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TrumpinJoe in Tunica

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  • TrumpinJoe in Tunica

    Wednesday after the PSO get together Pokergoddess prevailed upon the Goldstrike to allow us two 4-8 HE tables as long as we kept them full. Eager to get used to the feel of cards and chips once again, I took a seat and proceeded to let the deck hit me over the head. About 3 hours into the game and ahead (before WildBill sat in my seat) I was ready to let someone else have the seat, but found no takers. So I proceeded to put a bad beat on Dandy Don when my flopped Aces full of Tens turned Quads (my 2nd quads of the night, the first being pocket queens that runner-runnered on the turn and river) to beat his pp Jacks when the badbeat jackpot was ~$6500. The chaos of the poker room during the WPO held play up while the hand was verified and other such things. I wound up selling the chips left to New Jane and waiting for the payout and then my pillow.

    Thursday was a uneventful day. I decided to join the group going to Sam's Town for their $30 tournament. Nothing great happened until I decided, for reasons not yet clear, to slowplay pocket Kings on shallow money in early position. One of the blinds hit a piece of the flop, called my all-in and proceeded to catch the rest of the hand to take me out with rags. As, WildBill would say, my play was pure asshat on that one.

    After berating my stupid play, I decided to try the limit event at the Grand. Unfortunately confusion reigned in the tournament sign-up area and not being as patient as Freddieboy, I parted for the GoldStrike, planning to return later to sign-up for Saturday's No-Limit event. True to form, on my return the registration desk was closed due to computer network problems. The day wasn't a total waste however as I managed to chop 3 of the 6 sats I played. And in one I had my third (and final) quads for the trip.

    Friday was the WPO $500 Limit event. Ranger Rick was at my table and TJ Clouthier was one table over. In this event my pattern was to go on a rush for 2-3 rounds then fold junk for 3-4 rounds. The hands I showed down were usually good ones (but I had to show QJo that made a gut-shot str8 on the turn so Ranger Rick could berate me.) With chips and a table image I did manage to force a couple of laydowns, one memorable occaision was when I 66 on a ragged flop that missed as if I had flopped a set (check-call the flop, check-raise the turn) the bettor folded, but probably had overcards. As the tournament progressed several PSO'ers came by with words of encouragement and status of other players. At the third break (about 7 hrs in) it appeared that my goal of making th emoney in my first major event was within reach. I continued to play selectively, but aggressively and the dinner break found me near par with ~44 left and 36 places paid out of 918 entrants (a record).

    More discussions with PSO'ers (thanks to TKO14, Zeroth, and many others) kept me occupied and maintained my sanity. When play resumed, I was confident in my strategy to play tight until in the money and then hyper-aggressive to try to make the final table with a shot at the real money. On the first round after the break I was dealt AcKc and re-raised an open-limp. The flop gave me top pair with a flush draw and the limper check-folded. Little did I know that was to be my last playable hand fo the next two levels. As the clock moved past 11 pm, the blinds escalated and my stack dwindled. AKo, A-Ts (open-raise from 2 off the button), and pocket Tens failed to move chips into my now micro-stack. With A-9 it was time to make a stand. I hit a piece of the flop but a big stacked rivered (a str8 I think) to send me out in 27th for a $2610 payday. HunterII was still alive and made the final table finishing 5th. WTG HunterII aka Vernon!!!

    Saturday brought the PSO tounament where I went out mid-way and HunterII's 5th place finish in the Limit event from Friday.

    IN the $500 No-Limit on Friday I managed to double up by the first break (2 rounds) and again by the 2nd break (5th round). But the ante's kicked in and my cards checked out. Stealing opporutunities were non-existant or re-raised and I went out between 100 and 120th. I did bust out 3 players, all from PSO before suffering my own fate.

    After crashing for a short nap then supper I played a few more sats and called it a night after stopping briefly to chat with a table full of PSO members in the hall out side the tournament room.. With my winnings and bad beat jackpot from the 4-8 and the Limit and satellite results I left Tunica with more cash than when I arrived, but saddened to be leaving behind friends both new and old.

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