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Tunica Grand 3rd place

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  • Tunica Grand 3rd place

    With nothing todo and walking to the poker room me and mr prudent run into sbjenson & Richie Rich, they say they are going to the grand to play a limit holdem tourney we ride over in sb rental car. We get there and stand in line finally at the desk at 3:15 and MrPrudent gets signed in along with a couple other pso players kailine and cant rember other. They say no more it is closed. well we end up waiting for Todd to get his money back and they find a couuple more tables and set them up when some man gets mad and says he has to go would anyone like to buy his seat i say sure.

    Tourney starts and im the button first hand is raised around to me and i tend to limp early in these limit events with good hand it is raised i have qq. the flop comes a j 9 a raising war breaks out and i fold. ( no sense donating money.) same thing happens 1 hour later and i lay down kk. around 280 runners and lots of slow dealers but i end up making the break with out a rebuy. i do the add on and i go back to my sit and wait game. the tourney started at 430pm well about 10 pm the hand that made my tourney was dealt i had ak utg raises i smooth call. He is a solid aggressive player. flop comes 9 high rags. I think he has Ace somthing or a middle pair. he bets i reraise for information purposes he reraises. i think a long time i still have plenty of chips do i lay it down pot is to big i call and ace hits flop. Now i feel i have best hand. he bets and i think and just call. river is no help and he bets out now i am down to my last few chips so i raise and i know i have the winner when he reluctantly calls. now i am in top three in stacks i stay this way thru the tourney. when down to 19 players i tell the table you tournament is at risk not mine. I rerasie 7 hands in a row and not once do i get a call. they just smile at me.

    we get to 18 players at around 11pm they want to all save 3k. Minh ngyng is wanting to because he only has 3 k in chips left i have over 100k they tell me they will give me 3500 i still say no. at least 2 of them are cussing me. I think its humourous. And tell them all its my first tourny. funny how they were trying so hard to persuade me. I take 3 more players out and were down to 13 they all want to chop once again i say no way im not chopping.

    we make the finale table at about 12am and i still dont deal we get down to 5 players and i lock up 5 grand down to 4 and 1 grand more . we say 1st gets trophy and 50% 2nd 30% 3rd 20%. I am card dead whole finale table i get no hand higher than Ace 3. at around 2am i make a play at the pot with the A 3. and loose. I finish 3rd and cash for $7152

    It was a very patient and wait game. I folded some big hnads i really wanted that trophy.

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    Kickass wtg Fred!

    If i told everyone it was my first tourney they wouldnt have any trouble believing me! 8O


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      Freddieboy da Man!

      A belated congrats to you! Nice haul, my friend. This would be another one I would love to see on video, especially where those guys were cussing you and you skeeeering 8O the table into paralysis. lol.

      So glad to see a couple of my favorite players and guys who have helped me learn and enjoy this game starting off the New Year right, with some serious cha ching. Congrats again on winning the Friday night tourney last night.



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