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Tunica so far

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  • Tunica so far

    Well here it is Wednesday and all is well in Tunica. Most of the PSO'ers are gone or about to leave and that is sad for me. It is so much fun with Oil Doe, Zip, Win4Win, Goddess, Rudy, Indy Bob, DocH, etc etc etc, here. Oh and MANY other names I cannot begin to remember. Sheesh. I sometimes wear shirts with MY name on them so I can remember who I am. hehe

    For me things have run fairly well. I don't try to keep up with Wild Bill and others in the drinking department. I found many years ago that if I did drink that the next day people would tell the most outrageous storys about me. So... I tend to keep away from the stuff for the most part.

    I played last Fridays limit tournament and got to see Trumpin Joe and Hunter both make the money. I was short stacked, down to two chips, from 90 players left. I survived 7 all ins and even trippled up once only to finally take KQ off suit with just enough money to raise and run into Hunter with AA. Oh well... Finished 44th out of 900+ so felt good about that even though I didnt get a check.

    Played a few sats while here and am doing well there. Chopping 4 of 7 so far. So a little ahead.

    Saturday was the PSO tourney which was brief for me. I tried an all in bluff against a hand I KNEW was ahead but the opponent called and I was out. Oh well.

    I left there and headed for the sats. Trouble is the event for the day, pot limit omaha was taking so many tables that I couldnt get a satellite to play. So I went downstairs to play some craps. Tables were full and I hate fighting for a spot so I just went to eat. Oh I might have stopped by a few slot machines.. hehe

    When I came back the cash games were going so I sat in a 5/10 no limit where I cash out a winner after about 6 hours. Not a big win but decent.

    I played Sundays No-Limit event which I thought maybe I could qualify for the tour event. I was out in an hour and a half. Never had any big hands no big cracked hands or anything just had second place each hand I played.

    Played the pot limit 5/10 cash game on Monday and ended with a loss after 10 hours. Just couldnt get any hands. I had one streatch where I didnt get a hand to play for over 3 hours. Sheesh.. and I wasnt even playing that tight.

    Tuesday I decided to play the pot limit holdem event. Pot limit is not one of my strongest games but I am rapidly learning to like it. Manipulating the pot up early so when you do hit the big hand you can make a real decent size raise is something I never much thought about before. In any case I get a real good run most of the day and end up in the money going out 22nd. I had two bets left and though the pot had been raised I look down to see AQ. I reraise all in and find myself up against pocket 10's. Flop comes a ten and the river is another ten. So it took quads to get me out. hehe

    I have the next two days off as there are no holdem events and I plan on pounding satellites and cash games to pay the entries into the Friday limit event.

    Thats all I can think of for now. Wish you all were still here.

    Oh and depraved ... I missed seeing you here this time.

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    WTG in the Pot Limit evemt Rick.


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      Thanks Joe.. I take you left. I cant figure out who is here and who isnt. Amy and AZ are but not sure of ...oh yah.. hand a nice talk with another whos name escapes me.. anyways...

      just relaxing a bit .. hit the slots for $350 a few minutes ago.. that don't make me even though. lol

      Oh well back to work.. to the tables ...


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        WTG Rick congrats!

        Thanks for the ride sorry bout getting you up so early! :lol:


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          Hey no problem Jer.. was glad to do it! My car just sits there every year and was glad we could find someone who needed a ride.

          Was more than happy to accomodate. Don't worry about the getting up early I get up a 6 just about every day anyway.


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            Okay then....apologize to me for answering the door in your Fruit O' The Looms! Ackkkk IM BLIND!!!! 8O

            Hahahahehhehehheee! Looking forward to your next report!


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              hehe... well you wake me in the early morn you take your chances... lol

              Well things around here have changed dramatically. The only PSO'ers I know of still here are rustynail, joybell, and torax. Just walked from the poker room to the elevators with T in fact.

              By changing I mean... most of the tourists are gone. The poker room is about half as full as it was the first week. That leaves mostly name players and pros from around the country. Every day a few more arrive.

              Which also means the sats are really tough now. I played 5 $120 sats yesterday and never won any! in fact was out early in all of them. Never got past 5th place.

              The SuperSats are the same way, playing against, Avaz (sp?), Hershel, Mark Seif, oh.. I forget all the names.. but it really is tough.

              I am doing better in the supers though.. getting to the last three tables but not much farther so far.

              Today (Friday) is the $1000 buy in Limit event. I made it to about 100 players (258 entries) and then got stupid. Took a large stack and turned it into an empty stack. sheesh. Oh well.

              The next two days are Omaha events which I dont play so will concentrate on cash games and play a few sats. It is the weekend and the local folks are here so the poker room is full again. Next week it will be all pros again..

              Stay tuned and I will keep ya posted...



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