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1st BM Experience

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  • 1st BM Experience

    Finally got around to playing in my first BM thanks to a trip to Vegas. Simple daily tournament at the Luxor ($25+3 LHE for first 5 blinds I think and then it went to NL) with I think 40 people and 4 alternates.

    I was extremely nervous too. A couple bathroom breaks prior to the seating.. Finally we all get seated and playing. On my first call, my hands were shaking quite a bit. Heh, in fact, I think I got callers for the shakes alone. I don't even recall the hand I played, but I ended up folding it on the river to a bigger bet (the board wasn't kind). A few hands later I take some small pots and then finally the bit pot. I played KJo and a king hit on the flop. I raised preflop, king hit on the river and bet into it (had 3 callers I think), then jack hit on 4th street to which I bet strong. 2 callers and the dealer goes, "I don't think they believe you" (of course, being the smart arse that I am, I go "I don't think they do either). On the river I finish it off and go all in as I didn't have many chips left. The only caller at that point ended up having 2 pair (K2o) to my KJ.

    That hand put me as the chip leader at the table, so I went to playing pretty tight and letting the table beat itself up. I did play some other hands in there including one that went all-in against another and we both had AKo.

    I did make some mistakes playing too. I had the nuts flush on 4th street and instead of smooth calling the better in front of me, I reraised him and scared him away. Another hand, I was chasing a flush and let myself get pushed out for a medium sized bet with the flush card hitting on the river (another nut flush too and this pot had 2 players in it).

    All in all it was a blast. Oh and I did make the final table and placed 3rd. I had 2nd as the 3rd person at the table had enough for 1 round only, but I messed up and went all-in against the big chip stack when I should have known he was gonna call (he had just called 2 all-ins in a row). It was my 88 against his A9o with his Ace hitting on the flop.


    The following day, I went back and played a $1/$2 table. After about an hour, I broke even after tips to the dealer. So, I was quite happy with that since I don't play tables very much (I'm a tourney format player).


    As for the entire trip, I lost money thanks to playing "Let it Ride"; however, I can't complain too much on that as my brother hit quad queens at 50:1 payout and won like $1200. Oh and the night before a guy at our table hit a full house and won $10,000 and some change.

    Also, not poker related, but we stayed at the MGM grand and Wednesday night was the Billboard Music awards at the MGM Grand. Boy was it something to see some of the people running around the casino after the awards (I don't think I saw anybody famous, but boy was there some interesting clothing, or perhaps I should say lack of it).

    Anyhow... Thank you Poker School for the lessons. They paid off!

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    Good Job EQ!

    Just a quick thought, when you had the nut flush on the turn and re-raised, you may not have made a bad move. I would really need to know the betting involved in the hand, but if he had 2 pair, you may have scared off a potential full house. Maybe he was stealing, but just maybe he was smart enough to lay down a good hand with a better one on the board. Great job and next time dont blow your winnings at the tables

    I have a question for anyone who would it appropriate for a dealer to make a statement like " I dont think they believe you" in the middle of a hand. I have never played a live tourney, but I don't think I would want the dealer commenting on my play.


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      Mr Bitterness,
      As with most things poker, the answer depends. It depends on the table dynamics. In most of these small daily tounaments, the players are usually engaging in friendly bantor, and especially if there are "newbies" playing. The comment the dealer made, in this case, "I don't think they believe you" was itself, hamless enough. The dealer had no idea whether the better had a hand or not, so his comment was basically generic, and most likely said to ease some tension for the new player.



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        That's good enough for me....thanks Goddess


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          Wow, what a great finish to the first B&M tournament.

          Great report on your trip. I wish we all could have that kind of experience.


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            The dealer was quite the humorous one and no one seemed to mind (I certaintly didn't as it did help with the nervousness). In fact at one point, I called and was umm, stuck with the math due to nervousness. So, he goes "Higher math getting to ya?" and makes the change for me (all in good humor).

            Next step is to check out the local tourneys... (Kansas City Casinos).


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              Nice Nice

              Grats EQSnowman on the tourney results. Very inspiring
              Will watch for more posts from your journeys

              52 nec :twisted:


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                Great report - I will be following in your footsteps for the Luxor tournament.

                Question for you: Where did you play the 1/2 table?



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