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WPO $500 NL

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  • WPO $500 NL

    this is the hands that i played and results i will comment

    1st table has me and indybod and 1 tournament pro named tony
    1st level blinds 5-15
    kk utg raise to 50 all fold
    2nd level blinds 15-30
    A K late postion i raise to 200 all fold
    3rd level blinds 25-50
    55 limp late with 3 others flop 5d ts 9d i bet 150 and rerasied to 400. i push all in feeling he was on flush draw and he had a 7 dd no help and i am now table leader.

    limp wiht 64 hh after 3 limper and hit top pair all check i win
    limp from sb with kj flop k 6 2 i check tony c. bets 50 i call we check it down i win

    4th level 50-100
    sb raises my bb i have q7 call flop q 5 4 he bets i raise 100 he folds

    JJ 1 before button i raise to 300 reraise to 800 by button bb moves all in for 750 more I think long time and lay down my jacks button had ak bb had qq flop came a k 8 j 2. WOW

    5th level 100-200 table change In the 4 seat is Scotty nygeyn 5 seat is humberto Brenes and in seat ten is pham who had won the limit event 2 days earlier. im in seat 9. nothing exciting for this time other than scotty knocking brenes out on a draw both got all theier chips in with a draw and scotty had q2 and 2 on board gave pair.

    tt late postion utg raise it to 500 and all in i call he has a j i win

    button raise 300 with kt i win

    6th level 100-200 $25 ante new table
    late postion i raise to 600 with A j cc sb reraise me 1300 he is all in i have 5k in chips long thought process i call it is 2 to 1 i have seen him make same move with 2 small pairs so i call reluctantly and say I know im behind hope its a coinflip. he has a q i double him. I take a break for second now dont want to let it bother me.

    7th level 200 -400 $50 ante
    bb middle postion lplayer limps so does sb (jim lester) flop 6 4 2 sb check i bet 200 mp folds sb rerasie me 1200 i fold he shows me the 4.

    2 hands later im button i have tt lester in seat 10 raises to 600 i know he is using his stack which is bigggggggggg and i want to make money here so i call with tt on the button. ( mistake) if i move all in there i take down the pot. Sb also calls flop comes Q99 lester bets 600 i think long time and tell myself i have already screwed up let it go i fold sb calls ace on turn lester bet sb moved all in. told me later he had ace.

    I move to table 40 along with jim lester I tell him immediatly i cant let you keep outplaying me i have to move in on you or fold. he laughs.

    In the next 5 rounds i play exactly i move in with AA, KK, QQ, JJ and once and from late postion with A Q QT KJ I had also moved in on a real tight player with aq he called with a 9 and that is 2nd player i took out.

    My stack never gets over 10 k i get called just the 1 time with A 9. the blinds rite before dinner break are 800-1600 200 ante Now this is strange but im at a new table i have exactly 1500 left in chips after puttin in my bblind it is checked to the button who is a player wearing a pso hat he ask the dealer to count me down and after finding out i only have 1500 more he fold so does the sb. It was Bob Ciaffone. I knew the sb was tight from the supersat the nite before. This play really amazed me he had a tremendous amount of chips both of them and neither put me in well 54 was good. next hand i move all in with A 2 and win the pot it is now dinner break and i have 9500 in chips.

    I talk to Sbjenson on the break he tells me he has 12k and 1 player has less than me. doesnt take long till we are down to 38 players and i am the bb i look down at 44 and the tight player in the small blind raises my bblind i have about 4300 left in chips i know he is b ig time so i fold and tell him i mighta made a mistake he shows me QQ. i knew it. Well next round it all happens.

    Im over 10 hours into the tourney when im the bb and only have 800 chips left. i havent had a hand to play i got lucky with the bb situation and the A 2 Bob Ciafonne who laid down earlier raised me now and i k new he had a hand I have q t and say out loud well this is it i gotta dance he turns over 77 and my q t doesnt improve. Im getting up when everyone says sbjenson is in. What is ironic is he had moved in before me and the bb was debating for so long that my hand actually finished before his did. He actually had a flush draw and i was yelling for the diamond. I wanted one of us to make the big dance. They claimed it was a tie. I think i was more let down that i didnt catch a card. My stack never got over 10k i only played a total of 19 hands the whole day I SAY IT AGAIN I ONLY PLAYED 19 HANDS my blinds were released to me 3 times during the day I took 3 players out I was as patient as a person could be. My downfalls werrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre in 1 hours time i got AA kk QQ & jj and not once did i get a call. This kept me from building a stack. I knew that if i could get chips i would make the finale table. NO DOUBT IN MY MIND. But that is how the cookie crumbles.

    I want to thank all the players that were sitting around even if yall were making to much noise... LOL Some pso players were berated buy a player in the 10 seat.

    Another instance that happend trumpin joe was moved to my talbe and Jim lester was asked by aonther player if he played at pso he said no and then commented that those pso players sure play fast another pro piped in and said yep 1 gear forward. Neither me or joe had our shirts or hats on so we just had the mutal eye glance at each other. I actually had mine on under my shirt and was going to make a big issue of it once i was in the money oh well next year.

    Not sure Fast is the answer but many players from here have established that so take advantage of it in the future.

    Mark and Tina as always are the best They make the poker world a wonderful place to beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. best of luck to everyone.[/b]

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    Great report Freddie. Some of those fast comments were probably from people that played on my tables, LOL. I played very fast the whole tourney. That ended up killing me in the end when we got down to about 90, but not sure I would change anything I did, my stack was created by making people lay down hands, and playing aggressive, I then got alot of play when I had big hands also. The hand I lost a big portion of my chips on was when the blind levels were at 300-600, antes were 75. I was in the cutoff with Qh Th, I had about 8000TC at this point, it was folded around to me, I raised to 1800TC, Button folds, SB folds, BB calls. I played with the player in the BB on 2 other tables during the day, he made some moves with weak hands in early positions, Ax, AT,KQ, etc, this in mind, I put him on Ax, possibly a big A, my thought was that if he had any type of playable pair, he would have came over the top of me. He had 5200 chips after calling my raise. Flop came 5d 2d 2s, BB checks, this really makes me feel he has a big ace, I figured if he has anything like 88 or 99, he pushes because he got the flop he was looking for, I bet 5200 TC to push him in, at this point, he counts his chips, looks at me, looks at the dealer, looks up at the ceiling, he repeats this cycle about 4 times, lasting about a minute and a half, finally he looks at me and states, "I know I am beat, but I have to call". He turns over JJ, I am about as surprised as I have ever been in my life. I really thought I had a read on this guy, well, I wasn't even close. As I said, I went out somewhere between 90-100. I felt pretty good about the way I played before this hand, made a huge mistake, but learned alot from it. Watch out for Kailyn31 at future PSO Invitational tournies, I had the time of my life in Tunica, and will make a few trips to play these tournies, anxious to meet some more PSO'ers.


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      Thanks for sharing your experiences Freddie and Kai. Enjoyed reading them.


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        Excellent report....thanks for posting. It was good to see you again Fred.


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          Great play, you guys. I wish you all the best in the future & hope to meet you in the finals



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