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big change in live poker

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  • big change in live poker

    i went to a little live tourney last night at my local casino and i noticed a few req players that have changed the way they play due to the new ish pokerstars app for there ipads they was playing in the tourney while playing on pokerstars this changed there game massively one of the players that i new was a lag player and very good at noticing different tells on the tables played more like a nit in the tourney for the first half and missed so many chances to steel blinds and pots from other overly tight players i really dont know if this will be good or bad for live games if more people start doing this im no pro but if you see someone on your live table doing this its so easy to take advantage of them in so many situations.

    (i do think the app is a good thing but personally i do not advise a player to use it while playing live it was just so easy to steel pots from him and in the end the blinds killed him will not be surprised if this happens more often to him if he carry's on like this)

    whats your opinion to playing live while you are on pokerstars with the app?

    i have never used the app if anyone was wondering

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    Hiya Coca

    In my experience most Poker Rooms do not allow you to be playing on your phone or tablet well playing at the tables, so I do find it odd but assume there always some rooms that will.

    As for anyone who is at my table doing this I will be ready for them to not be paying full attention to the game at hand and I all for that

    Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables


    7 Time Bracelet Winner


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      I agree with TOO2COO on this one. The casinos that I've played in do not allow you to have electronic devices on while at the table.
      Anyone trying to do that though.... should be missing a number of things at the table and if they do, I'm more than happy to take full advantage of it.

      John (JWK24)

      6 Time Bracelet Winner


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        thats why i also found it very strange ive seen someone have to take a urgent
        phone call at the table but he wasn't in the hand and he left the table for two minutes in a cash game witch we all understood because he did give us all
        pre warning he might get a phone call but besides that one time i found it
        very odd and stupid i do hope it was a one off thing like the casino was trying it out if not im taking full advantage



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