future.

          Take care!


          • #6

            I agree that I seemed to pull an amazing number of AA starters. Funny thing is 3 of the raises that nobody called were also AA. Wish I could have saved a couple of them for late in the tournament.


            • #7

              Sorry I couldn't remember your username, but then again I can't remember anything.

              Wow, you had three more we didn't see? I have had runs like that, but not for a while. You should have heard our side of the table claiming you knew the dealer and he was dealing off the bottom of the deck, haha...



              • #8
                It was a pleasure to meet you Marisa, see you at the tables.



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