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Tunica Convention 2004

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  • Tunica Convention 2004

    Anyone expecting this to not be a self-indulgent and long-winded waste of the time it took to read has never met me nor read any of my previous reports. There are several accusations of asshattedness, many lame attempts at humor, some discussion of poker I played and no redeeming social value whatsoever. Consider yourself warned.

    The darn title bar wont let me give this report the title I had selected due to space limitiations. Which, come to think of it, is actually not a bad metaphor for the report itself.

    Packing the Surrealistic Sardine Can. How to cram a metric butt-ton of fun into 5 days of drinking laughing and hugging while playing the occasional game of poker.

    I have been back from Tunica for over 12 hours now and the withdrawal pangs are hitting me far harder than any deck of cards did all week.

    My trip starts with a fitful nights sleep on Tuesday. I felt a lot like a 6 year old on the night before christmas, just waiting for the night to end so I could haul my big old behind 8 hours up the road to see all of my old pokerschool friends, make new pokerschool friends, play poker, discuss poker, tell and be told bad beats, while consuming mass quantities of beer, food and cigarettes. Why would any rational man be excited by this? I dont know, I havent been a rational man in years.

    I get up and shower an hour before I need to leave to pick up the Muzzeys, and take the first bad beat of the trip. The phone rings and upsman tells me the airline has no record of his reservations, which we had made in Nov, and, foolishly I guess, not checked on since. Said reservation having been made using FF miles, I quickly descended into customer service (circus) h ell. Over an hour of phone calls, internet chat and various levels of cussing, yelling and begging result in his being allowed to fly only 6 hours after his scheduled flight, and then only if I can get to the airport and sign various paperwork to assure the airline that he isnt running some scam attempting to steal my precious FF miles. Good thing the airport is only 45 minutes in the opposite direction that I want to go. Dan, I apologize again for the mixup, I know for a fact that if our positions had been reversed I would not have been nearly as reasonable nor as calm about the situation as you were. I am glad you made it. The airline gets a big asshat, and I get a small one for not ensuring all was in order

    So. After a high speed run to and from the airport, I manage to show up at Jay and Jen's place only 2.5 hours late. We load the luggage, and with the Dinardos following behind take off for Tunica. As usual, poker was talked, world problems were solved, and hippie music was heard, interspersed with occasional phone calls from zipman bragging about the fun he was already having.

    We finally arrive and I am psyched to get into action. Jay badly wants to freshen up before seeing pokerschoolers so he drags Jen off to check in and make himself pretty. I know better than to think anything short of major surgery will make me presentable so I head straight for the Gold Strike pokerroom to see how much trouble I can get into.

    What a surprise to find 2 rollicking 4-8 games of pokerschoolers only. The goddess has used her influence to have these tables designated for us, and is keeping her own brush list. I sign up and commence to hugging everyone who will let me near them. Including several non-pokerschoolers who were, shall we say, not excited by the large smiling man grabbing them, giving them a hearty fanny pat and making impolite offers.

    Beer began flowing into my body at impressive rates. TrumpinJoe, needing to vent some of his own beer, offered to let me play his stack of chips. Heh, these people never learn. I sit down and, given that it isnt my money, instantly tip the dealer 5 chips. Hands are dealt, and the a7 I receive is more than enough to call the raise (did I mention I wasnt playing my own money?) and, to make a long story short, win a big old pot. Just as I was dragging the large pot (tipping the dealer another 5) Joe returned so I didnt even need to do the work of stacking all the chips. Heh again.

    Although I guess it counts as another bad beat that Joe didnt stay gone long enough and he was sitting in his own seat when he hit the small end of the bad beat jackpot. Dandy Don took the big end, and every hold-em player in the room took down a whopping $49.67 table share. WooHoo!

    Thursday arrived and sadly, a bunch of us blew off the speakers to go play a no-limit tourney at Sams Town. I played poorly (like that ever happens) and busted early. Oh well. We roll back to the strike and fun happens. Many beers, a few sats, and the opportunity to discuss poker with some great minds. All kidding aside, I enjoyed the strategy debates I engaged in all weekend more than any part of the trip. Sadly, if I mention the names of the people I learned the most from, I will leave someone off and offend them and we all know that I hate to be offensive.

    I truly and completely sucked at satelite play all weekend long. Congrats to all the real players who were winning and chopping them, I never got within smelling distance of the money.

    Friday. Bob Ciaffone and Barry Tannanbaum scheduled to speak. Both were mighty excellent. Rudie and IndyBob's wedding was wonderful. How Bob managed to bag such a wonderful lady is the question that will never be answered to my satisfaction. Good Luck, Good Health and Good Hands to both of them. TrumpinJoe makes the money in the Limit Hold-em Tourney. Hunter makes the final Table. Another whopping WooHoo!

    I continue to suck in sats but poker discussions and great fun when not playing poker continue.

    Saturday. The PSO tourney. Actually, the pre tourney breakfast. Something over 100 of us descend on the Buffet at the horseshoe and good food and chat is had. It is later reported by the pokeroom manager that a grand total of 18 dollars in tips were collected. We pokerschoolers earn a big asshat. I hate to preach but hey, especially when eating a free freaking meal, drop a buck before you leave. Zipman and Tina kindly rectified this sorry situation by making up a decent tip from their own pockets, and the rest of us owe the poor waitresses and Bob and Tina a big apology.

    On to the tourney. Heh, the karma from breakfast caught us quickly. After the mixup from seat assignments was sorted out, we played NLHE. The structure was such that from the start of the 3rd round, the field was short stacked. and given that the rounds were 20 minutes, that didnt give a lot of time to work. I know, sour grapes. If I had done better I would be swearing that it was pure skill but since I didnt..... And the crowd of non-pokerschoolers in the room made it difficult for the final table to be as fun and rowdy as last years. Oh well, that is the price we pay for having our convention at the WPO I guess.

    RustyNail cashes big in the NLHE tourney at the Grand. Another hearty WooHoo!

    I missed out on the trip to the strip club. But I must mention that Amy the oil doe did not. My imagination has run wild wondering how she managed to get tipped by one of the dancers but Amy does claim that no nudity on her part was involved. If it had been I would be much more disapointed for missing the trip. And I am sure her report will include details.

    Sunday. The 500 NLHE. Big bucks and a seat at the PSO Live Tour tourney on the line. I could write another 10 pages on my play in this one, but I will leave it at, I doubled up the second hand of the tourney, played 8.5 hours with many name pros, never once had AA or KK preflop and finished 43rd of 950 entrants. I guess it is a sign that I have a pretty good life that my finish in this tourney was a crushing disapointment. To get so close and not make the money, much less the final table which would have been a dream come true, brought me close to tears. The last four hands I played are still running through my head 2 days later. I was lucky, but the luck ran out too soon.

    Freddyboy and sbjensen, tie for 36th and get cash! Another WooHoo! Next year there WILL be a pokerschooler at the final table of this event I am sure of it.

    Oh well. Great fun was once again had. I collected a fantastic bunch of experiences. I am sorry to those who didnt have the chance to come this year, and hope they will manage to get to the next one. I made some new friends and got to hang with some old ones again, I hope to see everyone again ASAP.

    I saved some anecodotes to post as replies as trip reports start to accumulate.

    Mark and Tina, thanks again for your wonderful job.


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    Great report Bill, almost as good as being there myself (ok, so I exaggerate a little there)!


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      Thanks for your report!

      WildBill thank you for the great trip report! Sounds like everyone had a great time, hopefully I will be able to make it next year and post my own report!!!!



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        Thank you for sharing your Tunica experiance with us. Personally I appreciate the time you spent to bring us a little closer to Tunica.




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