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Last night's live pub game

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  • Last night's live pub game

    I've started to go back to my live pub poker game. It's a £10 + £5 rebuy with an optional (but essential) £10 top up. It's not a great structure but it's loaded with fish.

    I didn't play any live for the past year mainly because of the bad beats in this game. Nobody can fold which might be a good thing but you seriously bang your head at times. I know I should be happy but when I play online with a bad beat, I can just open up another table. In this, when you lose your chips you're out.

    I've played the past 3 weeks, the first week coming nowhere while winning it last week for £240. I did play like a maniac in those 2 weeks, doing things I wouldn't normally do online but I'd like to share last night's game with you.

    Very first hand I was dealt QQ in early position. The blinds were 5/10 so I done the sensible raise to 100 (10x BB lol), as I said nobody folds so you really have to over charge for your premium. There were 9 at the table and I had 3 callers.

    Q53 flop and utg leads out with a 250 bet. I flat called and the caller on the button shoved all in. UTG called in an instant and so did I. UTG had A5o an the button had Q3o and I scooped the pot. It's really frustrating though. I know that's what you want but invariably you lose with your premiums as nobody folds.

    I had a stack and didn't need to risk much more. I scooped a couple of small pots, never risked all my chips and mostly folded until the rebuys ended. I easily folded AKs in a 4 way pot all in and I finished the rebuys with a healthy stack.

    18 players in all with the top 3 paid. I reached the final table without playing a hand (card dead).

    Final 8 I was first to exit. Small blind raised into me, I had KsQs and called flop came QdTd3s, he checked, I raised all in (I had around the pot left in my stack), he called in an instant and showed AdJd. The turn was the Qd and he hit a Royal Flush.

    I made a major mistake in this hand as my opponent was tight aggressive like me. He wasn't raising without a hand and KQs was a fold against him (not to most at this table BTW). I ran the hand through pokerstove and he was 51% favourite. I never made a mistake by shoving but if you're going to go out then do it in style. I never won the flip but that's poker, I played like a donkey the week before and won it so anyone can get lucky.

    I don't think I'm a good live player, I can't pick on tells or read a table like I can online but I've noticed a few things in this game.

    Nobody folds pre, if you get a hand bet it, and bet it hard. I would never overbet online but in this game you need to charge a premium. My QQ hand set me up until the rebuys had finished. The guy next to me had 7 rebuys playing almost every hand.

    Nobody 3 bets. Everyone's a calling station, if you raise then you are certain of a caller but top pair, bottom pair or any draw is a call. Again if you get a hand bet it, you almost certainly are ahead. If you 3 bet you still get the callers because if they have a chip in the pot, even if it's a small blind, they feel it's their chips to defend (my mistake on my exit hand)

    Suited cards are MONSTERS! hands like Q5s are an instant call to a raise. I notice this online at micro stakes but the same happens in live games, they will not fold any part of the flop whether it's a flush draw or bottom pair.

    We'll see over the coming weeks if I can make this profitable.

    PS for anyone contemplating playing live just do it. There are more bad players than good in this game and if you only took a little of PSO with you, you will do well.
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