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Limit Omaha/8 Tournament

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  • Limit Omaha/8 Tournament

    I played at Rio Rita and Joe All-in's semi-regular Tuesday night tournament here in Austin last night and for once I made out like a bandit. I arrived late and missed the first few hands including my blinds and then proceeded to sit through another 10 or so hands without paying for a flop or turn. After the blinds started going up I got a few hands and given my tight early play I was even given a little respect. It also helped that I choose to play only quality hands early on. (Thanks Rolf!)

    I was only up a little bit when my first interesting hand hit. I caught a straight on the turn but when it came it also put 3 clubs on the board. But since I had the naked A of clubs I quickly raised a bet into me and that raise successfully folded out a J high flush behind me. That pot put me in good shape and from there I was able to pressure the table when I had position and I managed to build up a nice stack.

    I was chip lead or thereabouts when we drew for position on the final table. With the higher blinds I was gradually playing more hands and fortunately I was holding my own. I did hit a few potholes along the way, but making the money (top 3 were paid) was never in serious jeopardy.

    When we got down to 3 players, however, things changed drastically. I was starting to wilt from the late hour and as tight as I played early on, I was playing that loose at the end. I got short stacked and looked to be out, but I rivered a straight on one hand and caught a runner runner low on another to stay alive. Through dogged determination and luck I was able to hang on and get to the heads up finale.

    At this point I was seriously out chipped, but I got a couple of lucky hands and fought back to essentially tie for the chip lead. I suggested a 50-50 chop, but my opponent sensed my sleepiness and decided to play on. At first this seemed like a smart decision since he got the better of my for a bit. In fact only a couple of lucky chopped pots kept me alive.

    Now we were taking turns going all-in on almost every hand. I finally scooped him for a small chip lead and then I got very lucky after deciding to play with a 345J. The flop was something like 23Q and I was in trouble. The turn was no help for a low and, in fact, gave my opponent two pair which he bet up. Then the river - an Ace! I didn't even have to bet as my opponent tossed in has last three chips. I called happily with the wheel and the 1st prize of $280 was mine.

    Thanks PSO! I owe whatever meager Omaha8 chops that I have to playing and studying on this site. Tonight it paid off.

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