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    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for advice on playing at the tables if a regular you have played with in previous games engages in 'a staring war" staring at you as you observe the table. I welcome your comments. Cheers,


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    Hi "theKing"Stu,

    Welcome to the forum. Here's a link that will help to get you familiar with all that PSO has to offer.

    Usually when regulars at your local card club or casino do the stare down war, they are trying to pick up some physical tells that will give away your hand strength. Do not be intimidated by it. Just keep your posture up right (not stiff, but relaxed) with your elbows on the arm rest and hands on the table sprawled out comfortably. It would also be wise to wear sunglasses and a cap to avoid the regulars soul reading ability. Look at your whole cards only when it is your turn to act at the table "preflop".

    Hope this helps and best of luck at the tables

    Thank you for being a member of

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      I would like to encourage more responses by our other members of the forum on this topic! umbup:

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        Hi "theKing"Stu! Having sunglasses could help, but since I need regular glasses, I don't wear any. If someone wants to do the staredown with me. What I'll do so that I don't give anything away is that I won't look at them, I'll be looking at something else (something else going on in the casino, tv, etc). The key is... I do the same thing when I have a hand that I do when I don't have a hand. If I did something different, then the opp could pick up on something. One thing that I do live is that when the cards are dealt, I wait until it's my turn to look at my cards becuase I want to watch the others when they look at their cards. This is normally the easiest time to pick up a tell on someone. What they do with their cards, do they look like they will play the hand, etc. Many players will do one thing if they want to keep their cards and something else if they're going to muck. If you can pick up on this and get an idea when they will muck, then it can help in determining what to do. Good luck at the tables.umbup: John (JWK24)

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          Take a picture of him with your phone
          When fish are in schools they sometimes take debate.


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            Personally, I don't recommend showing up to a low stakes i.e. 1/2NL table with sunglasses and a hoodie. Unless it's a table full of young players who are all doing it, you're not gonna get taken seriously. I wear a ball cap which is very handy at hiding your eyes when you're heads up getting the staredown. I would however, recommend you leave your poker branded hats/shirts etc. at home. It screams newbie. Once you get accepted into the clique and have proven yourself, MAYBE you can break out the logos....maybe. lol

            Players need to remember your eyes are only one of many, many places a player will find your tells. Your hands, your movement in your seat, your facial expressions, your breathing, your pulse...on and on. One of the biggest tells I have found on players is their bets and the position they make them from, so the glasses and hoody aren't going to camouflage that.

            I have seen guys sit down with their hoodies and glasses and get felted first hand they play because they don't know how to play older players, they are over-confident and try to run a big bluff, or they just plain don't have any live experience. The other favourite is the "Hellmuth" wannabe who sits down and starts declaring how he's gonna crush everyone, how he plays in Vegas, how great he is....then gets destroyed first hand.

            I started playing 1/2NL live games earlier this year and I got the same deal from regulars where I play. You will find very quickly that you will be the outsider until you play regularly, show some skills, and get to know the regulars. It's best to pay attention to the personality types you are dealing with too, as Barry says in his book. You will certainly see them ALL at low limit games and you need to know how to play them accordingly so reading some good books on live poker is definitely something to consider doing.

            But, get to know them, get friendly with some of them, but NEVER feel so friendly that you give away anything. I have not told ANYBODY at the casino about my playing experience, or anything about my game. They may be smiling and friendly, but remember they are trying to take your money too and will use everything you give them. I NEVER show my cards and while everybody seems to want to show their hands where I play, I won't do it. No free info.


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              Hi rednoize. Welcome to the forum. whether you are playing live or online there is lots of information here to help make you a winner. Here is a link to an overview of the site.

              A good thing about playing online is that you never have to worry about giving off a tell to the whole table that you just floped the nuts. On the other hand, if you can pick up some tells from the other players, it can make many decisions so much easier. A whole new aspect of the game for online players to learn.

              Good luck
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