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PSO carve up at Napoleons

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  • PSO carve up at Napoleons

    Jim(Serpico) and I have been going to our local B&M for over a year now and we've had our fair share of wins but until last week we had never been at the final table(final table is in the money) together.

    Last week Jim went out in 7th(correct me if ive duped you a place mate) with TT against my JJ and I went on to split it when we got down to 3.

    This week however was a different story. I shan't bore with a hugely long detailed report of the whole event(its 3-30am as I write) but a few choice moments will do.

    The game is PLHE £5 entry with a 2 hour unlimited £5 rebuy and £5 addon. The game is wild(they would love Pokerpages they would think it a tight game) I rebought 2 times early on and manged to make a medium size stack after that. I purchased the addon as we went into the freeze out.

    The first incident of note happened an hour later. I was getting a little low stacked and it was folded round to me in mid position and I see A5 :h:. Not the greatest of hands but I've a very strong table image so I raise the pot. The player 2 to my left reraises the pot, I think while everyone else folds and decide to muck it. Much to the disgust of everyone else at the table until the other guy turns over AA. I lost nearly half my chips there but managed to make a few back with some luck in the blinds.

    In the UK the blinds are called antes and they are usually the same amount (eg 1000/1000) this means that later on if it comes round to the antes un raised you both get to check, fortunatly i hit a couple of top pair top kickers and manged to double thru with garbage a couple of times.
    As the game progressed I dwindled down quite a bit and I watched the guy who reraised me early hit hand after hand winning huge pots constantly while i keep on folding my 62os and q4os. Then we reached 11 left and went hand for hand. This where I usually start to build my stack up but not this week. I got absolutly nothing but fortunatly we finally made the final table.

    At this point I have 15000 chips but the antes are 4000/4000, but I finally find a hand, AA mid position with one limper I get my chips in and they all fold, nearly a double thru. I get lucky a couple of times in the antes again. Then im in the SB position with AT os, UTG raises the pot, 40k to me, ive got 55k left, I think about it and decide I dont need to do this yet and fold, my opponent shows A9os, never mind. Again a lot of the table seem surpised I passed but I felt that as I couldnt reaise all in until after the flop(underraise) I wasnt going to risk what was at best a coin flip and I could be miles behind.
    At last the 5th place goes out and as im quite short stacked compared to the other 3 I suggest a deal. There is a little discusion and we agree to chop. £280 each with £89 for the drinks girls(£280 = $480) not bad for an outlay of £20.

    I know this is called "PSO carve up at Napoleons" and that is because joining me in the carve up was Jim.

    So a highly enjoyable and profitable night had by both of us and as we discussed afterwards we owe it all to PSO.

    Without PSO I would be just another idiot playing terrible and losing money, so if anyone ever asks whether PSO is worth it I would have to answer an undisputed YES

    Yours eternly grateful to PSO

    Steve 8) 8) 8)

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    Re: PSO carve up at Napoleons

    Originally posted by bdcuk

    Without PSO I would be just another idiot playing terrible and losing money, so if anyone ever asks whether PSO is worth it I would have to answer an undisputed YES

    Yours eternly grateful to PSO

    Steve 8) 8) 8)
    My good friend is totally wrong on one thing here. Without PSO neither of us would be losing money at the poker tables, simply because without PSO neither of us would have had the gumption to have paid to enter any real money tourney.PSO has given us the tools to play along with more experienced B&M players with the knowledge that for the most part we know that we can outplay them.

    Play goot!


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      Steve, & Jim,

      Great, Great! What else is left to be said. WTG



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